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In an SEO-optimized RAVPower, the battery is called the AC Outlet Portable Charger RAVPower 27000mAh 100W (Max.) Built in 3 Prong AC Plug Universal Power Bank Travel Charger (Power Indicator, Type C Port, Dual USB iSmart Ports ) [Updated Version] "But in this report I will mainly refer to the brand name and the capacity. Design

The front, back and two curved sides are plastic with a black soft touch rubber finish (shudder) and the remaining flat sides are matt black plastic. There are also the various ports with all outputs (USB-C, 2x USB-A and 110V AC) on one side and the only 19V barrel input and the second passive fan on the other side. One of the curved sides also has an active fan-operated vent.

Not everyone will agree, but in my opinion soft-touch rubber is disgusting. Do you see any fingerprints and smudges on the photos above? You just can not avoid them. Wiping with a soft, absorbent microfibre towel, this oily shine is back when it touches just about everything, and I hate it . Worse, it does not age well. Any high-wear device that I had smeared with the stuff eventually gets huge holes in the finish, and the abuse we have on an external battery is pretty well defined.

I may hate the finish, but I like the overall design otherwise. For one, the different outputs of the battery are all on the same side, and that’s ideal. It’s a small but significant detail, but you’d be surprised how many manufacturers mess it up. Most of us will probably use this in a bag sometime, and it’s easier to put things in when all the ports are on the same edge.

In my own tests, I was able to confirm most of the advertised numbers, with a few watts lost before it hit my meter. For most phones, the 15W via USB-C should be sufficient. The Pixel 2 XL can not last as long. Most phones should have no problem with it.

If you’re using this USB-C port for your laptop, "I’ll probably be dissatisfied. Mophie Powerstation AC I recently checked that I could spit 30W, and that was While not enough to keep the load under heavy load, this was sufficient for most circumstances or mixed idle.

If you press and hold the power button for about 8 seconds, you will activate the built-in 110V 3-prong power outlet. It works the way you expect it to: plug in something and it should be able to draw up to 70 W of power. The other USB ports continue to work up to a combined 100 watt output.

I tested the 110V power outlet with my MacBook Pro, and it ran smoothly. Although I could not pull more than 15 watts through the built-in USB-C port of the battery, the included 110-volt outlet and a more powerful charger can be attenuated – although the maximum output power of 70 W may represent its own limitations. My 60W USB-C charger worked well, but other higher wattage chargers could reach that 70W wall.

Apart from the USB-C-Watt thresholds, I have a few other complaints. I am a little dissatisfied that this battery with a barrel connection instead of USB-C must be loaded. With how universal the standard is these days, it’s a significant omission and an inconvenience. You can not just pack a charger with the expectation that you can charge all your devices as needed. Traveling with this battery means that at least two chargers must be carried.

Also the capacity of the battery is strange. There are a few possible explanations (which I will go into) but for whatever reason, the available capacity here is lower than I would have expected and seems to be lower than other explicitly smaller batteries, I tested. Without the right hardware to accurately measure a watt-hour difference, any evidence here is purely anecdotal, but in the back-to-back test, the smaller [22900mAhMophiePowerstationAC could power my laptop for longer periods of time.

There could be several reasons for this. The circuitry in the RAVPower could be less efficient than the Mophie, resulting in a greater than expected loss during discharge. Or the controller for the battery may not have calibrated to full capacity during the short verification phase – it has been fully cyclized less than 10 times. Or it is possible that my battery is faulty in some way. Without more time to test I can not be sure.

RAVPower’s 27,000mAh 100W AC Power Bank has a few significant limitations. It does not charge with USB-C, it can not deliver more than 15W via USB-C, it maximizes at 70W over 110V, and it consists of a fingerprint-grabbing, low-durability material. And all these limitations do not exist on Mophie’s Powerstation AC .

But I would still recommend RAVPower’s battery over the Mophie, for one simple reason: it’s only $ 130. Better, it’s been reduced to $ 96 for a limited time with our coupon. In comparison, Mophie wants $ 200 for his battery, and I’m not sure it’s worth twice as much.

In most cases, this RAVPower battery is quite sufficient. It will not charge your laptop via USB-C by itself, but with an AC adapter that is not a worry, and 15W is enough for a phone. The 70W socket cap may limit the number of mini-refrigerators you can power, but it should be fine for most laptops and other less power-hungry devices.