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We were fortunate that the moon phase was close to ideal for the time of our trip but this is just how things worked out. For many visitors this will not be the case but based on our experience I believe it would still be worth visiting for several reasons: (1) The bio bay is a true natural wonder and worth seeing even if conditions aren’t perfect and (2) In the area where all the outfitters seem to launch their kayaks there is a fair bit of light pollution from houses on the other side of the bay – even in this area you could grade 6 electricity unit test still see the bay glow – definitely not as bright as when you paddle a bit and get away from the lighted houses but still enough so you could see – if you weren’t going to visit Vieques again for a while I wouldn’t let a bright moon phase stop you.

What to do with your keys, wallet, cellphone, camera, etc? We meet our outfitter by the first parking lot in Sunbay and left our jeep open and windows down so we didn’t want to leave any valuables in our vehicle. Our outfitter had drybags for each kayak which worked great to store things in – they would protect electronics if closed/used properly and can clip to your life preserver and would float if they detached. We brought towels and left them in the outfitters van – we didn’t need them.

Do I have to be a professional kayaker? Is it safe? Can I take a small child? Most of the people in our outfitters group never kayaked before. The kayaks are stable, easy to maneuver and pretty electricity facts history intuitive to paddle. The bay itself is very calm and part of the reason electricity tower vector why it is a bio bay is that it is relatively shallow (usually 5 to 6 feet at most though there are a few channels that go to 15 feet). We saw many groups with small children (probably 5 years at the youngest). In these cases the child sits in the front of the kayak and an adult paddles from the back. Each parent knows their child best but a well-behaved child would likely enjoy the experience. The other factor to consider is that it really is best to take the 8PM tour and it doesn’t finish till about 10 so that your child may be pretty exhausted/sleepy by the end.

What is the actual tour like? How long is it? What will I see? We met our outfitter in the parking lot at 8PM – we paid by credit card, signed the ever present release forms and had one last bathroom break before going by their van for about an 8 minute ride to the bay. You spend about 1.5 hours on the bay. Our outfitter had a guide in the front, a guide in the back, and one on the side. All the kayaks had lighted glowsticks and the guides had multiple colored lights on their hats and life vests so they were easy to pick out. The tour is all easy paddling and anyone who could walk around a city block can do the gas exchange in the lungs happens by the process of tour. I didn’t think I’d like a tour with 8 kayaks but I picked our outfitter based on TA reviews/forum and because they had glass bottom kayaks. I was surprised that 8 seemed a good number as their was always someone in the group nearby or one of the guides and I think it added to the j gastroenterol impact factor security and safety of the experience yet it never felt crowded.

As you paddle through the bay you get to see the glow, fish glowing, and the glow through the bottom of the kayak. You paddle out toward the mouth of the bay to see how the glow changes and the guides give a short talk to everyone on the ecosystem of the bay and why/how the bioluminesence occurs. Then you paddle back in to the bay and using a laser pointer the guides give about a 10 to 15 minute discussion of the night sky, constellations and planets as well as further discussion and Q and A about the bay. You then paddle back in and the experience is over.

What are the kayaks like? Are they easy to maneuver? We went on the glass bottom ones – they are plastic on the side, easy to maneuver and easy to get in and out of. The guides help you with everything anyhow so you don’t need to worry. I have very tight hamstrings and find it uncomfortable to sit for too long with my legs straight on the floor. All the kayaks I saw (ours and from other outfitters) had low firm backs to lean against and a sort of well or depression for your feet/legs – I found it pretty comfortable.

I’m just too nervous or my child is too young – is it worth taking the pontoon boat? I didn’t do this personally but we saw the boat and the people on it seemed to be enjoying themselves. They seemed to have a similar tour (including laser show of the night sky) and certainly between not gas in oil tank seeing the bay at all or taking the boat it definitely makes sense to go on the boat – plus it would give you an excuse to go back to Vieques another time – not that you need an excuse!

My first experience with the bio bay was years ago when you could swim in the bay. That experience was unforgettable. Last month we took some friends with us to Vieques, first timers, and they wanted to see the bio bay. We decided on the pontoon boat. I was really worried, given that you can no longer swim in the bay, that the tour would end up being not much. I can tell you right electricity basics now it was as good as our very first tour and better. We actually saw more glowing fish and water than we did on our first tour. Every time the tour guides would stomp the boat, literally hundreds of fish grade 9 electricity unit test would move and light up the water. Next they brought a kayak around the pontoon and splashed the paddles back and forth. Then they brought a paddleboard and rocked it back and forth. While all this was going on, the young kids on the boat got to use these big water bazookas and shoot bio bay water out lighting it up even more. We all got to go down the ladder and splash around lighting things up. Couple all that excitement, and believe me no person was bored, with discussion on the ecosystem of the bay and the night sky and you’ve got one heck of a tour for $50. Just seeing all the fish, some of them really really big, is worth doing it again. Fantastic tour.