Biomass plants will boost forest restoration, jobs latest news la gasolina in english


Mr. Aleshire noted in an earlier article about the ACC decision to fund expanded biomass plant electricity youtube generation of electricity (Dec. 18, 2018 Advocates Fear Death Blow For Forest Restoration): Gila County Supervisor Tommie Martin wrote in an email to forest restoration advocates that “The ONLY market-based solution to the ‘biomass bottleneck’ is electricity generation .. But how can the burning of biomass for electricity generation be called a market-based solution when the cost is being borne by Arizona electric consumers in the form of an ACC mandated rate increase? Isn’t it rather a government mandated hand-out to a struggling business that can electricity kwh usage calculator’t compete in the current market because the product it offers is up to 4 times as expensive as the alternatives: solar, wind, gas, coal.?

And why, if another biomass plant electricity in the body causes is needed to handle the slash from thinning around Payson, should the people of Snowflake bear the burden in terms of increased air pollution and the massive amounts of water required to generate electricity from biomass (1 million gallons a day for every 30 megawatts of energy produced)? Snowflake gets its water from the Coconino aquifer, which is, contrary to what Mr. Aleshire says in his article, potable water. And it is the only available water for gas vs electric stove top the towns, ranchers and households in the area. Why should Snowflake’s water source be depleted in order to provide a way to burn the biomass produced from restoration efforts in the Payson or Flagstaff areas, where most of the proposed thinning will take place? If it is so essential for those areas to have a biomass plant so that their homes will be protected and their forests thinned, (at the expense of every APS ratepayer, no matter where they live), then any electricity clipart new biomass plants should be located there, not at the existing Novo Power site in Snowflake.

Furthermore, burning biomass is neither a renewable nor a carbon neutral method of generating electricity, especially in a drought-stricken area where even the Forest Service admits it is unlikely that the ponderosa pine forests will survive or regenerate, no matter how much restoration work is done. Add to that the cost in non-renewable fuel needed to truck the logs to a biomass plant like Novo Power, which Worsley states is 70-120 gas house edwards miles from the area where the logging 10 gases is occurring, and you have a solution that is not only not market-based, it does not even make sense.

Because biomass is is a rate payer subsidized venture and not a market driven venture, the choice is not between biomass, natural gas and coal. The choice is between biomass burning and other subsidized forms of renewable energy such as wind and solar. The ACC report clearly laid this out for the voters who solidly voted down 127. Because biomass has a lower has heating value than fossil fuels, burning biomass emits gas efficient cars under 5000 more carbon dioxide that coal or natural gas per unit of energy produced(150% the CO2 of coal and 300-400% the CO2 of natural gas. The choice presented to the ACC by the environmental groups and the FS was that forest fires will burn our towns down to the ground if the ACC does not mandate biomass energy. What was not presented to the ACC is that there are other a gas is a form of matter that choices that the environmental groups and the FS could have pursued (and chose not to) that would have robustly supported forest restoration, created far more than 150 jobs and all without raising our electric bills. The rapid and profitable way to expand the forest products industry would be to change our out-dated log electricity production by state export laws that prohibit the export of logs in their unmilled form from west of the 100th meridian. It would provide a market tgask to the orient for the wood fiber from these small diameter trees. That would rapidly stimulate the logging industry so that the infrastructure for logging and sawmills could be created. The last public FS meeting with the logging companies revealed that the major reason that none of the FS contracts were bid on last time was because the logging companies have no viable markets. In the meantime, we have discovered the largest oil and gas deposit in the world in SE NM and west Texas within the Permian basin. We are going to export static electricity images the natural gas by pipeline across NM, AZ, and CA to the orient for a profit.