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• Super Strength: Although all of Bionic Humans seem to be somewhat stronger than normal people, anyone who has super strength can do things such as effortlessly lift another person, catch a ventilation fan, or even stop a bullet train. In environments that reduce weight, such as underwater or in space, the user could smash car-sized asteroids to rubble with one punch or catch a sinking boat.

• Super Speed: The user move fast enough that they turn into glowing blurs of vibrating motion and sometimes can’t even be seen by others. They can run over four hundred miles an hour. The user can run in circles and if they does it fast enough, they will /create a whirlwind, cyclone, vacuum of powerful winds. This ability can also be used for talking, typing, and fighting. The users of this ability, as well as anyone carried with them, never seem to experience extreme forces, temperatures or lack of breathable air, only strong winds, meaning that the glowing aura around the user may protect them somehow from the force

Circularkinesis]:’ Can form circles that have an electric force that can burn a hole in something or push you fast if bounced of a stable wall. gas news today The user can shoot 20 times before reusing or recharging depending if android or human. If human can fry their circuits, but an android can withstand the power unless if they use it fry too long. Than it would melt their chips, not their body android steel body their human masked body. *’ Super Intelligence: The user possesses incredible intelligence and knowledge in many fields, including science, math, law, circuitry and combat. Their intelligence is way higher than the intelligence of regular humans. He/she is also a capable strategist.

• Heat Vision/Laser Vision: The user has laser-like heat rays that shoot from the eyes. The user can apparently control the intensity, as the ability has a variety of uses, ranging from wielding metal to simply heating food. The user’s eyes turn red immediately before using this power. He/she can fire extremely hot lasers or flames from his eyes.

• Force Field: The user is capable of creating a shield to protect him and others. They can also extend their Force Field to encompass other objects, but in this case it must stem from his hands. After long periods of time of being around gamma rays, the force field melts. ( Twas The Mission Before Christmas) The user can shrink the force field into a ball and use it as a weapon to throw.

• Blast Wave: In the episode Bionic Showdown, when Marcus is about to kill Leo, Adam becomes infuriated and gains the energy for the blast that nearly kills Marcus. When first accessing this power, his voice became momentarily deeper and a bit shaky, so it may have been difficult to control. This ability was hidden until this episode. In the episode No Going Back when Adam uses it in school to break the X-Ray machine, Terry Perry mistook the shock wave it created for an earthquake.

Douglas Davenport is the true father of Adam, Bree, Chase and Daniel. 101 gas station First, Donald Davenport and his brother Douglas Davenport started Davenport Industries together. They created bionics so robots could go on missions that were too dangerous for humans, but Douglas went behind Donald’s back and had made microchips for four genetically engineered children he called Adam, Bree, Chase and Daniel, implanting them in their necks and fusing the bionic chips to their nervous systems. Douglas plans to use them for evil purposes, with the intention of turning them into weapons and selling them to the highest bidders, which are dictators, warlords, terrorists, or madmen.

When Donald found out, he was extremely upset and kicked Douglas out of Davenport Industries for planning to commit his crimes. So Donald thought if he could raise them into a safe environment he could train them to be bionic heroes, so he adopted them and built The Lab where he hid the 3 of the children except for Daniel. Douglas gave Daniel to a family who was looking to adopt a child. Douglas then got in business with a mysterious benefactor, Victor Krane. Krane would give Douglas $80 million for his research. e payment electricity bill mp In exchange, Douglas would share his bionic research with Krane and give him bionic abilities. However, Krane had been using Douglas’s research behind his back to genetically engineer an entire army of Bionic Soldiers as a contingency plan.

There were less than 10 known people with bionics up to the episode You Posted What?!? and they were Adam Davenport, Bree Davenport, Chase Davenport, Leo Dooley, Marcus Davenport, Victor Krane, and Taylor. There are many abilities and hidden/not yet known abilities. Marcus, was an android spy who worked for Douglas Davenport and died in Bionic Showdown. Victor Krane is the next bionic villain. Victor Krane worked with Douglas Davenport, turned on him in the episode Taken, and is now working with a new partner, a Bionic Soldier known as Taylor. In the episode You Posted What?!?, Taylor causes a ceiling to collapse on Leo’s arm so Douglas repairs his arm by giving his right arm Bionics. In Space Elevator, Donald Davenport gives Leo bionics to his leg since it got crushed by the elevator. There is also an army of Bionic Soldiers, created by Victor Krane. The Bionic Soldiers consists about a hundred soldiers, according to Sebastian, and are bionic, hence their name, thus making the number of bionic people over a hundred.

It is unknown how bionics infrastructure is able to give its subjects their powers and abilities, but it would seem that bionics can alter and transform the molecules or the molecular structure of their subjects, a process which can strain or negatively affect the bodies, more specifically the brain and nerves of organic subjects, thus causing these subjects some strain when overusing abilities, using more than one or two at a time, or when their emotions control their powers. Since their bionics are incompatible with an organic brain and nervous system, as well as the general strain that the bionics could potentially do to their users, it results in the user having glitches and errors, much like malfunctions in computers, circuitry and software. electricity jewels Many organic bionic subjects each have a set of abilities controlled through a microchip in their necks, implanted by a capsule or with a portable bionic chip transference device, the latter of which can implant or remove bionics from the neck in seconds. These bionics can also be in other parts of the body, as Leo has the injured parts of his arms replaced with bionic components, which give his arm bionic abilities.

Bionics are seemingly implanted in the neck to properly connect to the nerves and brain and fully distribute its abilities into humans, thus making the subject fully bionic. This seems to be why Leo’s abilities are only in his arm where his bionic components are. An organic subject of bionics, should they possess dormant abilities or be given new ones from a source outside their own chip, must not unlock too many of them or all of them, as the body will be literally tore apart and explode. At most one or two abilities can be used at a time or it will overwhelm and kill the user, another reason why Bionic people use martial arts in some points in combat, instead of their powers. It would seem that bionic abilities cannot be constantly or repeatedly used at one time, or it can be damaging or straining to the user, which is why sometimes, bionics do not use their powers, even when they fight, as it can be more debilitating than helpful. Also, using powers may exhaust them, but not the user, for a some time, which is why Bionic humans uses hand to hand combat in their fights at some points.

Also, the bionics have similar vulnerabilities of normal circuitry, computers, and software, as electromagnetic pulses and similar forces can cause malfunctions in those who have bionics, as the hardware is connected to their nerves and therefore affects them if their bionics malfunction. In Drone Alone, the Lemp device caused Adam, Bree and Chase’s bionics to go haywire, and in Lab Rats vs Mighty Med, energy from the Incapacitator put him in a coma and caused a hardware virus in Chase’s bionics made it so that if his blood pressure rose to high, Chase would explode, even after he was revived from the coma with a positive charge. Also in Spike vs Spikette, overactive bionics would overheat the technology until they melted through the user’s tissues and killed them. As seen in Spike vs Spikette, the Commando App in Spikette was overwhelming her bionics as her adrenaline levels continued to rise. Her bionics would have eventually burned out and melted her brain. Bionic’s can be rendered useless and its abilities nullified when exposed to anything with bionic signal interrupters, which cut the connection between the body and its bionics for as long as they are active. In addition to hardware’s bestowing abilities, it also gives its subjects traits similar to computers, such as being able to wirelessly receive information, to possess applications and upgrades to software, and possessing a standard GPS based tracking system.

This can also affect bionic subjects less positively by causing them to be susceptible to software malfunction, EMP like forces like the LEMP device in Drone Alone, and computer viruses designed specifically for bionics. Chase has even more computer like traits, as he can access the internet with his mind, download data into himself, instantly obtaining knowledge and skills, as well as physical ability to perform such skills, such as guitar playing, martial arts, and dancing, being able to analyze, scan, identify anything he looks at in seconds, with this allowing him to read at inhuman speed and finish an entire book in seconds, having multiple, powerful forms of electronic sensory, scanning, detection, and identification ability, such as radar and sonar scan,having a form of x ray vision, possessing a heads up display in his eyes, being able to holographically project his heads up display or other data from his eye and using satellites to enhance these abilities, control, hack into, or tap into signals, computers, and other technology or locate himself or anything else. f gas regulations r22 Symptoms of glitching include half consciousness, fainting, severe bodily spasms, some of which seem to cause sonic vibrations, and a trance like sleep walking state in which bionic subjects become abnormally destructive with their powers. Their systems are also being damaged by glitches and the regenerative abilities of capsules are crucial for suppressing and repairing the subject from them.