Bioplastic will save the planet from italy, through the blockchain gas mask tattoo


“ After more than fifty years of uninterrupted and uncontrolled industrial production, conducted in a manner disregardful of any form of safeguarding, the malaise of the planet 1 electricity unit in kwh is reflected directly on the health of every living being. The current policies for recycling pollutant plastic materials are fundamental but not decisive, and we are able to propose a new solution to the world,” explain the founders of Earthbi, Claudio Caserta and Francesco Improta, together with the co-founder Alessio Altorio, Dario Castrichella, Mauro Pedretti, Riccardo Toss and the angel investor Rodolfo Errore.

Every year, the world produces 400 million tons of plastic, which is one of the main pollutants on the b games 2 planet able to resist the environment for over one hundred years. The issue is global and a month before Friday for Future – the environmental manifestation led by the young Greta Thunberg electricity questions and answers physics that involved citizens from 200 countries – a group of Italian entrepreneurs launched a project that could solve the problem in record time. How? By replacing the source material, i.e. plastic, with bioplastic, a highly biodegradable polymer, in every manufacturing facility concerned. In order to produce the same disposable cutlery, the same bottles, the same toys, but with one difference: a completely eco-sustainable material.

Packaging, automotive, transport, construction, pharmaceuticals: there is no sector in which EarthBi – this is the name of the innovative material – is not ready to replace polluting hp gas online login plastics. In reality, it is a biopolymer that already exists on the market, but with a viscosity that does not allow its use in every type of production chain. With EarthBi, on the other hand, bioplastics can be used without having to modify the production lines of existing facilities, in full compliance with current regulations and with an additional guarantee: the production of the biopolymer electricity dance moms episode will, in fact, be fully tracked, thanks to the use of Blockchain technology, which with mathematical reliability, will certify the characteristics of biodegradability and technical effectiveness of EarthBi.

The revolution is possible first of all thanks to innovative technological processes developed in collaboration with some Italian scientists whose patent application was recently filed by EarthBi. The strongly determined investors electricity youtube billy elliot are about to issue a utility token that will be called ERA whose graphic representation will be a stylised hourglass, precisely to symbolise the time of a new Era the choice to follow the innovative world of tokens is motivated by the objective of spreading – quickly and exponentially – the project and, therefore, the material itself.

On the other hand, the group has made available to EarthBi four divisions that have already been in operation gas dryer vs electric dryer cost savings for some time: the one that deals with the core of the project, i.e. the production of EarthBi and the ERA token (managed by the benefit company Bio Valore World S.p.A.); the Research and Development Division, an area composed of chemists and biologists within the group that deals with innovative processes in the plastics sector; the division dedicated to high value-added services (Valore Group Services S.r.l.), with an internal team with skills ranging from the gas works park industrial sector to the legal and tax areas; and finally a division dedicated to the management of different projects (but always in the Green sector), such as the development of the energy market and high-end bioproducts.

The first production facilities will be located in Europe, but the project has goals that go far beyond the Old Continent. Italy, Slovenia and Malta will see electricity worksheets ks1 the creation of three facilities with a total production of 60 thousand tons per year. Simultaneously with the launch of the biofactories, the Research and Development Division of the group, with the collaboration of Italian and foreign universities, will work to expand the range of bioplastics most suitable for use by companies around the world, supporting customers with a qualified and dedicated research activity for each 76 gas station jobs specific production cycle.

The market for bio-based plastics is constantly evolving and of the 400 million tonnes of traditionally produced plastics per year, only 2% is bio, a figure gas 69 that reveals a potentially revolutionary margin for expansion. Especially when one considers the growing sensitivity of consumers to everything that offers added value in terms of environmental sustainability. In addition, from 2021, the EU will impose a stop to the use of disposable plastics on all member countries. EarthBi was born precisely in anticipation of the problem. To stop using plastic, without changing our daily habits. RECOMMENDED BY FORBES