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Biotin serves as an excellent benefit for brittle nails. Brittle nails easily crack or split, and approximately twenty percent of the world’s population suffers from this symptom. Results show Biotin helps fight brittle nails. In a study, 2.5 mg of Biotin was administered to eight people daily for between six and 15 months. Twenty-five percent of the people tested showed significant improvement with brittle nails. Those with nail splits also observed some positive changes. [2] Biotin Is Great For Hair Growth

Biotin is beneficial for stronger and healthier hair. Biotin is present in many hair growth products on the market, especially for women. However, sufficient studies are not available for this claim. When deficient in Biotin, hair loss is one of the symptoms one can experience. Only those with a deficiency in Biotin benefit from hair treatment. Healthier people may not get similar noticeable results. [3] Vital During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

Pregnancy requires the body to have significant amounts of biotin. Approximately fifty percent of women who are pregnant may experience slight Biotin deficiencies. Though symptoms may show for this deficiency in pregnant women, it is often not severe. Deficiency in pregnant women is said to be caused by the rapid breakdown of Biotin during pregnancy. [4]

Researchers studied the effects of Biotin supplementation on blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes. Some results show Biotin concentration reduces blood sugar level when compared to healthy persons. Further studies also revealed administering Biotin supplements alone yielded mixed results, but when mixed with chromium, blood sugar levels might be lowered in people with Type 2 diabetes. [6] Biotin May Be Great For The Skin

Scaly and red skin rash is a common symptom of Biotin deficiency. More studies also show that Biotin inadequacy may also cause skin disorders, also known as cradle cap. Surprisingly, the role played by Biotin in skin health is still not fully known. The role of Biotin on the skin may be connected to its ability to break down fats. [7] Details on Biotin and Weight Loss

Biotin is required for enzymes related to making fats, glucose, and metabolism of amino acids. A high dose of Biotin may aid persons with high triglycerides, insulin insensitivity, and blood glucose levels. However, there is no evidence yet to prove Biotin helps in weight loss.

Some alternative medicine practitioners use Biotin for weight loss, which may be as a result of Biotin being helpful in the breakdown of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Considering this fact about Biotin, there is no concrete evidence or scientific discussion on this claim. Biotin supplementation should be used for complimenting a weight loss plan that includes adequate diet and frequent exercise. [8]

A Google search on lawsuits, relating to Biotin supplementation, provides results on different charges filed by individuals and corporations. A supplement maker based in Los Angeles, Natrol, tops the list. The company was challenged for falsely claiming its Biotin tablets promote healthy hair and nails. Other companies that faced similar class action suits are Nature’s Bounty Inc. and NBTY Inc. Up & Up Biotin has also had its fair share of legal battles with a Biotin supplement-related lawsuit. Biotin Alternatives

Biotin deficiency is rarely experienced because most foods contain it. You may be surprised to know that your body recycles the Biotin that it uses, making it even rarer for deficiency cases. The only exception to this is pregnant women, who sometimes experience low levels of Biotin. For this reason, many pregnant women take Biotin supplements.

There are no sufficient laboratory tests in practice to detect Biotin deficiency. Thus, symptoms such as hair thinning, scaly rash around the mouth, nose, and eyes are used to identify Biotin deficiency. Depression, hallucination, and exhaustion are nervous system symptoms that can be caused by Biotin deficiency as well.

Besides the benefits listed above, Biotin is used for treating and preventing deficiencies related to pregnancy, malnutrition, rapid weight loss, and long periods of tube feeding. Normal body metabolism requires a Biotin supply. Various body organs contain enzymes that also depend on a Biotin supply for their effectiveness. As observed, if the body lacks biotin, it could lead to various attacks on body organs which can be fatal. Biotin Coenzyme Structure

The covalent process of attachment of Biotin to other proteins is called Biotinylation, which is required for some enzymes to function effectively. It also explains the part played by Biotin as a vitamin. Extra Biotin is stored in Biotinylated proteins.

Biotin coenzyme structure is a composition of a valeric acid fused to a carbon atom of tetrahydrothiophene ring. The enzyme that stands in between the attachment of Biotin to other enzymes is called holocarboxylase synthetase or, Biotin protein ligase, and is encoded by a single gene. [11] How Effective Is Biotin Shampoo?

We all know the primary purpose of shampoos, for treatment and cleaning of hair. Suitable shampoos clean built-up hair product, dirt, and oil from hair. Does Biotin shampoo make any difference? Some shampoo manufacturers branded their shampoo with a Biotin constituent, with claims that it remedies dandruff, dryness and hair loss. So, does it work? Are there any scientific evaluations confirming the effectiveness of Biotin for hair treatment?

While there may not be enough evidence stated on the use of Biotin for hair loss treatment, there is no harm in using Biotin shampoo available on the market. Presently, the FDA has approved only two medications for hair loss – oral finasteride and minoxidil. Biotin Vitamins

Biotin vitamins have a plasma membrane-related receptor in the cells of a living organism. The function of this receptor is not yet fully known in humans. However, a few vitamins, such as Biotin and B12 activate endocytosis in plant cells. Biotinylation of proteins is discovered to permit large molecules to enter the cell without causing harm to the membrane. Biotin may serve as a transportation channel to other molecules, which has been observed in cancer cells. Biotin Supplement And Consumption

The average supply of Biotin in our body comes from diet. While this is sufficient to an extent, there may be minimal supply from some foods. Since 2011, Biotin supplements are now available in both capsules and tablets. You can consume these supplements to enrich your Biotin levels further. Some Biotin supplements are combined with other B-Vitamins and sold as multivitamins. Why Do You Need Biotin Pills?

We have mentioned the rarity of Biotin deficiency in people around the world. Biotin is, for the most part, available in the food you consume. However, one thing to be mindful of is the health risks associated with deficiency when Biotin is found to be inadequate in the body. If you get to the point of losing your hair gradually, it can trigger some anxiety.

Memory problems, confusion, muscle pain, abdominal cramping, and nausea are some severe physical symptoms you will not want to experience. These individuals should regularly take Biotin. You should consult your doctor for the proper recommended dosage. You may also want to improve your diet if it lacks the supply of Biotin. Know that processed foods do not have Biotin and hence, should rarely be eaten. Biotin Studies On Blood Sugar And Chromium

In 2013, researchers revealed in the British Journal of Nutrition that Biotin brought positive improvement in insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels in diabetic rodents. A study reported in Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics of 2006 showed both chromium and Biotin taken in high dose along with oral medication proved to regulate blood sugar level of diabetic patients, who were unable to control it with medications. [12]