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Handmade bird toys and bird toy parts are our specialty. We design safe, stimulating and affordable parrot toys for all birds, from budgies to macaws (our favorites are foot toys and small bird toys). electricity and circuits physics Our toys are designed to encourage your bird to spend their time foraging, shredding, chewing and preening as well as providing mental stimulation and enrichment, exercise and just plain ol’ fun! In addition to our own bird toy creations, we also have bird boings and parrot bungees, parrot swings, birdie tents & sleepers, foot toy buckets, shredders, perches and Jolly Balls made just for birds. If you are unsure what size toy would be best for your fid (feathered kid), our new bird toys size chart should help you out.

If you are looking for toy parts and supplies, you have come to the right place! We have one of the largest selections of bird-safe toy parts on the web. c gastritis Our facility is both non-smoking and bird free. Many of our parts are used to make toys for rabbits, chinchillas, sugar gliders, ferrets, and other pets that need to chew. gas in dogs Not sure if we have the part you are looking for? All of our parts are listed on our bird toy parts page. electricity electricity song We also offer some of our most popular parts in bulk.

Our bird toys are handmade for your parrot using high quality, non-toxic parts such as soft woods (balsa, pine, aspen), hardwood (maple), natural shreddables (maize, seagrass, coconut, willow, vine munch balls, wicker, bamboo shredders, loofah), birdie bagels, rope and cord (supreme cotton & sisal rope, paulie rope, seagrass rope & cord, coconut rope, hemp cord), acrylic, plastic, nickel plated (zinc free) hardware (chain, bells, pear links, o-rings, eye screws), vegetable tanned leather, fleece and other bird-safe materials.

Be sure to check out our new bird toys and toy parts. We love new products and we are always adding new toys and parts, so check back often. electricity flow direction If you like a bargain, you will love the deals you will find on our clearance toys and toy parts page. Here you will find products that have been discontinued or that we only have a limited quantity of.

Your pet’s safety is important to us. For that reason all items should be introduced to your parrot under supervision and monitored regularly. q gastrobar dias ferreira No toy is 100% safe as there will always be a bird who will find some way to hurt itself with anything within it’s reach. Remember . . . toys are not a luxury for pet birds, they are a necessity! Just as for humans, a bird needs stimulation and enrichment in their life. Encouraging play and exercise (physical activity) with safe, quality products is one way to accomplish this goal. About Birdy Boredom Busters

Birdy Boredom Busters was founded in 1996. I started out by making bird toys for my own parrots, then for my friends’ birds. Eventually I expanded into a full-time, home based business. My bird toys are available on-line through my website and at various bird shows, parrot symposiums, bird shops, parrot breeders and aviaries both in Canada and the US. 4 gas planets I am located near Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada and ship world wide (Australia, UK, France, South Africa, Norway, Israel, Hong Kong, Netherlands, New Zealand . . .