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My son Tim and I have been several times and love it especially the woodland kite electricity generation walk, it really puts you in the festive spirit. We go round several times just to make sure we haven’t missed anything. We do the maze which is brilliant, last year we got a bit lost but Tim who is autistic and has gas after eating a fantastic sat nav system going on got us out! But it the staff who we would like to mention. On our last visit Tim got ahead of me through the park, he’s a tall chap for 19 and so I had to trot to keep up with him. I became ‘stuck’ behind a family and so lost him. I alerted a member of staff who then called 4 others on her radio p gasol stats. They were dispatched back into the wood and within what seemed like an age but was only 3/4 minutes the lads had found Tim and very calmly led him back to a rather tearful but VERY relieved Mum. Absolutely top marks npower electricity supplier number to Lexi, Adam and Tom. We will go again in the New Year I promise and I recommend to many of my friends to go and visit the magic of Stockeld Park More Show less

We (my wife, 4 year old and i) visited on 19th December and paid £55 for a Santa and 2 zone 2015 electricity rates experience. I was skeptical before knowing how much it was going to cost but decided to give it a go. We were in the park and decided we could have a bite to eat at 11.15am before seeing Santa and doing the adventure zones. However there’s no food served before 11.45. Absurd. So what happens at 11.45…yes you guessed it absolute chaos as the whole park appears for. Food. After queuing for 25 min I gave up. Staff were rude and grumpy. For the admission fee it would also be nice if someone went round and wiped the slides in the park electricity 4th grade worksheet areas so they can actually be used. They only needed wiping dry. The enchanted wood looks tired and to charge over 2 year old gas 0095 full price is just cheeky. We didn’t do the ski trail thank goodness. Finally Santa…. Not bad however why charge for photos? Your squeezing money out of every angle o gastro. If your going to charge premium entrance fees, sort your catering out, tell the staff to smile, clean things and spend some money getting the attractions into modern times.

Thank you for sharing your feedback following your visit to us. I can wholeheartedly assure you emitra electricity bill payment that we, the management team, do give a thought to the amount of visitors. In fact we dedicate much of our close down prior to Winter thinking and planning about how we will facilitate the amount of guests we have visiting on the most peak days. This year we started selling tickets half an hour before the site opened to reduce the building queue and opened the cafe early to accommodate these guests on site. We also started food service in some of the areas 1 hour early. we have restructured the electricity 80s song ticket office team, adding 4 new extra marshalls outside to help reduce queue time. We have added an extra ticket station for those who have pre-booked but 4 gas laws don’t want grotto. We have doubled the number of table clearers and added a full time toilet attendant on the very busiest days. We have also opened a sixth venue that served hot drinks and food, as well as hiring another 200 seater marquee so guests have extra space to eat their food. On these very busy days electricity use estimator as the queues built we put up notices all along the entrance drive, and around the ticket office, advising guests that there were long queues for activities but guests continue to arrive. I personally spoke to many cars to advise that we were experiencing an extremely high number of guests, to which the response was well we’ve driven electricity projects for high school students over 2 hours to get here so we’re coming in!. What we have learnt over many years of operating this business is that we can advise people on our website and on social media that the peak days can be extremely busy, we can suggest that electricity notes physics people come early or on quieter days, we can reduce pricing on off-peak days and we can make as many operational changes as possible to accommodate everyone. But on 6 busiest days of the year we are fortunate enough to be very popular which (if the weather is nice) will mean long waiting times electricity word search answer key for some activities. I truly am sorry to hear that your granddaughter was upset, and i do hope you will consider returning again on an off-peak day for a much more relaxed experience. Kind regards The Stockeld team