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So far, I’m lucky. Of all the above, Baby Ieuan only headbangs. And, why wouldn’t he? His mama enjoyed a bit of headbanging in her day – be it a day a long, long, long time ago. Thankfully, Ieuan only bashes his head against my face, chest and shoulders- it means “FEED ME!” – and not against his crib, as the experts described.

1. The Sleep Grunts – I can not wait until Ieaun is old enough to move next door to his own room. In Britain, the advice is for the baby to sleep in his parents’ room for the first six months. SIX MONTHS of gruntgruntgrunt all night long. Need. Sleep. Help. Baby. Loud. (Of course, when I do finally move him, I’ll cry with loneliness.)

2. The One Eyed Stare – In my house, we call this the “pirate” look. Ieuan should join the mafia. Or the CIA. Or, any powerful organization that could benefit from a long, one-eyed stare as a method of mind control. It works on us – strong stuff if it can cut through the sleep deprivation brought on by all the grunting.

3. The Incredible Sleeping Baby – Last night, I accidentally tripped my father’s house alarm. It woke up a neighbor who phoned the house. The police were summoned. My father raced home and banged on the garage door. Did any of this wake Ieuan who I was holding in my arms as I raced around trying to disengage it? Nope. Of course, as soon as I gently set his head on the mattress in his crib, his eyes popped open. That’s amazing skill in one so young.

You could get a voice-activated baby monitor. That’s what we did, but we turned it down a little so we hear when she’s actually crying, but not when she’s just making quiter sleep noises. We couldn’t use a conventional baby monitor at night, because it still captures all the same sounds that she made while in our room. You’ll have to experiment to see what works best. You’d be surprised how loud any noise seems in the middle of the night, so you won’t need it to be very loud even if it seems quiet in the daytime. We hear it click on and off when it picks up her quieter vocalizations, but we can sleep through that easily enough. The volume is still up enough for us to hear crying. Our baby used to lift her legs up and let them flop down on the mattress, which makes a loud, hollow noise. Sometimes she would sit up in her sleep and then crash back down! We were surprised she didn’t wake herself up. You’d think we were sleep-deprived because she was waking up to be fed, but she was a great sleeper, just very loud and keeping us awake that way.

Every single one of our babies has “flipped us off” (i.e., hold up only the middle finger of one hand) without even knowing it. LOL We even have a photo of our son at around 4 months old, doing this. My husband was holding him in a Snugli front carrier, and our son turned his head to the side, brought his hand up, and “flipped off” our friend Tony who was taking a picture of him. haha Our two daughters have done this too, at some point. The other “bizarre” behavior my youngest daughter did as a newborn (she’s almost nine months old now) was that when I’d lay her face down on my chest, she’d rub her face against my chest, back and forth, rubbing each cheek, back and forth repeatedly. We thought it was just a quirky behavior….until we learned that the reason she was doing it was b/c her face was itching….she developed severe eczema as a result of a milk allergy. Since then I’ve taken most dairy out of my diet (b/c she still nurses), and the eczema has greatly improved. So sometimes, a “bizarre behavior” can be a sign of something that needs attention. Just FYI! 🙂

He’s has this horrible habit of banging his head into hard things for sometimes no apparent reason. He does do it when he’s mad but most of the time he just… does it. We had to move his play pen out from the wall because he’d just sit against the wall and repeatedly smash his head into it. Does the same thing in his crib. I looked it up online and found out the sudden pain he feels over and over again releases a rush of adrenaline that basically makes them "high" makes him feel relaxed. I’ve read that some babies even put themselves to sleep like that. (shudders at the thought)

As for sleeping he used to snore as loud as his daddy. And he can sleep through a thunderstorm, the construction going on by our house, my husband and I playing Rock Band 3, but if you flushed the toilet he’d wake up and be so upset that he’d be up for a good hour, if not more. But since he was about 5 months old he’s started screaming in his sleep, as if someone had broken every bone in his body! It terrified us at first. We now just think he’s having some sort of nightmare.