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@Ops, you are welcome to Naija. I will be frank with you as possible. Nigeria is good for business, a known fact, due to the population size. We are known to be a consuming nation. In respect to location, pls stay in Lagos or abuja. Why Lagos, becos no one gives a hood about where you come from, get a place in any of this suburbs in lagos: victoria island, ikeja, lekki or vgc….you are guaranteed no hassle from any one. Lagos is also safe from kidnap in the south east: port harcourt, enugu, onitsha, aba e.t.c

With that said, to live in lagos, you must have th naija survival spirit, which i am sorry to say, by virtue of luxury and background as an african american, you dont have. Let me be more emphatic. To live in lagos, you must be able to live without the comfort of electricity, good roads…thus reducing the lifespan of ur vehicle. U hav to learn to stay in traffick for hours, i mean hours like 3 to 5 hours within lagos alone…most mornings and evenings. Poor policing and judicial system. Bad politicians and bribes in all sectors. You have to be able to say no most times, with a shout as the occassion demands. Touts are avery where to pirate your products….side by side in the malls and shops and u cant do poo. One nna guy will givi you an exact copy of ur product made in his backyard and u cant do jack. A nigerian spirit is what u need. A simple question for u. Can u stay in the rain and work on ur broken vehicle due to bad roads, in a dirty road? Even the almighty owner of virgin group, branson was driven from naija due to bad politicians.

South africa is also good, they dont our population size but its a better economy and infrastructure. I was there and beautiful for business, but naija has a greater return on investment. We run a cashy economy unlike the south africans. SA is very inviting. U wont wont to leave. Kenya is also good. Nairobi, mombasa, nakuru, eldoret and other cities are good for business. Was there and the economy is very friendly to foreign investors. Lots of asians and foreigners also.

Ghana is calm and very secured, the most secured of all african countries for now, i think. As a foreigner, u cant start retail business there. It must be a mega business….wholesale or manufacturing/production. They are sending foreigners away wit stringe economic policies. You will pay a higher tax than the citizens.

Dude, if you’re going to describe Naija to a foreigner, do so accurately or don’t do so at all. In Lagos he does NOT have to ”live without the comfort of electricity”. Quite apart from the fact that the power situation is improving by the day, he also has the easily affordable option of power backup by way of a generator, and can literally live his entire life without worrying about electricity. Even many of the underclass in Lagos can afford to run a gen, so he should have no problems. As for roads, Lagos roads are no worse than those of most major African cities. And I can’t remember when last I spent ”3-5 hours” in traffic like you claimed. That must have been several years ago before the improvements and changes effected by the Tinubu govt and the present Fashola administration.

Its true that there is an alternative of generator, but you must understand that this guy is not conversant with generator usage. The running cost is on the high side.In respect to traffic, pls, come stay on the mainland and work in the island like some of us and you would attestate to what i am saying. It funny that by 9pm, i am still in one traffic in t he island trying to come home after work and have a lot to go tru before i get down to festac where i live. Be real.

Wasbayd: Proceed on your plan, you will be fine here. I will advice you to settle in a less popular city like Osogbo, Ife, Ila Orangun, Ilesha or Ikirun ( all in Osun State), Ibadan, Ogbomoso, oyo town or Iseyin ( all in Oyo State), Ondo town (Ondo state). Any place you choose to stay among the listed places will quarantee your peaceful stay in Nigeria and any investment you make in these places will be highly appreciated and profitably rewarded..

If you realy need business with full peace of mind, then take to this. I’m not saying lagos, Abuja, portharcot and the likes of them are not booming but you need to consider a lot of factors before setting down in any of them. Let me give you a clue with the hope that some dudes wouldn’t start their usual insults and irrelevant scams alerts warnings. I recently engage in a palm oil business at a medium scale in few of the states I mentioned and I can tell I’ve realised in just few period of start far more profit than what my business in lagos will earn me in years of dealings. More importantly, I enjoy perfect peace of mind, while I run my lagos biz alongside. Re: Black American Wants To Move To Nigeria – Need Advice! by joaoche( f): 7:38pm On Jul 30, 2012

I want to move to Nigeria for a lot of reasons. Several close family friends are from Nigeria, you guys have the largest population in Africa, an enormous economy that is getting bigger every year, a healthy mix of cultures and religions, beautiful land, great weather, beautiful women, and strong national pride. In 20 years Nigeria is going to be the giant of Africa and the richest black nation in the world. I’m sure it will be an exciting time in history, and a great time to be in Naija. Also, I love that most of the population is under 30.

Anyway, I am a successful entrepreneur here in NYC. I have been starting small businesses since before I can remember, and have had employees since high school. I want to move to Nigeria to build businesses and to invest. Maybe open up a factory to cut down on imports.

Thought your motivation was a babe (as in a Nigerian Fiancee) who insisted she wouldn’t live in the US and would only commit to you if you were going to settle & live in Nigeria Re: Black American Wants To Move To Nigeria – Need Advice! by Kairoseki77: 8:23pm On Aug 02, 2012