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He’s space gangstering you with his space gun, making you a space offer you can’t space refuse! When the Autobot commander arrived to stop the villains during their attack on the plasma energy plant that provided Micro with a third of all its energy, Black Shadow informed Hellbat that he would need to triple their pay for them to risk their hides in battle with the legendary Star Saber. Hellbat grudgingly agreed, but before the two Crossformers could attack Star Saber, they themselves were attacked by Saber’s ally, their former partner in crime, Greatshot, who had reformed and joined the Autobots. At first, the pair seemed to have the six-changer on the ropes, until he used his "Disappearing Dust" technique to get the drop on them and destroy their guns. The pair proved to be no match for Greatshot with their bladed weapons, and he destroyed their outer shells, forcing them to retreat in their small vehicle modes, vowing revenge. Hellbat joined them in retreat, without any energy to show for his trouble, but the Crossformers insisted that he would still be paying them. Planet Micro – The Mysterious Warrior

Hired to work for Overlord’s faction of Decepticons by Hydra and Buster, Black Shadow and Blue Bacchus joined Darkwings in attacking the Second Army led by Goshooter so they could acquire the transtector factory in G Nebula 89. Thanks to Goshooter and Shūta Gō, the Decepticons were repelled. Train Wars: Goshooter & Shūta Gō Chapter TransTech

Black Shadow was a resident of Axiom Nexus, performing manual labor for Cryotek at The Blue Deployer and… other work as came up from time to time. When Gutcruncher started stirring up the Offworlder population for a revolt against the TransTechs, Black Shadow was hired to eliminate the rabble-rouser. At Gutcruncher’s rally, Black Shadow assassinated the mech with a photon charge through the central cortex, killing him instantly. Also, thanks to his stealth field and deliberate positioning, he was able to frame two newly arrived Autobots named Jackpot and Hubcap for the murder.

Black Shadow monitored the patsies to make sure they didn’t implicate him somehow, and he was overjoyed when they "showed" their guilt by escaping from the police. Taking advantage of the situation, Black Shadow planned to execute the duo to cover his tracks and collect on the bounty Gutcruncher’s pals had taken out on the "assassins". He gloated openly about his schemes to the two Autobots, until they split up and scampered, hoping he couldn’t follow them both. Well, he could—Black Shadow split from his Crossformer shell and took off after both Autobots. However, Hubcap ultimately outsmarted the Decepticon. The little Autobot used his speakers to draw as much attention as possible to their chase. Then, when Gutcruncher’s flunky Dirge and a pack of Malignus Revolutionaries responded, Hubcap played back a recording of Black Shadow‘s gloating admission of the crime for all to hear. One more fancy bit of wordplay tricked the Crossformer into admitting his photon charges killed Gutcruncher, and the verdict was in. The Malignus Revolutionary Army and their Gigantion buddy Menasor ended Black Shadow‘s existence very quickly. At the same time, a mysterious capsule of Scraplet digestive acid went off in Black Shadow’s shell, saving Jackpot’s life and preventing any information from being recovered from the shell’s CPU. Black Shadow’s own head (and therefore his datatrax) also went missing in the melee after his death… almost as if someone was covering their tracks… Gone Too Far

Titans Return Sky Shadow is a new Leader-sized mold consisting of two vehicles, a tank and a jet, which are able to combine together to form a robot mode or a base mode. The barrel of his tank mode becomes a gun for his robot mode, and he also comes with a "shield" that he can hold or peg onto his arm which takes fulfills the role of his original toy’s inner robot in jet mode, attaching under his nosecone. The two accessories can combine to form a larger weapon, which seats a Titan Master and can plug into other Leader Class figures’ base modes as a turret (Sky Shadow’s own base mode lacks the clearance to accommodate it). In base mode he can connect to other Leader Class figure’s base modes and Titan Class figures and by way of fold-out connectors on what were his robot mode feet and on an additional connector on the back of the base mode.

Sky Shadow is a pretool of Overlord, who was released in the following wave of Leader-class figures. He would’ve been redecoed as Energon Megatron with Titan Master Leader-1 from Ptero with the face of Ominus as a 2017 BotCon exclusive that never came to be.

• In Japanese, Black Shadow’s function reads " Uchū Gyangu" (宇宙ギャング), which translates to "Space Gangster". The common misconception that he is a member of the "Space Mafia" is due to a mistranslation some years ago in which "gangster" was interpreted as "Mafia". Big difference.

• The Crossformers’ ID numbers are a huge jump backwards in the numbering system. The other Victory Decepticons’ numbers start at D-322. However, Shadow and Bacchus’ D-309 and D-310 put them right in the middle of the Super-God Masterforce Decepticons’ numbers, between 1988’s Browning and BlackZarak, even though the Crossformers were released in 1989. What the hell?