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The Blaster is Falco’s neutral special move in his Melee incarnation, which shoots a laser gun to damage faraway opponents. It is significantly different from that of Fox’s: the Blaster has a slower firing rate and longer end lag, (though it fires faster in the air, but not as fast as Fox’s), and each beam stuns the opponent in addition to doing damage. Falco’s Blaster closely resembles Fox’s Blaster as it appeared in the original Super Smash Bros. The end lag can be skipped if used during a short hop. Falco’s Blaster is mainly used from long range to build damage for later KO attempts and as an aid in approaching. It has set knockback. It is also used for setting up KOs, especially versus Captain Falcon and Ganondorf, since it can be fired numerous times off the ledge to force these characters to recover each time.

In Brawl, the beams from Falco’s Blaster travel farther than the beams from Fox’s, and they are blue instead of red. They appear to do some electricity-based damage. They are very similar to Fox’s lasers from Super Smash Bros. outside of doing less damage. It is considered to be one of the best projectiles in the game as it has transcendent priority and disrupts the approach of a majority of the cast. This is by exploiting short hop double lasers to shoot one laser in the air and one in the ground. Combined with Falco Phantasm, throws, and his dash attack, this is a common Falco approach. It is also be used to Lock commonly after a Jab Cancel and to "combo" at various damage percentages into a DACUS or forward smash. Also, similar to Melee but to a lesser extent, Falco’s lasers can also be used to set up edgeguards.

Falco uses his Blaster in his back, up, and down throws. In Melee, during his down throw, Falco will throw his opponent to the ground, and shoot them with his Blaster. The throw Meteor smashes the opponent into the ground, which allows Falco to tech chase, possibly leading into Shine combos. The throw will deal 4% to 5% damage. In Brawl, the throw deals more damage (a total of 9%) but throws the opponent in a weak horizontal trajectory. It is particularly notorious for being a highly effective chain throw in Brawl that can chain grab most characters, with strong follow up capability into high percents. In SSB4 it can start combos both in the air and on the ground at lower percentages, or a back aerial at medium percentages.

In Melee, for his back throw, Falco will turn around and throw his opponent backwards in a horizontal trajectory, while simultaneously shooting them rapidly with his Blaster. The Blaster deals 7% damage. In Brawl, the throw throws inflicts 8% in damage. The throw inflicts high base knockback, but extremely low knockback scaling, preventing it from ever being able to KO. In SSB4, the laser can KO around 150% near an edge.

Falco’s up throw involves him throwing the opponent up, while then following up with rapid Blaster shots. In Melee, the throw deals up to 7% in damage, and is highly effective at setting up aerial follow ups. In Brawl, the throw deals up to 8% in damage, but increased base knockback and Brawl’s lesser hitstun has hindered its capability at setting up aerial follow ups. In SSB4, it is reliable in initiating aerial combos until higher percentages.