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I’ve said it before , to youngsters who grew up in and around the 1950’s full scale flight was only 50 years old and still quite fascinating to us mechanically minded people . Now more than Fifty years have passed since then and aviation has become so routine and taken for granted by Joe Q Public as to not be seen as being all that special anymore . Ditto for the (now simple) act of being able to remote control a mechanical device , we who thought Zenith’s "Space Command" TV remote control was nothing short of magic have been replaced by a generation or two for whom the TV remote is nothing special (and of course they laugh at the primitive nature of the "Clicker" when I show them one) .

A Father preparing a model airplane for flight . Could part of the lack of participation center around the fact that we don’t allow today’s children nearly as much leeway as we had with such hobbies ? I was 10 or 11 years old flying control line planes with a McCoy 35 and my Dad worked 2 jobs , he wasn’t around to build my airplanes and start the engines for me , I was trusted (expected) to master my hobby myself whereas today it seems that if the parent isn’t directly involved in every aspect of the hobby the youth doesn’t "take the bull by the horns" and strive for self reliance in the hobby .

When the AMA lobbies the government to mandate that people must join their organization in order to fly, you know that they are in self preservation mode. The main goal of the AMA at this point is to keep money flowing in order to keep up with payroll and bankroll their facility. Expanding the model airplane hobby is the farthest thing from their mind. Unfortunately, most clubs are not helping the situation because nobody younger wants to be part of a club that is run by grumpy old guys who are afraid of technology and change. They are the ones who are killing the hobby. Eventually, we will start to see more people coming back into the hobby as soon as these guys give up control of the clubs and allow others to make them an inviting place to gather and have fun again. Sometimes things just have to break down before they can get better!I don’t think so.. I see a lot of younger people getting involved in the hobby.. grump old farts or not. It’s a combination of things.. Like the Government. No parent relishes the idea of having to sign their child into the Government database..

I see a lot of young people and newcomers buying cars and trucks. they don’t turn into slivers on the first mistake you make and some of the bigger hobby shops have indoor carpeted tracks for organized weekly racing where the kids know they will be able to go and use their stuff any day in any weather. it’s too bad,..i hate to say it, but,,….I can understand the trend on several levels. I will stick with my planes and maybe a boat or two, but the car thing just doesn‘t get my attention all that much. I really have no ideas what can be done by the AMA,….it’s hard to justify against Johnny’s arm full of balsa chunks and pile of torn up mono cote that mom and dad just spent 200 bucks on a week ago when his buddy is sitting in an air conditioned store tearing up the track with his new stadium truck. not to mention the AMA membership that was purchased and now wasted because johnny doesn’t want another plane, because they’re way to hard to fly. there’s just no argument for that…… you have to want to fly a plane and accept the idea that it will likely need to be repaired a time or two and accept that you will also likely have to buy permission to fly it. the younger generation just doesn‘t have the willingness to commit to that, so they get cars and trucks. and all you see at the flying field are the dinosaurs like me. now I know families with 3 and 4 boys that all have rc trucks,….can you imagine mom and dad paying for 3 or 4 AMA memberships every year for several years ?. something has to be done,….there has to be an "introductory price" and or a "family price", or an "extended membership price" ( $x less for 5 years at a time) or some kind of group price for clubs, or something. it somehow has to be made less expensive to have a place to fly your plane. if the clubs are doing the promoting and funding of certified flying fields,….. the clubs should be reaping some benefit on a group basis maybe.

We keep talking about how difficult it is to get kids into the hobby, but I’ve ran into hundreds of adults wanting to learn how to fly. Many already had airplanes and were great builders but unable to find anyone to teach them. Most already belonged to clubs and had been waiting patiently, some for several years to earn their wings.

Some said that they had kids wanting to also learn but even though both father and son had the same, wait until the club instructor felt like giving up his time prdicament to give father and son a few minutes of token flight instruction. Yes, there are kids having a desire to learn how to fly RC airplanes, but can’t get much if any help from clubs. Some clubs have listed instructors, but since they are volunteers there is no way anyone, including AMA can force or even encourage volunteer instructors to teach. I agree that RC cars, trucks, quad copters, and foamies with auto pilot technology is the easy way to go, but if flight instruction was readily available, maybe aircraft would be much more popular. BTW, AMA membership for kids 19 yrs and under is free. Look at all the school aeromodeling programs

When I had my shop, most of my customers were indeed builders and those who first bought arfs, after they were certain they would learn how to safely fly, right away became excellent builders. They said that building and flying were equally as enjoyable.

A look at this site shows that the AMA is a symptom, no the problem. What was once a reservoir of knowledge and a place for help and encouragement has become a classified ads section. And the very few real threads that do get listed on the front page are often bickering. Not very encouraging at all.I don`t feel that way about this site. A free public forum with a wealth of experience and knowledge that I and I`m sure many of us have benefitted from I think is a fine thing. A place where, for example, a factory representative can walk a customer through a fix for his very electronically sophisticated piece of equipment? Way cool! Getting advice from someone who has been in R/C since forever and knows more than I could ever hope to learn? Again I exclaim, Way cool!

I realize few things are truly free, but I think putting up with the commercials is a pretty good deal for all the good here. As for all the hand wringing about our "hobby in decline", I feel the best thing we can all do is try to stay positive. To quote a television personality that I`ve forgotten the name of, lets not be "Nattering Naybobs of Negativity".