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I did receive this product for my honest review. First thing I noticed I love the smell. This really is a unique idea. I shop at Lush and this fun product reminded me of uniqueness of Lush! It had never heard of the Jelly Glow ball but I am so glad I tried it. I have dry flaking skin and this made my skin feel soft and silky and it felt really clean. My only complaint is I wish it came with a better container to keep it in after you use it but I will buy one. Try it you will love it!

The bliss jelly glow ball is definitely new to the ball game (get it? ). I love the vibrant smell of this! Definitely different compared to the standard liquid/gel cleansers. At first this was a little confusing to use. Would definitely recommend watching a video beforehand. I was not aware of this product but do know bliss came out with an entire new line of products. For the price, it is a little pricey and not sure if ill buy it. Would definitely recommend trying at least once though. I do have one concern though, feel like even though it comes in a tray, doesnt seem to last very long and the water might make it disappear over time.

I had never heard of the Bliss Jelly Ball before I was selected to receive it as a sample for review. I think the idea is cute, but face washing doesn’t need to be made cute. In the morning, I want to just pump some face wash of my choosing into my hand, wash, and dry. My first problem with the Bliss Jelly Ball is that I can’t choose the type of cleanser it holds. I’m particular about my face washes, and I didn’t like how this one left my face feeling squeaky (the only way I can think to describe it). My other problem is that I didn’t know where to put the ball. Because it is applied directly to the face, I didn’t want it just sitting on the side of my sink where it can get dirty or roll off, so I had to keep it in it’s plastic container which quickly got scummy and didn’t look nice either. Lastly, I needed to designate a towel just for drying off the ball. Again, because it’s applied directly to my face, I didn’t want to use a hand towel, but I didn’t want to use a face towel, because it was still covered in suds and soap. (I know this isn’t a big problem, but still an annoyance.) Overall, I could do without the extra steps of the ball. However, the squishy material of the ball felt very soothing as I was washing. My sample also came with lotion samples, which I LOVE! They were lemon and sage scented, and made my skin very soft.

This product has lasted me well over 45 days, and it is probably the best cleanser I have ever used. I swear that this product is truly helping my acne-prone skin recover! Most bliss products I have had experience with are really good for the skin and have amazing ingredients. I totally say BUY THIS PRODUCT if you are thinking about getting it 🙂

I loooove the jelly glow ball. It feels so good when I use it directly on my face. It works up a nice lather and smells so good. It does an awesome job taking off makeup so that I don’t even need to use a makeup remover. It’s the best cleanser I’ve ever used and it’s so fun! Great product. I just purchased my 2nd one!