Blm moves to cancel 25 leases on the thompson divide _ aspen daily news online

The Bureau of Land Management released a preferred alternative on a final environmental impact statement Friday that moves to cancel 25 oil and gas leases in the controversial Thompson Divide area near Carbondale.

Of 65 total contested leases both inside and outside of the Divide, the preferred alternative would also apply new stipulations to existing oil and gas leases that are not currently producing, and only make minor adjustments — or none at all — for producing leases, the BLM notes in its decision.

“The BLM’s proposed action strikes the right balance in land management,” said Ruth Welch, BLM Colorado state director, in a prepared statement. Electricity and magnetism worksheets 4th grade “It respects last year’s decision by the U.S. Electricity billy elliot karaoke with lyrics Forest Service (USFS) to maintain the character of the White River National Forest while also facilitating oil and gas development.”

The agency said the final EIS “addresses deficiencies in the environmental analyses and the process used to support the issuance of those leases.” And the EIS is “consistent” with the U.S. Gas 66 Forest Service’s 2015 EIS for White River National Forest, on which all 65 leases are located, the BLM says.

The Forest Service’s decision closed over 800,000 acres to oil and gas leasing, including congressionally designated wilderness, permitted ski areas, campgrounds and administrative sites. Gas leak chicago It also precludes leasing in nearly 1.3 million acres through management direction for the next 20 years or so — but the authority for permanent withdrawal rests in the hands of Congress.

The preferred alternative set well with Carbondale’s Thompson Divide Coalition, which has worked for years to protect the ecological gem. Arkla gas pay bill The organization thanked the BLM for its decision.

“This is a gratifying moment for me, my family and our entire community. 6 gases For nearly a decade, we’ve worked to protect these lands and the livelihoods they support,” said Jason Sewell, Thompson Divide Coalition board president and a Carbondale rancher, in a news release. Electricity in the 1920s “BLM’s decision makes it clear that overwhelming public support can and should make a difference. Electricity physics definition This is how the process is supposed to work. Gas after eating … Ranchers and mountain bikers, Republicans and Democrats, all of us came together around the belief that fixing mistakes is good government, not bad government. Electricity wikipedia simple english And today’s announcement reaffirms that shared belief.”

Pitkin County also was pleased with the decision, saying that the BLM rightly recognized that some areas are not appropriate for oil and gas extraction. Electricity invented timeline A county commissioner said the decision mirrors the public’s desires in the Roaring Fork Valley.

“This is great news for Pitkin County, our residents, visitors, recreationists and the agricultural community,” said Rachel Richards in a prepared statement. P gasket 300tdi “We’ve worked very hard to support the cancellation of these leases, and we will keep a close eye on the process until the decision is final.

“The preferred alternative reflects a uniquely balanced approach to land management that accommodates various and often incompatible uses and demands on federal lands.”

During a public comment period that concluded in early January, over 50,000 responses were collected by the BLM, with the vast majority favoring the cancellation of all contested leases.

“We appreciate all the work that the community has put into this process,” Welch said. Gas jet “Working together we have been able to address the public’s concern with oil and gas development in this remarkable area.”

Colorado Trout Unlimited called the BLM decision a “win for sportsmen” as well as wildlife that could be affected by extraction in the 220,000-acre Thompson Divide area.

“It is critical that the BLM’s decision to cancel the leases in the Thompson Divide stays on track,” said Tyler Baskfield, Colorado sportsmen coordinator for Trout Unlimited. Electricity notes physics “We are pleased that the BLM recognizes the value of a pristine Thompson Divide for sportsmen and the Roaring Fork Valley community.”

He added that protecting the divide is important to the Roaring Fork Valley’s economy, noting that hunting, fishing, ranching and recreation supports roughly 300 jobs and brings in $30 million annually for the community.

“These areas also contain native cutthroat populations and have unique roadless qualities that make them critical to sportsmen and wildlife,” the angling group said.

“It is our hope that the BLM will strike the right balance for industry and sportsmen by implementing the proposed stipulations in the draft EIS that protect the unique wildlife resources on the adjacent leases,” Baskfield added.

Peter Hart, attorney for Wilderness Workshop, said while the preferred alternative protects the Thompson Divide, it undercuts formerly proposed protections for leases outside of that area.

“We support BLM’s plan to cancel 25 leases inside the Thompson Divide,” he said in a prepared statement. Hp gas online login “But based on our initial review, the agency appears to have abandoned its earlier proposal to protect the East Willow, Mamm Peak and Battlement Mesa areas. Grade 6 electricity Much of Thompson Divide’s value is tied to the integrity of the surrounding landscape. Electricity word search pdf BLM can’t just sweep those other lands under the rug.”

“Under heavy pressure from the oil and gas industry, BLM has dropped its plan to protect the other half of the lands at issue here,” he said. Electricity generation “These areas have garnered less publicity than the Thompson Divide, but they are just as important to protect.”

Oil and gas industry officials railed against the decision, saying it’s a matter of property rights, and alluded that legal action will be taken.

“Property-right protections afforded by the U.S. Gas in oil lawn mower Constitution are what makes America different from most nations in the world whose rule of law is merely a reflection of whims and mob mentalities,” said David Ludlam, executive director of the West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association, in a prepared statement. Ortega y gasset obras completas “The decision to cancel natural gas leases retroactively is beneath the U.S. Static electricity in water government. Electricity and circuits class 6 cbse It’s in our collective best interest to continue challenging the decision to demonstrate our belief in the value of fairness and protection under the law.

“WSCOGA will continue working with fellow trade associations and members to do all we can to right this precedent-setting wrong perpetrated by an elite few against the mineral interests and energy resources owned by an entire nation.”

A joint statement from WSCOGA and the Western Energy Alliance said that the restrictions on lands outside the Divide would render “dozens more leases undevelopable.”

“Withdrawing leases over 10 years after they were sold and paid for represents a gross violation of contracts between the federal government and the companies,” said Kathleen Sgamma, vice president of government and public affairs at WEA. Mp electricity bill payment online jabalpur “By rewriting history and ignoring basic legal tenets, BLM is sowing further doubt in the federal onshore program and accelerating the drive off federal lands not just in Colorado but across the West. Gas 47 cents Companies are getting the message loudly and clearly that the federal government cannot be trusted to honor contracts and property rights.”

Industry officials had called for the entire EIS process to be reopened following a recent U.S. Electricity and circuits physics Geological Survey estimate. Gas vs electric water heater savings It showed as much as 66.1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas may be under the massive Mancos Shale formation, on which the Thompson Divide resides. Gas vs electric oven efficiency That figure is 40 times greater than previous estimates.

Long a contentious issue, the legality of the Thompson Divide leases, which are owned by Houston-based energy companies SG Interests and Ursa Resources, has been scrutinized for years. Gas in dogs symptoms Many environmental groups have argued that the leases didn’t go through the proper National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis.

The BLM’s draft EIS last year determined that the NEPA analysis for the existing leases “is no longer adequate due to changes in laws, regulations, policies and conditions.”

This angered many in the oil and gas industry, which contend that the draft EIS alternative was an unprecedented move to cancel federally issued leases.

But leases in the Divide have been canceled by the BLM in the past, including three Encana leases that were voided outright for NEPA violations in 2009. Electricity bill saudi electricity company Four other SG leases were partially canceled in 2010 because they were illegally issued within the boundary of Sunlight Mountain Resort ski area.

According to BLM’s public database, 122 federal leases have been cancelled, either in their entirety or in part, over the past five years. Static electricity zap The agency has the authority to cancel leases if it is deemed they were illegally issued.