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I have had digestion problems the last 5-6 years, consisting mainly of bloated stomach and constipation. At first it wasn’t much of a problem and I thought it would go away on its own. After about 6 months it had gotten worse and started to weigh me down bodily and mentally. At present it’s practically ruining my life. Always being a fairly sensitive person with a complicated childhood, these complications have made me a nervous wreck with anxiety and fear of social activity.

So far doctor’s advice has not helped, neither has any medication I’ve been suggested, both psychiatric drugs and laxatives/stool softeners etc. and the given diagnosis was Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Exercise has not helped med either, usually I even feel worse after taking a swim or a run.

Then only a few months ago I discovered, on my own, that I might have an inguinal hernia. I was excited and went to my local doctor who examined me and agreed that it was inguinal hernia on my right side. He then made arrangements for a pre-operation consultation, which I was at yesterday.

The surgeon I saw told me that what looked like Inguinal Hernia, was simply my entire abdonmial wall being expressed at the right side of my lower abdomen. His argument for this was that im skinny and that the condition was entirely normal. But im not especially skinny and years ago, when my weight was even greater, I still had the same problems and the sack/bulge was there as well (even though I did not understand the possible relation to hernia until years later, with more then one doctor examining my abdomen and not discovering the sack/bulge either).

My condition apparently looked like a Inguinal Hernia enough for my local doctor to appoint me an operation, so I am quite confused. Also after discovering the possible relation between Inguinal Hernia and my sack/bulge I have had great luck in emptying out my intestines better by putting pressure and controlling the area that protudes so that it doesn’t look “unsual” and stays in place. The fact that stool softeners/laxtatives and

Can anyone relate to this? Are Inguinal Hernias often mistaked for a harmless condition like this surgeon told me? I really hope he was just trying to push me off as he also said that Inguinal Hernia operations can very often give the patient follow up problems like extreme pain in the abdomen, which I havn’t read anywhere at all. My local doctor did not mention anything similar either and simply said that the operation was completely routine and usually never had any complications, neither at the operation itself or following.

Here is my story and I wish I had read these posts well over a year ago, for my sake and perhaps to confirm issues raised by some of these posts. This is the only string I’ve found that really has nailed things ON THE HEAD. Thank you for your posts, my regular doctor is also going to read these, I assure you!

Okay, in late summer of 2008 I began having problems with and some shortness of breath, yawning to get a deeper breath. I thought it was probably somehow related to issues, symptoms from my Hashimoto’s Thyroid and some thyroiditis episodes I’d had. Normal to think recent health issues are related right? One of the symptoms of thyroiditus can be constipation and the related bloating, so nothing earh shaking.

Moved to a new job, started with a new family physician, tested hormone levels, kept my thyroid medicated the same. Still had not really complained about the yawning, but I did complain about my constipation and irregular bowel movements, multiple per day sometimes, just not very much at one time and feeling bloated, unless I took something to force the issue. I also complained about pain in my abdomen that my doctor thought might be gall bladder, but it was very inconsistent and several trips to a gastroenterologist, where I also complained about my, irregular bowels, sometimes constipation. After tests and no conclusions, he lableled my problem as IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Okay, the symptoms didn’t match the definition he gave me, nor my symptoms, but I saw him write IBS down on his form anyway!

I gave up for a while, I’d given all the stool samples and skipped breakfasts a couple times too many for the results I’d gotten. I kept playing tennis and doing my normal active life. Developed a numbness in my right thigh when playing tennis and some pain in my groin back in August. Thought I’d pulled something, stretched more, but neither symptom got better, they got worse. I went to see my Dr. November and he took one look and said I had an iguinal hernia. He just kind of smiled, he didn’t say this was going to cure my other ills that I’d complained about, but I’m certain he was wondering. He set me up with a Hernia surgeon. No questions hardly, he looked at me 10 seconds and set the date for surgery.

I had it done last Wednesday, my right leg’s numbness issue is already significantly better and I think will be pretty much resolved when the swelling goes down. Als had one of the most lightning fast, easy bowel movements I’ve had in years. Bodes well, crossing my fingers, but this may have resolved several things for me.

Hope this isn’t confusing and helps someone. Oh and did I mention my yawning is completely gone?!! This excites me the most of all, I thing the bloating and constipation was contributing to it, keeping me from getting those satisfying deep breaths.

Well, my husband has IBS and pain on the left side below stomach. In the colonoscopy Dr discovered some pouches. He told us that was no cause to worry. He was advised to take some fiber. My husband has condtinued to have pain and IBS. I did my own research and discovered that IBS and pain is associated to this condition. But my husband was also told by his Dr. that he had hernia, he had a cat scan which was confusing. He has been to three different reputable General Surgeons, the first one advised that he did not have hernia, so he went to see 2nd one, he advised surgery, we were puzzled, we do not know why he continues to have this pain and IBS. We do not know whether his hernia is aggrevating this pain. Therefore, we took a third opinion and see what is wrong ? He advised hernia surgery. The problem is that these surgeons or group of them, are running their business for PROFIT. They must produce certain amount of Revenues month after month for their practice to produce maximum profits. The first Dr. was a professor and had his indivdual practice. I was kind of surprised and until to date believe him too. Why would not a Surgeon recommend a surgery when he knows that he is going to make more money from it, since he did not, he should be credited for his honesty. Does any one know whether this IBS is associated with Hernia or not. He has no pain and IBS symptoms when he is in Bed, it can be even 15 hrs. His symptoms get worse when he stands around or when he is walking, etc. Within few minutes he gets the pain and gets relief after a bowl movement. He also does not get this pain when he is sitting down.