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Pet parents want fresh food. We know this because sales for raw, freeze-dried, and dehydrated dog food are climbing. Google searches for raw dog food have tripled. And more than 250,000 people visit THIS WEBSITE each month to learn more about raising dogs naturally.

That’s HUGE!!! And people are taking notice. Every day, I see articles condemning raw feeding. The media is saying that it’s dangerous, the FDA is slyly tossing out words like “botulism” and “pathogens,” leading the public to believe that death follows our choice to feed raw.

For the pet industry to take us seriously and stop seeing raw feeding as a fad, we need to continuously show them that we want fresh food for our pets. We need to show them that a diet of processed foods is unhealthy for our pets too. And we can do that purchasing and publishing reviews for books about raw feeding. Amazing Books on Raw Feeding

If you haven’t done so already, please consider purchasing the paperback or Kindle version of the following books about raw feeding. Each one offers something for anyone who is interested in transitioning to raw, learning more about raw feeding, or simply reading another perspective on the raw food diet.

A Novice’s Guide to Raw Feeding for Dogs – this is my book in which I share my experience as a raw feeder and everything my dogs (and the raw feeding community) have taught me about feeding them a species appropriate diet. I’m the type of person who loves to jump around when reading a reference book, so I wrote it for that reader in mind, so there is some repetition of points that I think are important for people brand new to raw feeding. You can either read it from front to back or jump around as I do. However you choose to read it you’ll learn something new, and you’ll get ideas from the recipes I share.

Raw and Thriving: The Ultimate Guide to Getting (and Keeping!) Your Dog Healthy – this book is by my friend Kristin Clark and what I love most is that she not only shares her experience and knowledge as a professional in the industry, but she also shares solutions. It’s great to learn how to feed raw, but often we come across health issues that leave us stumped, and many of these issues can be treated through diet and Kristin explains how! This is a MUST HAVE book for raw feeders.

Raw Feeding 101: Beginner’s Raw Feeding Guide – this book is by my friend Scott Jay Marshall II who also manages the online course Raw Feeding 101. In this book, Scott takes you through the steps of transitioning your dog to raw and feeding your dog a raw food diet. Scott is a down to earth, relaxed dog parent with a wealth of experience and knowledge about raw feeding. You’ll learn a lot from his book.

We’re all seeing an increase in articles that are attacking raw feeding. The FDA seems to be trying to push raw food brands into changing the way they produce food and people with sick pets who are interested in raw are afraid to take the leap for fear of pathogens and other dangers the media is promoting.

If you’ve already purchased these books and haven’t left a review, please return to and publish your glowing review. Positive reviews don’t just help us. The more positive reviews we receive, the more Amazon will show our books to people who want to learn about raw feeding. And the more seriously the pet food industry and the veterinarian community will take raw feeding and stop calling it a fad and jump onboard the Fresh Food train. How to Leave a Review on Amazon