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We had a customer who approached us with a project that was taking up to 6 people to move a console from a vault to a work area each morning and returning back to the vault at the end of the day. 6 people – WOW! They would use a forklift to suspend the console and align so it could be placed onto a cart and manually push this 2100 lb unit to its destination. Their concern was the number of people to move the unit and mostly the risk for injury. gas problem in babies They were dealing with tight clearances and with 6 people involved it made those clearances even more tighter.

After our team reviewed their current way of moving this unit we began to work to design and build a unit that would reduce the labor cost, enhance the safety for their employees and provide a more efficient way to move this console. Our design started with a Die Handling Lift Table with a Linear Roller Gravity Conveyors. The console sets on the table and is now moved by a self-propelled walk-behind drive unit. Once the console arrives at the destination, the table will lift to the appropriate height and then moves into to position for use. Now it takes only 2 people. Great job!

Since 1964, Air Technical Industries has been recognized for their quality products not only by companies in the United States… but by companies who use ATI products throughout the world! It is not unusual to see an ATI crane or lift table at companies in Mexico, Canada or South America. And if you visit abroad, you can find ATI products in just about every major country who has manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, assembly and production operations associated with energy, mining aerospace, food processing, automotive, pharmaceuticals, defense and yes… even foreign government! With over 50 years of continued new product developments and high tech engineered product advancements, the ATI logo is scattered throughout the world on various standard, modified and customized products. Many extremely early manufactured ATI products still remain functioning today, due to the company’s commitment to deliver quality products. It only stands to reason why ATI has been in business since 1964… and why companies throughout the world continue to call ATI today!

Mentor, Ohio September 26, 2018 – Air Technical Industries (ATI) announces the development of a unique and versatile material transport platform with built-in hydraulic lift up to 10,000 pounds capacity. The unit is completely self-sufficient and battery powered 24 or 48 volts with a built in charger that charges itself automatically at a docking station. This newly developed feature allows the unit to be used 16 hours a day, increasing efficiency and saving time!

The platform deck comes with a variety of options; plain flat surface, “V” shape top for transporting cylindrical rolls, and can be equipped with gravity or powered roller conveyor for loading and unloading. A powered rotating platform can change the orientation of the load, or an upender function can pick-up the load in a horizontal position and deliver it in vertical position or vice versa.

The unit travels on a subsurface mounted track or can travel on a surface mounted flat bar track attached to the floor. The wheels are steel double flanged to travel a straight line for dedicated application. electricity and circuits class 6 It can also run on crane rail or inverted angle track if equipped with V-groove wheels. When the unit is equipped with power steering for more versatility, the wheels are polyurethane for quiet, smooth operation, and to protect the floor.

The “New Mobile Lift Platform Transporter” is a true state-of-the-art modern self-propelled platform that will deliver your load effortlessly to where you want it. q gastrobar This will increase performance, improve safety, eliminate lifting, stretching and pulling. ATI is dedicated to innovating the way to make your job easier, safer, time-saving – all which improves efficiency and increases morale in your work force.

China has become a manufacturing giant of the world. They manufacture many products for the USA, generating up to a $50 billion per month trade deficit for the USA. They are getting $50 billion wealthier by manufacturing and the USA is getting $50 billion poorer every month. China has become the second largest economy in the world, passing up many other advanced countries such as Japan, Germany, UK and France. We can compete with China and manufacture all of the products they manufacture when we roll up our sleeves and make the decision to do it.

The U.S.A. needs better manufacturing systems with innovative solutions to help our work force perform better, easier and faster by tooling up with ergonomic equipment. Air Technical Industries (ATI) is my company…and we have developed over 2600 models of such unique, innovative products that will help increase performance up to 300%. ATI makes the job easier, safer and faster so the work force can use more of its brain power instead of muscle and sweat. Check out the ATI website, and you will get the wind of what I am talking about. Let’s just do it…but more importantly… do it today!

The second segment of the economy is mining metals, ore, gold, silver and the largest is oil/natural gas energy. Just look at the wealth the Saudi Arabians, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Qatar have achieved. If you have not been there, you cannot imagine how well they have invested our dollars from all of the oil they have sold to us over the last 50 years. 4 gas giants They have improved the standard of living for their people tremendously. electricity electricity lyrics They have become very, very rich. For every 55 gal drum of oil they have sold to us, they have become richer and for every dollar we have spent to buy it from them, we have become poorer.

I am very happy that we have finally smartened up and become self-sufficient in the energy sector where we can start actually exporting natural gas and some oil and regain some of the previous losses. We need to take a leadership role in alternative energy such as solar, wind, battery powered cars, heat pumps and nuclear energy. ATI supplies many pieces of ergonomic equipment, ERGO-ECO, to energy industries such as refineries, oil exploration and wind industries.

Finally the third segment of the economy is farming. It is absolutely amazing how well the American farmers have performed over the years. Increasingly higher performance and more output per employee than any other segment. Currently, only 4% of our population is working in the farming industry and they are feeding us quite well. We all owe the American Farmer a great deal of gratitude. Not only are they feeding us, they export plenty of food to the rest of the world to help with our deficit spending.

We, in the good old, USA can compete. We need to modernize our manufacturing systems and tool up for higher efficiency with less effort. Currently, in an average manufacturing plant, 40% of work is spent on actually producing and 60% spent on indirect labor. By reversing these numbers (changing them to 60% producing and 40% indirect labor), that in itself would be a 50% improvement in performance.

When a customer found old ATI equipment in their store room they were sure this was a lost expense as the crane was decades old, heavily used and covered in rust! Trying to repair these units part by part would be far too time consuming and ultimately a waste of money as some older components are now obsolete. ag gaston funeral home birmingham al The step-by-step troubleshooting of finding and replacing each defective item would also be a frustrating process. Little did they know, ATI offers full refurbishment services including structural repair, component replacement, re-building or replacing cylinders, assembly with new wiring and hydraulics, complete repaint, and load testing and re-certification. Older units can also be upgraded with the newest technology and safety features. Send your old cranes or lift tables back to us for inspection and refurbishment! We also offer complete cylinder rework for individual cylinders, and with cylinder repair kits always in stock, can offer replacement parts or rework at reasonable time-frames and cost-savings over purchasing brand-new equipment. Factory re-built equipment also includes standard warranty. Breathe new life into your old equipment and get it back into operation!