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Most New Mexicans know that solar is a better energy alternative for our environment, can save you money by eliminating the need for rising and unpredictable utility bills, and creates energy independence, so the question many have is – Why hasn’t everyone gone solar? The answer is pretty simple; homeowners don’t realize just how easy it is to go solar these days and many still don’t know they have an option where their energy comes from!

Perhaps one of the biggest achievements in home solar came with the recent financial backing of local lenders. Because solar is trusted by banks, it is now possible to get instant local financing for 100% of the system costs. This means you can simply replace your unpredictable electric bill with a monthly solar payment that never increases. Most of the time, your solar payment + new electric bill is less than your old electric bill without solar, saving you money starting from day one, and even more over time!

A common misconception is that installing solar requires room for batteries to be stored in your home. gas z factor While you can certainly have batteries installed for emergency outages, it’s not necessary and most homeowners choose not to have them at this time. Here’s how solar works with the utility grid: The utility company applies “net metering”, a system in which your solar panels are connected to the utilities power grid and surplus power is transferred onto the grid, allowing customers to offset the cost of power drawn from the utility at night. Think of the utility company as one big battery, where your extra solar power is used by your neighborhood and you receive an energy credit for it. At night, when the solar isn’t producing, you cash in on these energy credits resulting in a net-zero usage and, therefore, no electric bill! Not a DIY Project

While many of us have probably had some interaction with solar panels at one point in our lives, whether from small solar garden lights, fountains, or even larger solar panels used for camping and RV’s, installing solar panels on your home requires specialized skills, engineering, and permitting to be done efficiently and safely. Working with a solar panel installation company like SunPower by Positive Energy Solar ensures that your solar system is sized properly for your needs, is able to connect to the grid safely, has been properly permitted, and comes with the added benefit and value of a power, product, and workmanship warranty for the life of the system. A reputable solar company will truly provide a turn-key installation handling everything and continue to stand by their work well into the future. basic electricity quizlet How to get started

The first step is to contact a solar company for a free consultation. They’ll take a look at your electric bill to determine what size system you’ll need, talk to you about your goals, and look at your property to check for solar feasibility. You’ll be presented with a proposal showing how much your system will cost (including a generous 30% federal tax credit), what financing options are available (if you choose to finance), how much power your system will produce in the first year and over time, and the type of equipment and warranty coverage you can expect.

I was raised by a single mother with three children. The first 8 years of my life were spent in Detroit where there was a lot of social unrest and scary situations for a young child. gas jet We lived in less than desirable places and never had a home to call our own. Our mother moved us from place to place where again and again we had to make new friends and attend schools full of strangers. This happened so many times the “abnormal” became the “normal” in my life.

What I realize now is that having a stable place to call home is one of the bedrocks people of all ages need to feel safe and thrive in life. When I was introduced to Habitat I saw a little bit of my story in the families we serve and instantly realized the importance of this opportunity – allowing people to obtain a quality home, in a safe area, that is affordable for them.

I was hooked on the mission! I joined the development committee and got to know the incredible donors, volunteers, employees, and partner families and have continued my work ever since. Everyone involved gives hope, safety, pride, and most importantly, we help one another. gaslighting It is truly a blessing to serve as the Board President this coming year.

A year ago, when Louis was first selected to become a Habitat homeowner he said, “We have safety, we have a future, we have opportunity and we have goals. A home for my family is the best gift I could ever receive. It is a sad reality, but my children have never known a “home” – something that is ours, somewhere that is safe, and something that we can always come back to. I thank Habitat for Humanity for letting our story continue,” said Louis.

During the dedication ceremony Louis thanked everyone who has helped his family along their path to finding a home saying, “Before living in Albuquerque, we lived in a refugee camp in Tanzania. Every day was a struggle to find work and enough food for our family. We never dreamed we would live in a home like this. We didn’t know what to expect when we arrived here. f gas logo We didn’t know the culture or the language, we didn’t have much money, we didn’t have a home. electricity production by source Now we are happy and grateful to have a community that helps us. Thank you so much.”

Claude, a junior in high school and the eldest of the four children, was out at the job site every Saturday helping his family earn their sweat equity hours. In his short life, Claude only knew what it was to live in a refugee camp and is so proud of his family’s new home. “Thanks to everybody who helped us. I never dreamed we would have a house in America, this is something special for me. I say thanks to God who brought us to America. Thanks for all you do for us.”

This Burque Build was named in honor of Bernalillo County First Responders as a way to recognize their hard work and sacrifices to ensure safety in our community. This past year, more than 100 cadets from the Albuquerque Police Department volunteered and helped build Louis and Orariya’s new home. On behalf of their support, APD Officer Hence Williams III spoke during the dedication ceremony saying, “One of the focuses of the

Albuquerque Police Department is community oriented policing – we talk about it, we live it, and living it was coming out here and being a part of this. I know class 118 was thankful that we had this opportunity. What we enjoyed more than anything else was the relationships we established. We want to engage in our community. I’m thankful to Habitat for Humanity for giving us this opportunity and for Louis and his family for allowing us to be a part of this build.”

The Burque Build is the 187th home that Greater Albuquerque Habitat for Humanity has dedicated in the past 31 years. Our mission is to build community, one home, one family at a time. We are only able to do this work because of the generosity of so many individual and business who donate their money and time to ensure low-income families can own decent, affordable homes. 10 gases and their uses Together, we are making a difference in people’s lives, in their children’s futures and in the community we love.