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Does the word collusion come to anyone’s mind when it comes to these two municipalities getting together to bolster their tax base on a "I will do it if you do it basis" This type of increase should not be decided by a handful of citizens who cant seem to manage a budget but rather should have been decided by the people paying the bills which is "us" the general public. Why don’t we forego paying the council and the mayors their stipends/salaries and have that money go over to the coffers to assist with paying down the debts which they created because they apparently cant say no when it comes to spending our monies. Funny how we all have to live within our means within our households but they don’t seem to be able to grasp that simple analogy and apply it to our governmental bodies and tell those wishing to have more to be responsible with what they are given and make the tough decisions which they are paid to do rather than to try and satisfy the few who always have their hands out. which brings us to another thought as to how much of our budget is spent on the large retirements/pensions on the few in our midst so that the majority of the taxpayers have to rely on their pensions supplied by their employers within the private sector. This is not to say that the services of the few as to the total population within our community is not important as it very much is, but to spend a large part of our taxes so that the small percentage of those working within our municipalities can enjoy more than sufficient retirement incomes vs those of us in the private sector who are paying the bills can not afford such a retirement plan. Things to think about. Changes are needed within the work force environment within the city to put our tax dollars back to work for all of us who pay the bills and not to stuff the retirement accounts of a small percentage of our populace .

Wow, thanks for the enlightenment. If this subject of using taxpayer money ever comes up again, I hope you will attend the Bloomington city council meeting. Soccer in my opinion should be ran as a non-profit just like the Pony Baseball complex, or as a business like Game Time Gym. Either way, it is not handed money by the taxpayer from sales tax, but from registration fees, concession sales, business donations, individual and family donations, etc… If soccer is being led by someone without passion for the game, then maybe it is time for new leadership in that organization. If there is no passion, then there is no attitude of we as an organization can make this happen for the players. Leaders have to lead and know how to run a non-profit organization just like a business for it to succeed over the long run. If what you are stating is true, then if I were another parent with a player on PCSL, I would be a whole lot upset that there is now no clear plan for where all the soccer players will be playing after the current location of Champion Fields is taken away. It is difficult for myself to see all of the land that is within a few miles of the current location as not being a suitable new field area. But the leadership of soccer would have to approach a realtor to let them know their land needs and then that person may know someone who they could approach for the sale of the land. My guess is though, that someone already has an idea where this so called complex they want to build will be built. Now that Bloomington is not giving sales tax dollars, they will now need to decide if the town of Normal wants to fully fund the complex or do a combination plan with the Normal sales tax plus the volunteer work of parents to work the complex and maintain it. The big mistake by soccer was to even think that the taxpayers would fund a sport that everyone in the community does not benefit from. I personally at least give the Bloomington city council a thumbs up for recognizing this and using the increase in sales tax to repair our streets and acknowledging the current deficit. If the Normal city council would do what is best for their constituents, they would also give this one back to the soccer people and tell them to fund it themselves. This is not a quality of life issue, this is a sport, which is a separate business that any city or town should be separated from. The taxpayers are fed up with wasteful spending on projects especially like this one that should be a self funded business. Game Time Gym and Pony Baseball also hold tournaments, but they do not ask for money and use the out of town players as an excuse or prop for increased hotel rooms, restaurants, and shopping sales that may or may not be generated. Soccer needs new leadership period and until that happens, I believe a lot of children and parents are going to be disappointed. If I was a parent of a small child, I would think twice about what sport I would want my child playing and give more thought to organizations already in place for both my child and the family for opportunities.