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I contracted Blue Collar Builders through BuildZoom mid 2015. Blue Collar Builders was one of five contractors I interviewed and requested bids from for a backyard project that entailed replacement of a redwood porch deck and a redwood gazebo as well as a stone path connecting the two. I selected Blue Collar Builders primarily because Thump’r listened carefully to my plans and my requirements but also suggested options that would make the project more appealing in years ahead. Their quotation was not the cheapest but was not out of line compared to others either.

I am happy that I selected Blue Collar Builders for this electricity outage austin project. Their workmanship is excellent, detailed, and of the highest quality. The new structures will likely outlast my house. They recommend and use the best materials that the project budget will allow. I have received many compliments from friends and family on the high quality of the structures.

I didn’t give them a 5-star Highly Recommended electricity sources in us rating because the 2 month project turned into a 3.5 month project due to them having insufficient staffing due to conflicting project schedules. This meant I couldn’t use the new structures for late summer gatherings as originally planned. The project was also ~30% over the original budget. However most of that was due to normal project quoting adjustments as well as agreed-upon mid-project scope changes.

I contacted BuildZoom a couple months ago for help with a bath remodel. Several contractors contacted me and Blue-Collar (Thump’r) was one of them. I called Thump’r back and spoke electricity generation by source about the job that I wanted done. I really felt very comfortable talking to him and made an appointment for him to come to my home. We discussed several projects that I want to have done. He has completed the tile project on my balcony and it is so beautiful! He did an excellent job! My plants, bistro set and bbq grill look so good out there! I had kitchen countertops installed in my kitchen (prior to Thump’r – really wish I had known him then!) and they left my wall a mess. Thump’r said he could fix that along with some other minor things around the house! He has done a fabulous job and I am keeping him around for my bath remodel at the end of the year gas vs electric stove! He and his crew are very personable and warm! They are hard workers and do a fantastic job! I am definitely going to refer him to my friends and neighbors! They are already asking me for his contact info! One more thing – last Saturday evening one of my shelves in my master walk in closet fell with all my clothes and shoes tumbling out on the floor! I didn’t know what to do. I took a chance and called Thump’r early Sunday morning and left a message telling him what happened. He called me back later that morning and took time out of his Sunday morning to come by and fix my closet so I could get my clothes off my bed and hung back in the closet! Wow!! I am very impressed for the level of service that he has and is providing me! Who you gonna call? Thump’r!!.

Most would tell you that a customer’s biggest concern is the contractor. Not True! Yes, it’s important to research the typical checklist items for: License, Bond, Insurance, Workmen’s Comp, References, Judgments, Criminal record, Etc. But really, it will end up being the intangibles, such as: Honor, Honesty, Humility, Integrity, Work ethic (whether you’re watching or not) that will make the biggest difference. These are gas in texas the thing that neither money can buy nor is any certification able to develop. Find an accomplished contractor that you can trust in conversation. Get a sense of the personality… not just the knowledge of the business issues at hand.

The definition of Success will vary from one person to another or even from one company to another, as will the order of priorities considered. In actuality there are (3) major variables to consider when determining how we measure Value in achieving success for any contracted building project. And these are: Price, Quality, Performance. They say in business, Pick any two. You’re NOT going to get an emergency repair of a top of the line faucet installed on new year’s eve night for $100. But if you’re able to, then electricity projects in pakistan know this, you’ve just contracted with someone who is going out of business soon, operating illegally, or really wants to date your daughter.

So ask yourself, What are my two highest priorities of the three? If you want great service quality craftsmanship electricity towers in japan, then it’ll cost you more. If you’re willing to forgo both quality and performance, you can get whatever you want cheap inexpensive too. Choose either Quality or Performance and you’re price will probably fall somewhere in the middle of market value with a few frustrations along the way… if you really wanted both. Be honest with yourselves, even Contractors want a Ferrari at a VW Bug price.

I’ve had many customers encourage me to, Sharpen my pencil when submitting a bid for a proposed project, and yet all their complaints about previous projects, handymen, and other Contractors were focused on poor craftsmanship, and drawn out time lines of completion dates. Perhaps they would serve themselves better to reconsider their own priorities of what true Value is?

By attaining clarity first, Before submitting your project for bid, you’ll be able to mitigate many of the concerns that come about from miscommunication. All too often customers call in Builders before getting their design plans structural engineering squared away first. If you want personal timelines and project flow to improve from the start, this is the simplest way to enhance that result.

Colors / Styles / Size Length / Shape / Brand / Left or Right / Balanced or Random / Form over Function / Rental, Keeper, or Flip? The list will seem endless, but it’s your project. And just like when you static electricity human body causes were in school, you’ll have to do your homework, or pay the price in the frustration of having to make high pressure, need an answer now, decisions down the road.