Blue world pools – $299.00 pool, review 473455 complaints board 1 unit electricity cost in kerala


saw the add on tv for a $299.00 blue world pool 15’x24′ w/ liner, ladder, pump, filter and vacuum kit so I called the 1-800 # to find out what the catch was. If it sounds to good to be true then it always is. I first logged onto the website and read the fine print about having to hire a lawyer to read the contract and liability release, then needed to supply them with the deed to my property (hahaha) and also have my credit checked, then sit thru a 90 minute sales pitch and have my site inspected to see if I qualify for the pool. Then if I did qualify they would come out and install the pool for free ($299.00 pool installed for free / are you kidding me?)

I asked the rep who answered the phone if I could come to the office in Atlanta GA (no address listed on the website at all and no address was given when I asked) and pay my $299.00 to pick up the pool myself. Also since I am the homeowner I do not need a lawyer to review any paperwork to release them from any liability since all that is needed is my signature and I had no problem with that. I did not need my credit checked since I was not entering into any loan or contract with them and just wanted the $299.00 pool.they said no and I had to do all of that ridiculous song and dance for a $299.00 pool.

People if thats not enough to convince you to stay away then ask yourself when is the last time you googled a website and had one return for that website followed by hundreds of online complaints lodged againts these idiots. If you fall for this gimmick after reading these complaints you deserve everything your gonna get.

One last thing, I have had a above ground pool from Kmart for 3 yrs now, I take great care of it and keep it very clean and have had no problems with my 18′ wide x 4′ deep blow up pool that is so easy to take down when the season ends and put back up in less than an hour. I paid $199.00 for it and feel that I have more than my money’s worth if it only last thru this season. Trust me, if you take care of it then it will take care of you! all of this laughing at this company has made me sweat and its 93degrees today so I think I’ll close now and go get in my Kmart blow up pool with crystal clear 80 degree water and drink a beer…

BUYER BE AWARE !!! Please do all the research you can with this company, We to were very excited about getting a pool. We ended up calling BWP…it just so happened someone could come out for an estimate within 3 hours. An 4:00 evening apt on a Friday evening. The salesperson showed up late.. close to 5:30 But, all in all was a really nice man. He talked & talked and talked.. Finally we get to the pool. Wanted to see where we would like it. Said the best pool for the spot would be the Midline 18′ pool. Then he would start talking again about random things other than why he was here. After a couple of hours, I said let’s get back to this pool please. He pulls out his bag, shows us some plastic tubes… and says how well they are made. Showed a small piece of the liner and said it was 20ml. He then shows pictures of the pump..and filter, gave a brief description of both. Then goes on to the price. Says since it’s getting close to the end of the season. The pools were reduced. Not many are left.

Then he writes on a piece of paper, for all of this. You can get it for $15, 000.00. I almost fell out of my chair. I said for an above ground pool? I don’t think so!! He then ask husband if he could borrow his phone. Keep in mind, his was laying on the table. Finding this odd. He makes a call. Hangs up. They said I could knock $2000 off this price. I say, well.. isn’t that nice. But No thanks. He then borrows husbands phone yet again. Makes another call… same-thing. Knocks $3000 more off. The only thing I said to him at this time. Wow, to my husband. He just sold your number to every telemarketer known to man. He finally says, alright then.. How about $10, 000? We just sat there, so he says here I go.. making another call. They said this is it, a great deal. Only for today tho. I tell him, thank you.. but I have to sleep on this. It’s a big decision.

He finally says, You have 3 days to cancel. So how about it? So we went ahead and signed. This is where the big trouble begins. He ask to see proof that we owned our home. Ask for the deed, or ins info. Which we showed him ins info. The long form you fill out. It has several places where you just put in your initials. The other ones seem to be about the product. Finally the papers were filled out. He leaves at 10 pm.

I get up at 12am and begin reading these papers. I was literally sick when I was finished with them. No ones fault but my own for not doing it before signing… other than him talking non stop. I awake early on a Saturday morning. Read, read, and read!!

At this time, I thought unbelievable what I signed. It says, can put liens against our home. To having to put them on my ins in the amount of, $300, 000.00 to put BWP on it. I have to backtrack a little. I repeated over & over. No way would I want their financing. I would get my own. He says, when the pool is deliver & setup. I could pay then. In paperwork, plus one of his calls from his phone this time. He puts someone from sales center to speaker. He says our payments would be $264.00 for 144 months.. No joke!! total without interest…only…$38, 016.00 for an above ground pool. Who knows how much the interest rate even is. I was still thinking. I was going to get my own financing. Anyway, Saturday morning is upon me. After reading the papers 4 to 5 x’s I was frantic to get my canceled papers in the mail on a Saturday. I had to write up the paper. Go to my husbands work to sign the canceled papers, go make copies and missed Saturdays next day delivery.

I was in tears. By the time Monday came around. I was a wreck. I made copies of the contract, and wrote canceled with the date… plus printed and signed names.. Wrote an hand written letter like it said to do. Went to FedEx mailed them. Paid $4.00 to have an signature of delivery. As of now. I think we’re cancel. Then reason for writing this.. It’s not worth losing your home, wrecking your nerves. Giving this company a cent of money. This place needs to be shut down in my opinion.

The way the papers are written up. They truly have their tails covered so they can’t be sued. In the papers, your initials are a signed agreement by law it says. Plus, find out what 3 business days is. I was dumb on this one to. I thought 3 business days were M-F… Nope, not to them. It’s Mon-Sat. Do not sign anything from this place. I truly hop this helps some one.. Buyer be aware. I read, if anyone wants to see your deed or prove that you’re the owner… Run. Please be careful people.