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i am 27 male, when i was 16 i remember driving down the road and all of a sudden my vision started going out, I could see out of the right corner of both of my eyes, i couldn’t see the yellow line but i could see the white line as long as my eyes were striat i could see the white line out of the corner of my eyes. i thought i was going blind at first. i then had a really bad headache that put me down to were i didn’t wanna get outta bed when i got home. i usually have the headache for about a week after my vision comes back after about an hour or so, during the headache i can’t turn my head normally or anything without my head having very very sharp pains shooting thru my eyes and head, all over my head, i have had the right side of my body and face go numb burning sensations and didnt wanna move at all.i had a mri done and nothing there, my backbone was checked but nothing, i got tired of all of the headaches and started going on and when i do get a headache i try to keep going even if im throwing up or anything. i have been putting up with this for 11 yrs now and no one can find anything that is causing them. I have hypertension blood pressure as well, some drs. have told me that my headaches could be caused by my high bp. then some drs; have told me that some food and smells could be causing them. im a painter and the dr even told me that even the paint could be causing them. well my job put me off painting for a while and i still got the headaches. i dunno what to do anymore. i just gave up on it.if anyone has got any info on this then it would be appreciated. i would love for this to go away. thank you so much.

I have the same thing and four years ive just been living with it. im not one to go to the doctor for very much im 21 now and well lets just say my parents didnt show alot of interest in my health. But anyway the first time i experianced this was grade 4, so how old was i like 8 or 9. I went completely blind tho i was in absolute shock. i remember ppl coming up to me and asking me to come play i just said no, when the bell rang everyone went inside and i still sat outside agaisnt the wall i was to scared to move or call for help. eventually a duty came walking by and asked if i needed help, i instantly started balling and told her i couldnt see anything everything was just white. she asked me to follow her and i asked to hold her hand but she wouldnt incase i was sick she didnt want to get it, i tried to keep a converstation going so i could follow her voise and i knew my way around the school. i did however walk smack dab into a post in the hallway tho then she was willing to hold my hand. anyway all i remember after that was being in the office bathroom curling myself around the toilet balling my eyes out and barfing my face off, my mother came to get me and thats how the rest of the day went. anyway from then on i dont remember it happening again until i was probably 12 or 13ish and every year since at least once until i was 18. when i was 16 it happened four days in a row, anyway i went to the doctor and she told me to take tylonel and to come back the next time it happened, well of course it hasent happened since and not even a minor headache until today which made me think about it. But it really does hurt the pain is so bad i dont want to move i cry the entire time i cant sleep it hurts so bad i get about ten minutes and then i wake up again and sit there for hours, my vision comes back the next day but my head still hurts if i move to fast. the only way i can really explain how my vision is is lets say for example the workd ANIMAL if you look at the letter M you can see it but everything else around it is white, cant read it unless i look directly at each letter. I panick now when i get something shining in my eyes like a flash light and theres a little light follwoing you until you close your eyes for a couple minutes till it goes away. But what the hell is this and why cant anyone tell us, if im alone when it happens next or my family friends and bf are at work how do i get to the hospital and i am not going to want to sit in the emergency for four hours or more for them to take a damn scan and tell me to go home its to light in there. does anyone know of like a doctors questionaire site?

I am glad I found this thread. I had the EXACT same thing happen today and a similar thing happened a couple weeks back. The prior one started when I was at a client dinner so I wasn’t looking at a computer screen but just mingling. All of a sudden I had these bright flashes out the far corner of my right eye. It felt like someone was bouncing sun light off of a mirror at me. It went away after about 15 minutes but then I had a headache the next two days.

Today, I was at work and suddenly I could not read my computer screen . Even if I focused, I could only read the middle of the screen and not very well. Within about 15 minutes I could see again. About two hours later the bad headache started and now, 8 hours later I am still dealing with it. I’ve never had these before and I am knocking on 40 years old. I am going to assume they are migraines but they are no on just one side of my head. It hurts behind both eyes and around both temples. If I sneeze, cough or even bend over, I feel like my head might explode. It’s just weird because I have never really gotten headaches and I don’t think I have changed anything in my lifestyle.