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… activity. There are nonetheless still opportunities for sustained spending growththrough convergence towards developed market levels of spending per capita, and support from technology trends, such as theacceleration in the adoption of cloud computing by local … Read More

… best developed Latin American insurance markets, and boasts a number ofwell-capitalised indigenous carriers able to tap into the organic growth potential. Looking ahead, The Chilean insurance sectorgrowth will be driven by rising national prosperity, improving … Read More

… Tourism arrivals to Chile will grow strongly between 2018 and 2022, rising by an average of nearly 10% a year. Thisunderlines the attractive fundamentals of Chile’s varied geography, high standards of accommodation and improving transportlinks. Read More

… private, will create a positive environment for theinsurance industry as improving employment and income rates make cover more affordable for many households. Strongestgrowth is anticipated in the life insurance segment as an ageing population increases … Read More

… and affluent households will continue to be the main growth engine overthe medium term. The maturity of the market does however mean growth potential is relatively subdued, especially in the hardwaresegment, and the political risk … Read More

… Argentina Infrastructure Q2 2018 BMI View: Strong government support and rising private investment will the growth of Argentina’s construction industry tosubstantially outperform the Latin America region in real growth over our ten-year forecast period. Read More

… by Argentina’s ample natural resourcesand strong need to increase its power capacity, as well as conducive policies and the government’s commitment to meeting itsrenewables targets. That said, our forecast for the industry remains conservative relative … Read More

… growth across Asia’s construction markets in 2018, we also expect projects to run into implementation difficulties as theyenter construction stages. Shifts in technology and politics will also drive new opportunities in PPPs and renewable powerinvestments. Read More

… relatively attractive prospect for potentialinvestors. The use of public-private partnerships (PPPs) is well established and Belgium forms a key part of regional plans to expandand modernise transport and energy connections. As such the market will … Read More

… December 2017 power supply auctions suggests considerablepotential over the medium term. However, the outlook for the renewables sector is clouded by structural issues, includingmacroeconomic and political volatility, limited domestic solar supply chain as well as … Read More

… competition will intensify as operators roll out 4G services, expand to ruralareas and see the market’s fourth operator – Mytel- enter. However, the new operator’s challenges include the slowing organicmobile subscriber growth, ongoing price competition … Read More

… swinging back towards being beneficial, with copper prices risingsubstantially, reversing a debilitating bear market and allowing a return of strong economic growth and aggregate demand. Wepredict that the life market will experience double digit annual … Read More

… investment to increasingly drive growth on the back of low base effects and pentup demand while government and household spending growth slows. This coupled with elevated levels of political risks willcontinue to be a burden … Read More

… act as additional tail winds to Iraq’s infrastructure, boosting governmentrevenue and demand for additional infrastructure investment. A downturn in investor sentiment stemming from an intensificationof geopolitical uncertainty remains the biggest downside risk to our outlook. Read More

… 2018 BMI View: This quarter, we have become more optimistic on the outlook for new vehicle sales across 2018, forecasting 4% growth,with passenger vehicle (PV) sales (4%) to outperform commercial vehicle (CV) sales (3.8%) slightly. Read More

… enable vendors to target increasingly affluent households. There will however, belimits on performance, notably the approaching saturation in the smartphone market, which has been the main growth engine, aswell as price erosion in the TV … Read More

… BMI Aluminium Report Q2 2018 BMI View: We have increased our aluminium price forecast in 2018 to USD2,100/tonne from USD2,000/tonne as the demandoutlook continues to improve and expectations of Chinese supply constraint keep prices elevated. Read More