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Comments: 2007 328xi E90. Ordered the valve cover gasket, valvetronic gasket and eccentric shaft seal from Pelican. Reviewed the online tutorials and everything went perfectly. I would add that taking the bolts out from the coolant reservoir and moving it out of the way provides a lot more space. Thanks for the help, Pelican!

Comments: I have a 2011 328I and I had a very loud squealing like a worn bearing somewhere. I drove to the BMW dealer and the noise was not duplicating at that time. They said the serpentine pulley was worn so they replaced it. I drove home and it happened again the very next day. I forgot to mention I live 2 hrs from the dealer. They told me to bring it back and it squealed almost the whole trip. They called me and told me it was the vanos solenoid. They replaced the solenoid but my major concern is, I was reading the narrative on each task and they stated that the broken screws that hold the solenoid were retrieved out of the bottom of my oil pan. Doesn’t that mean those screws went completely thru my engine and could this have done any damage that I might not be able to see? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank u, Mike

Comments: I recently changed plugs and coils on 2007 328i E90. Whoever worked on the car before I bought it broke the slots on the lower cabin filter housing and the tabs on the cover that holds the wire harness. I found the housing part # 64316924277. What is the part number for the plastic cover thing that holds the harness over the engine and snaps into the lower cabin air filter housing? Also, it was probably the same genius who stripped 3 of the clips that the engine cover bolts go into. Are those 07129901645? If not, what clips are they?

Comments: Hi, I have a question. I’m preparing to replace the valve cover gasket on my 06 325i N52.has the metal valve cover I’ve seen video instructions for the newer models 07, 08 that have the plastic cover, and I noticed the gasket seems to be of rubber material that is pressured into a groove on the valve cover.

Now, my car has the aluminum gasket with flat surfaces on both sides valve cover and cylinder head so the gasket cannot be attached to the cover prior to installation, So i’m assuming the best way is to place it on the cylinder head first prior to installation, which I think might work well for the perimeter gasket, But what about the spark plug slots gasket? How do i secure them in place while I’m positioning the valve cover, without moving it out of it’s position?

Comments: BMW mechanic’s have special tool to remove the motor cover without removing the air filter and all the stuff that takes an hour to remove. I brought in the spark plugs and new coils for my 2011 BMW 328XI the charge was 125.00 and took 3/4 hour total. what I would like to know is what kind of tool are they using

Comments: My husband changed the spark plugs, air filter and cabin filter on his 2009 BMW 328i hard top convertible not sure I have right numbers. After he put it back together the light went off and on at will and the windshield wipers started going randomly, now it will not start and a relay in glove compartment clicks and will not stop. Did he miss a sensor somewhere? %3Futm_source%3DSuperTech%23item0 – Nick at Pelican Parts

Followup from the Pelican Staff: Parts are here: %3Futm_source%3DSuperTech%23item15

Comments: Hi, i have to change a rocker cover on a 330i 2009 e90 coupe ive changed loads of the e46 6 pot rocker covers i understand its a different engine but auto dater book time is nearly 4 hours is this over stated is there special tools needs or something horrible that needs to be removed thats a pain many thanks