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The front struts, sometimes called front shocks, dampen the ride of your E90 and keeps it rolling smoothly down the road. When they begin to wear, ride quality and vehicle handling suffers. You may notice your vehicle is not smooth over bumps or feels soft when cornering. This could be an indicator of worn struts. To check your struts, push down on the front corner of your vehicle, (the side you want to inspect the strut on). When you give the front corner one good push down, it should bounce up, then slightly down and stop. If it continues to bounce, the struts are worn out. You have the choice to replace your struts with a factory spec set or performance. A performance set of struts can greatly increase the handling of your E90. You can also replace all four springs on your E90 with performance springs, giving it a slightly lower stance and stiffer handling. If you are nervous or do not have access to a high quality spring compressor, once you remove the front struts, take the strut to a professional to have the coil springs swapped over. You’ll want to have your vehicle professionally aligned when the struts are replaced.

After removing the top retaining nuts, DO NOT try to remove the strut from the steering knuckle. Instead place a stuitable pry bar I use a crow bar between the subframe and front tension arm. Press down on the bar and SWING the top of the strut OUT PAST the fender. Now you can pull the strut out of the steering knuckle. No need to compress the spring or disconnect any more parts.

Comments: I didn’t have any luck using this procedure on an E90 335i non-sport suspension. With the control arms and tie rod pulled all of the way down I still needed about 3" more to get the strut to clear the steering knuckle. I had to pop the tie rod and the forward control arm out of the spindle then loosen the rear control arm to gain enough clearance.

Also you can not just slide the steering knuckle down to remove the strut. The springs must be compressed, or the steering linkage must be disconnected. The previously recommended TOL-SGT-62900 spring compressors will NOT work to do this as you will not be able to access the heads of the bolts. I was able to modify them by grinding a hex onto the other end and use a socket on that end, but I would not recommend that.

Followup from the Pelican Staff: TOL-SGT-62900 is a good one, just be sure to compress evenly and watch for the hooks, if they start to move around while compressing, stop and reposition. Should be OK to install the sport struts. I would recommend installing the sport springs (or aftermarket sport springs) with the sport struts. – Casey at Pelican Parts

Comments: Hi I hit a hard pot hole where the strut slipped through downward ,upon inspection we found no damage was done except for the cv boot , we looked at the strut and seemed fine no bends , we simply repositioned the strut back to the original spot and changed the clamping bolt which broke while retighting as well as a new boot car runs straight and no weird noises or sounds do you think that the strut should be replaced

Followup from the Pelican Staff: Yes, that or the knuckle. The strut should not slip. Something has to be worn or damaged. Give The Pelican Parts parts specialists a call at 1-888-280-7799. They can figure out what part or repair kit you need.

Comments: Nick, Does any hardware need to be replaced once removed? standard process for aluminium bolts I’m reading the Bentley manual and it calls for the stabilizer bar link to strut bolt to be replaced as well as the pinch bolt. Is this absolutely necessary?

Comments: I’m having problems getting enough compression on the spring. It is a MY08 335i with sport suspension. I have the macpherson two-bolt compressors two single bolts with the spring blocks and just cannot get enough compression with them to unseat the spring. I tried with the blocks on the spring and on the top spring seat. Am i using the wrong tool? Just cannot figure this out. thanks

Followup from the Pelican Staff: You will have to remove the front drive axle for the best range of motion. I have seen guys detach the strut, then the lower ball joint to make space, but that puts the cv joint at risk for damage. – Nick at Pelican Parts

Comments: Thanks a million for the tip regarding installing the top of the new strut and then pivoting the hub assembly into place to mate up with the bottom of the strut. Just replaced OEM struts with Bilstein HDs and there was no way they were ever going back in the way the old ones came out. You saved us. Car is a 2006 325XI wagon. X drive front end is very different from 2WD BTW.

Comments: Hello Nick: I’M CHANGING THE STRUTS ON MY 2006 325ITHANKS FOR THE TECHNICAL ARTICLE ON THAT. Do i need to raise the front of the car or can i raise one side at a time. Is it better, safer having the whole front raised rather than one side at a time. Many thanks.