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Comments: Just a quick follow-up note to my May 2017 post. The MAF error code was at idle. I finally pulled apart the whole intake system and found the lower CCV hose was broken. I went ahead and replaced both breather hoses, CCV valve and gaskets. Problem is solved and no more error codes!

Comments: 2011 E93 320i N46 engine. RPM always stumbles when coming to a stop. This is with A/C on. It dips about 50-150 rpm before returning back to 750rpm and it stays there. Resetting the ECU helps in a way that the RPM will not stumble or dip for the next 100-150km. After this amount of distance is clocked, the RPM stumbling comes back.

Repair works done: Intake vanos solenoid, valve cover gasket, ATF oil change, spark plugs, ignition coil, crankshaft sensor, O2 sensor before Cat bank 2, oil sump gasket, brake vacuum actuator, throttle body cleaning. MAF sensor has been checked too.

Comments: 2006 325i E90 Auto – I recently had the starter changed and since have irratic idle. Initially getting p0174 and p0171. Now getting P1415 2d06 Air Mass System HFM to Low and some times 2d0f Air Mass Signal. I have changed the MAF, plugs, air filter, cam position sensor. Does this indicate faulty wiring or vaccuum leak likely?

Comments: I’m getting fault code 2F09 air intake temperature sensor plausibility on my 2006 330i. Says it is -48 deg C at startup. Do you think this is a MAF issue or is there a separate air intake temp sensor somewhere in the system? Thanks.

Comments: Hi – This concerns a 2009 BMW E93 M3 with 44,000 miles. Two fault codes are being returned – P0175 and P0172 both 232. I clear the fault codes but they randomly return – sometimes the same day, sometimes a week later. There is has been no degradation in performance or starting. Could this be related to the MAF or fuel pressure sensor or ? Thank you for your help!

Comments: Hi I have a 325i e92 2007 , my car keeps cutting out or going into rough idle , cars very sluggish , I had a maf sensor problem but bought the maf cleaner and it seemed fine , then everything starts happening again , no codes come on the dash but plugged in a diagnostic machine and it brings up valvetrinic motor code p1030 , but was told it’ll be the maf sensor but not so sure car won’t go over 2000 revs when in idle either

Comments: its your valve cover diaphragm, the little circle cover on your valve cover. the rubber diaphragms get rips in them and causes the same issues yall ae having. either replace whole valve cover or get the diaphragms from russia like we do

Comments: I have 2006 E90 325xi with 190k miles that I bought a few months ago. I’m getting P0102, P0172, p0175 P111F and P0113. My mechanic said it was all related to the MAF and replaced it. Problem still there and he is not sure what else to do. I’m wondering if it’s a faulty MAF sensor? The car runs better, but not perfect, with the MAF disconnected.

Comments: I have a 2006 325xi replaced the starter and now having a rough ride and rough ideling. I also changed intake manifold gaskets, all six coils and spark plugs. Car drives excellent up until i begin to stop or just sitting at a light. Receiving a code of po174 system too leanbank 2 and a po171 system too leanbank 1 . I put a fuel cleaner in tank and resetted the check engine warning to no avail it returned. What can I do now. Do you think it’s the MAF or vacuum leak?

Comments: Have E90 318i with 143hp. Changed all fuel injectors and sparks. When i cold start engine it starts little hard and after it rise to working temperature in idle it is working little unstable. I am guessing it can be MAF sensor or lambda probe or am i wrong. On eco test when it is in idle all good but when you put your foot on throtle CO2 go nuts. Guy on ECO test said to me it is not catalizator he thinks it is MAF.

I did check both Valve/Pump. both works. The Service Engine Soon light on when the car park Engine off for more than 12hr, I can smell fume of gas. But engine run good. If engine still warm or hot within 10hrs, the fault light will not turn on because the engine still warm, and the engine running also good. Is that the Mass Air Sensor problem? and also sometime this code 2A87 come on with 2A00. Thanks again for helping us.

Followup from the Pelican Staff: If the valve and pump are good, tjhe ports in the cylinder head may be clogged. With the engine idling, command the pump on, do both front o2 sensors dip and hold lean when the pump is commanded on? – Nick at Pelican Parts

So I have a 2009 BMW 335 Convertible No xDrive. I have a 0172 code and need to replace my MAF sensor. I have looked everywhere I know it should be by the air filter box-Nada! I can’t find it. Does anyone know if the 2009 335 does not have or does have a MAF Sensor? If it does kindly point me in the right direction. Thanks

Comments: For BMW 328i 2007, getting fault code P1415. The code tripped after reset while at idle sitting in my driveway. The car is running rough at idle, going up and down in rpm and shaking. I am guessing the problem is a vacuum leak, based on note above. Any advice on how to find.