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BMW E90 models utilize an oil condition sensor located in the oil pan. The oil condition sensor is responsible for supplying oil level as well as oil condition information to the vehicle computer system. BMW E90 models use this sensor instead of a dipstick to monitor oil level. You can check oil level via the driver information center. See our tech article on changing your engine oil. The sensor is prone to failure in two ways; it can fail electrically and it can leak oil. When it fails electrically, you will see a yellow oil warning light on the instrument pane. If a yellow oil warning light illuminates on your instrument panel; immediately shut engine OFF and check engine oil level. If oil level is OK and warning light is ON, sensor has likely failed. The DME (engine control module) will likely have a fault code for the faulty sensor. When servicing, have a suitable container to drain and catch dripping engine oil. Have rags to clean any engine oil that is spilled and always wear eye protection and gloves.

Comments: Bottom line, BMW design engineers are dimwits. If they can’t figure out how to design a sensor that lasts the life of the car they should either replace it at no charge, or use a 100 year old technology called a dip stick. I’m tired of paying through the nose for their crappy engineering, which extends throughout most of the car. It handles well and looks nice but that’s the end of the story.

Followup from the Pelican Staff: You’ll need a new connector and replacement wire pigtails. With your vehicle info handy, give The Pelican Parts parts specialists a call at 1-888-280-7799. They can figure out what part or repair kit you need.

Comments: Nick Thank You. I installed the part from Mr. Pelican and the customers car works perfect now. I took your advice and bought a special 10 metric socket instead of using visegrips and the bolts came right out. Next they are ordering a starter for me to do. Thanks again to you and Mr. Pelican

Comments: Mr. Pelican, please help me. My neighbor customer ordered the sensor from you and I needed to know which way to turn those bolts. Also do you feel I can get them off with vise grips, or need I take a ride to town for special tools? Thank you in advance they are waiting on me, but I wanted to confirm theses details as I did not see instructions with unit. Question me seem odd, but Iam old and these cars are like aliens to me.

Comments: 2006 330i base model, build 04/2005, automatic, 122K miles, engine smooth, mpg normal. I am getting a yellow oil light alert and directive to "+1 qt". I am suspicious since I got only 2K miles on last qt I added. There are otherwise no superficial signs of a leak from staining on block or pavement.

I don’t know now if I really do have too little – or maybe too much – oil in there. Given all that, what am I missing in the above " … shut the engine OFF and check engine oil level." : at that point, how do I check if the oil level is +/-/OK assuming the sensor et al may not be trustworthy?

Comments: Been noticing small oil drips on my driveway – took my 09 E92 N52 to my local mechanic today. he told me it looks like oil leak is coming from sensor area but he’s concerned with the amount of rust around sensor bolts and fears breaking bolts when force is applied – is this possible or is he being over cautious?

Comments: My oil CBS wont reset. I have fault codes saying there is a communication issue with the oil condition sensor. I replaced the sensor, but still have the faults. Could there be a wiring fault or can you code out the sensor as I have a dipstick.

Comments: Hello, so i have 2007 335xi n54, and my engine oil temperature keeps moving from 160F to 250F slowly after the car is running for around 30 min, and then i get yellow engine oil light, the fan turns on max once it reaches about 230F, could that be my engine oil sensor cause ?

mine is showing inactive it happened after my alternator went bad on me, was driving when it happen, it also messed my water pump iam getting a 2e84, I bought a new sensor, unplugged the old one and plugged the new still showing inactive I didn’t removed the old sensor though didn’t want to drain the oil, which fuses should I check? I did check the fuses on the engine compartment no blown, I do get voltage readings from the connectors.

Comments: I’m not the swiftest tool in the box but I think that I’m still not understanding this statement from the first step: "If a yellow oil warning light illuminates on your instrument panel; immediately shut engine OFF and check engine oil level."

If the light on the panel is on, indicating that the sensor has failed and is no longer a source of reliable information, then how can I check the oil level without a dipstick? Is there a separate sensor that measures static vs. dynamic oil where one could fail whilst the other keeps…well…sensing?

Comments: Well the E90M must be different from the 3er then, as there’s no static measurement for the S65 engine. With engine off and ignition on, holding the BC button does nothing in terms of starting a measurement, unless I’m doing it wrong. Therefore, I still stand by my comment that it’s impossible to check oil level with engine off, since the oil must be at operating temp with engine running to be measured.

Comments: I think the comments below are referring to you saying to "shutoff engine and check oil level" to determine if the sensor is bad once the yellow warning light comes on. This is impossible, since the sensor IS the only way to check oil level without a dipstick and for that, the engine must be running…

Followup from the Pelican Staff: That is not correct. Static oil level is checked with the engine OFF< dynamic oil level is checked with the engine running. The yellow warning light will be ON, with the key off, indicating a fault. – Nick at Pelican Parts

Comments: I had the oil sensor replaced by my local mechanic non BMW. He indicated he could not reset the ‘service’ indicator displayed when I scrow to the oil level indicator on the drivers control panel. Is there a procedure to reset this code or should it automatically reset once a new sensor is replaced? I can’t seem to find anything online telling me specifically. The car is a 2006 325i. If the sensor has been replace could it be some other electrical issue causing the oil level indicator to display ‘service’?

Followup from the Pelican Staff: One way is to monitor the data with a scan tool, if it reads incorrectly, it is usually faulty. That is of course after you check the power and ground to the sensor. usually, the sensor is at fault. – Nick at Pelican Parts

Followup from the Pelican Staff: Through the cluster or idrive.. See this tech article: – Nick at Pelican Parts