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Are the brake lights default configured in this way that when the car is break lightly, only the outer set of the lightouter red arrow on both side are lit up? Then when you break harder, there will be both lightsboth red arrows on each side are lit up?

I look at the reverse bulb pic for BMW E90 as you attached on the page, it looks like a normal bulb for reverse light, but when I try to search it online to buy, it seems there are different type of bulb or led for reverse light, I don’t mean brand or manufacture . But some are like led with thin end, so my question is , if you showed us on above pic,about the reverse light what is the exact bulb to buy for BMW E90-2006. Would u able to show me a pic of the right bulb for reverse lightE90,please

I need to know what is exactly , front parking light, cunbus light and side light? I confused, it’s been a 3 weeks I am looking to change into LEDhigher power but I am struggling to chose the right bulb for it.i have BMW 320i2006-E90 !!! Would you please tell me what it is called, the one you turn on before low beam. I don’t mean low beam or high beam.

Comments: Does anyone know where the fuse is for the license plate bulbs? I had some errors which lead to those bulbs. They were both blown so I replaced them. After replacement they still did not work so I searched and found the wires can break under the rubber boot. I took the boot off and found two broken ground wires one to those bulbs and a few wires with stripped insulation both of the + wires to these bulbs. I re-soldered the ground wires and taped up the other wires but it still didn’t work. I then got my meter out to see if I could trace those wires to the fuse box. I found where they connected to a couple of fuses that also shared other devices but all those fuses were good. At this point I am not sure what else to do so I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Maybe it uses a control box somewhere and that box is dead or maybe there are other fuses etc. Any help would be appreciated because the warnings are driving me crazy. I can get the bulbs to work by hooking them to something else but I want to get rid of the errors.

Followup from the Pelican Staff: Very good diagnostic work! I think in your case the shorted wires have fried the footwell module (FRM). Have seen that a few times after the trunk wiring insulation comes apart. Try clearing the faults in the module first, if that doesn’t work the FRM is most likely bad. Double check the license plate light bulb output from the FRM. You can get a 1 day subscription to for $30 and download the wiring diagrams and component locations. – Casey at Pelican Parts

Comments: I have an e92 and the light that is out is within the boot lid but it is the bottom of the three long and thin lights. When I took it to Halfords the guy didn’t know how to fit it and said the tail light bulb was the wrong one and what I needed was most likely an LED strip light. Is this correct? Thanks

Comments: Follow-up to my last post. Yes, it was a broken wire in the gooseneck one of two brown negative carriers, the one that serves the passenger-side trunk mounted lamps tail and backup. Repair was as in past three series: retain peeled back gooseneck temporarily with slip ties, isolate the broken wire, strip and solder tin both wire ends, add heat shrink tubing to both ends, solder in short insulated patch of same gauge, heat shrink the tubing, add electrical tape wrap for additional protection if desired, test, carefully cut and remove slip ties, and reassemble gooseneck at both ends. I’ve attached a photo of the broken wire, pre-repair, for context.

Comments: Slightly unrelated. My 2008 Pre-LCI e90 has an issue with rear lights. The outer tail lights do not light up with side/dip/main lights, only the boot/trunk lights come on. But with Parking lights ignition off, indicate for a second or two the outer light does work, so bulb/wiring is okay.

Comments: My E36 and E46 three series had problems with wires breaking within the gooseneck between the body and the trunklid. Have you seen this happening with the E90s? My current E90 has both the trunklid tail and backup lamps unlit. New bulbs have not fixed the problem, and the carrier and connector terminals look fine. No power at the bulb sockets. No fault codes from the LCM are indicated, but you know how variable that can be.

Followup from the Pelican Staff: I have not seen that issue with E90s, but it worth checking. The problem may be in a control module. Check fuses, then I would start by checking the vehicle for fault codes. If the system is not working properly, a fault code will be set. This will be your best bet when diagnosing.

Comments: Thanks for the reply! The dealer did a key read and the rear signal came up as an issue. Ouch! $400 CAN! Don’t see that item in your parts list. We are traveling to Florida this weekend so I may order from you guys and have the shipment sent to the Florida address. Related question: I need to gather up the parts for the eccentric shaft sensor replacement also. Any reason to choose the OEM part over the Siemens/Siemens VDO part?

Comments: Getting a fast blink for left turns. Replaced both brake light bulbs. Thought they were signal related. But my signal light setup looks different than fig 6. 3 terminals than match up with 3 more on the light assembly. LED ? All the small elements appear to light up. Just with a quicker frequency. And I do get the yellow bulb warning when I trigger the left signal.

Comments: Two brakes on car do not work. The inner brake lights which are beside the fog lights. I have noticed this on other e90s aswel. Is this a common fault? I have bought LED rear lights and only half the brake clusters are lighting due to this issue. Any help or advice would be great.