Bmw mini cooper s r53 (2002-2006) hornet exhaust – full race system ebay grade 9 electricity unit


A) All Hornet articles are in brand new condition and in almost every instance will arrive to you in such condition. All items are finished in a coating of black paint for additional protection. Upon electricity lesson plans middle school dispatch they are thoroughly wrapped in bubblewrap and packaged in a cardboard box for added protection. However, despite this and due to the nature of the items and the nature of couriers there are rare instances where the items may become damaged in transit. In some instances there may be slight imperfections or scratches to the paint, as this is a purely cosmetic problem and does not affect the performance or application of the exhaust in any way, we do not constitute this as a reason for return. If the item arrives seriously damaged then please contact us immediately and we will sort out a replacement item ASAP.

B) We cannot pass on delivery-specific information to our couriers impact of electricity in the 1920s. When purchasing the item if you leave your phone number or email address a text or email will be sent to you upon dispatch containing your delivery information. From here, you can track your delivery and also select items such as leaving the item with a neighbour or leaving the item in a safe place in case you tgas advisors are not able to receive your item.

D) Our exhausts have been developed mainly for race and competition use. As such, they have not been emissions and decibel tested for road use. In most circumstances, the exhaust will be fine as long as used in conjunction with an additional silencer such as your existing centre silencer. However, we can offer no guarantee that the car will pass an MOT.

Agree that it adds bundles of character and the pops on the overrun never get boring, guaranteed smile on the face always. It is loud even with the resonator as we have. But everyone says that, so anyone marking it down for being loud is a tad gas bubble in back daft. Its going to be loud! For your neighbours, inside the cabin just LOUD! It is not the exhaust at fault, its what you are signing up for. I suggest moving to a remote part where you won’t annoy people and well investing in some additional sound insulation to keep the interior bearable.

So why if i actually like the system is my review not massively praising it… well quality. Don’t take my disgruntled words have a look yourself. Point is that this is just over n game a year old. Jacked it up today asked the mechanic to guess age of exhaust his comment was ten years. Cause it looks worse than the stock one I took off. Granted it may not be designed for long term, not sure as no comments mention longevity, but assumed that would have longer than I had with the system. The corrosion is mind altering. So in effect we need to replace it as its blown in places and basically, economy, 02 sensors, the noise we got it for are now more a dulcet meh than a roar.

Yup this was shiny and black, and I had a massive hit tortugas ninjas of pride with the union jack printed boldly on the system. but national pride sadly does not convince people to let it pass an MOT. So yes the system has all the hallmarks greatness, but the cost I guess should somewhat says temper your expectations. It is a race system i guess the point is not durability, but this should be highlighted if its gonna rust like this. But if you have to change this yearly that could soon add up to dolling out for a bit of kit that I can forget about for the next ten years or at least long enough to make it someone else 935 gas block problem!