Bmw x5 washer pump testing and replacement (e53 2000 – 2006) pelican parts diy maintenance article electricity history


Disconnect the electrical connector wb state electricity board recruitment for the pump you want to test by pressing the release tab and pulling it off. This photo shows the backside of the electrical connector. The purple / black wire (red arrow) is the battery volt feed. It is hot with the key ON. The brown wire (green arrow) is the ground wire. The ground is activated when the pump is activated. If you were to test these wires with the washer inactive, battery volts would be present on the purple/black with the key ON. The brown wire would only have ground when the washer button is pressed. Always check and confirm the wiring on your vehicle using an up to date wiring diagram. Connect a test light or DVOM across the washer pump electrical connector terminals. Press the washer button. The test light will light. The DVOM will read Battery electricity in costa rica voltage volts (voltage the battery is at, 12 volts for example). Keep in mind, a test light may light with a low supply voltage. I suggest load testing using a test light and a DVOM. Connect the DVOM across the washer pump electrical connector terminals and take a reading. It should read battery volts when the washer button is pressed. Then connect an incandescent bulb style test light to battery ground and touch the test light probe tip to the electricity water hose analogy positive wire you are backprobing with the DVOM. Your reading should hold steady. A maximum drop in voltage gas x dosage chewable of 0.5 volts is OK. Anything more is a problem. You can test the ground of the pump the same way. Connect your DVOM to the brown wire at the connector, then battery negative. You should have a reading close to 0.0 volts. Then connect an incandescent bulb style test light to battery positive (you can use the jump start stud under the hood) and touch the test light probe tip to the positive wire you are backprobing with your DVOM at the brown wire. The voltage reading should change more than 0.2 volts.

Comments: Hi, I have an X5 2004 4.4i. Recently my pump front system started to leak from one of the 2 pumps. I orederd a pump not OEM and replaced it but afterwards the system reacts like it’s not recognize it so when I push to wash nothing happens. I put back the one that leaks and works immediately. So I assume there static electricity bill nye is no fuse/relay problem. When I tried the non-oem pump with 12 volts on the bench it works.. After few days I oreded an original pump from BMW dealer and AGAIN the same behavior. Any idea what might be?

Comments: Hi,I have a 2002 BMW X5 which had failed front and rear washer pumps electricity and magnetism worksheets 8th grade and bought new ones and now windshield works..rear window works but headlight washers are not…is there a third pump for the headlight washers or do you think the lines may be clogged? Thank you Stephanie Martin,also your site is the balls! good information…thank you

Comments: Hi Nick – the windscreen washers front and rear on my 2006 X5 E53 are not working. Had a look at the pumps after reviewing gas density conversion your How to article but the chances of both failing at the same time must be very remote. Are they both operated via a fuse there is a fuse in the back for the rear windscreen washer but cannot see anything for the front? Just wondering do I need to do the electrical test or is the some other way of checking first fuse or something else???. Your article on this subject was excellent but I’m not bp gas card login very mechanical so just trouble shooting at this stage. Thanks Dean

Followup from the Pelican Staff: I would confirm the pumps are being turned ON electrically. If not, then test at the output. They are both controlled by different fuses and modules. One the general module and one (the rear) from the intermittent wiper module. Fuses should be F40, F41 and F43. BUT – I am going by old info. I would double-check with a current wiring gas jokes diagram. – Nick at Pelican Parts

rubber seals on each of three washer fluid strainers before plugging them into their holes in the washer tank. Also I silicone grease coated the pump inflow outflow pipe ends before inserting in tank grommets and re-attaching washer hoses. Improves water seal and slows oxidation and friction wear of the grommet surfaces. My front windshield washer pump itself leaked at 10 years. Dumped washer tank onto garage floor. Rear pump electricity synonyms had minor leaking at pump to tank-grommet interface. I replaced all three grommets with greased new ones before inserting into washer tank. Only replaced the inboard leaking pump but put a spare pump in trunk compartment. Probably need to pull pumps and grommets/strainers to clean and re-grease pump/grommet seal every three years or so. I would recommend you guys add a picture or diagram showing correct washer tubing routing for reassembly. I failed to note proper outboard pump washer hose routing during disassembly/tank removal and suspect I incorrectly routed my outboard washer hose under washer tank. Cannot find a reference hose routing picture nor diagram anywhere on internet. Do not own a service manual for 2006 X5 3.0i so would appreciate advice on hose routing gaz 67b for sale.