Boardman mountain bike pro full sus… electricity lesson plans 8th grade

The rear mech hanger was made of cheese, it broke as I changed gear up a climb. Halfords replaced it with a betd 403 which has so far been fine. I still bought a spare to carry in my pack just in case. The paintwork is very easily scratched/marked especially the chain stays and seat tube. The FSA chainring on my early model was a 3 bolt variant (I believe later models are direct mount, which should mean a reasonably priced alternative can be found) which was going to be £60 to replace. I took the opportunity to upgrade to SRAM GX cranks and chainring for £75, a replacement SRAM chainring is £30 ish.

The spec on this bike, for the money, is unbeatable. However to keep costs down Boardman have obviously used cheap spokes, hubs, seat post, handlebars, rear axle, stem, grips and tyres. Most of these can be upgraded over time relatively cheaply. The frame has a hole in the seat tube to enable a stealth routed dropper post to be fitted. In my opinion a dropper post is the single most important upgrade you can make to a bike. Don’t deliberate, just get one, you will not regret it.

The frame geometry is a fair compromise for both downhill hooning and effective climbing, making longer xc type rides do-able. I can get the seat as it wasn’t comfortable for me but they are a personal thing so that’s nothing against the bike. The rockshox suspension is great once set up well. Watch some videos on YouTube for how to do it. And really consider adding some air volume spacers to make it more progressive. Once set up this bike will handle just as well if not better than big name bikes twice it’s price. If it is well maintained and regularly lubed it’ll do you proud, don’t listen to the bike snobs

Overall great bike Obviously this bike is great value for money with the pike up front and the ability to add volume reducer spacers easily makes the bike feel really play full. Now here are the only issues I found, the mech hanger is too thin to last more than a few hard landing and I would buy a spare from betd(hanger 403) straight away as it will eventually brake. Also, the rockshox monarch is a good shock however a bit of a pain to fit the volume reducer spacers and I would recommend at least 4(It comes with none), the brakes also need a sram specific bleed edge tool which wont work will any other ceringes than sram specific ones and the tyres are not ideal for agressive riding but apart from that the bike feel agile light and very capable even when large gap jumps are being attempted(and cassing them). Also I have attempted to run tubless on the standard rims with maxxis TR tyres and it seems to be holding well without burping easily, which is a massive bonus as the rims arent TR rims.

Great for the money This bike is great for the money unmached for the spec at this price point.with the pikes and guides and the gx 1by 11 its great. The suspention feels grest but i have found the shock is not very progessive but volume bands shoukd do the trick. The mavic rims have held up im about 13 stone quite heavy for a 16 year old and yes the back wheel is not perfectly in true but i case alot and it takes some big hits. The bike is decently light can can climb.

However some of the cons are the amount of things that break ivr managed to bend a crank which i have replaced with the shram gx and got a new bottem bracket ive had to replace the derailer hanger once which can be expected as it is the part thats ment to break but the boarman ones are expencive and the breaks already need a bleed. The tires that come on the bike arnt great which i will be upgrading shortly i once had six rides in a row with punchers they also do not grip very well in the wet.

But over all im loveing the bike after 4 months and its mostly intact and i do some bike jumps and fall alot down danbury common and it can also handle the rocks down all of the hadiligh olymic black trackl so its capable. I also love how it feels in the air it becons you to take of on ebery little jump and its nimble enough to trick on but also dureble to take alot of downhills.