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Drove up from Ras al Khaimah and although the directions to the harbour electricity sound effect were not great a quick phone call to Dolphin Tours soon had us at the boat and ready to go. The boat was clean and comfortable with plenty of cushions both in and out of the sun for the relatively small group of fellow mariners. We were provided with a sheet detailing where the cruise was planning to go and what to expect from the trip. The staff on board were very attentive, despite the language barrier, and a beautiful lunch was provided along with plentiful soft drinks. Dolphins are not guaranteed but we were lucky to see 3 pods during the cruise and we were pleased that our boat was not one of those actively pursuing them as the activity of other boats chasing them seemed to scare them off and make them more difficult to spot. The snorkelling stops were great and the crew encouraged the fish by offering them an adequate supply of bananas. The equipment was in good order and assistance was provided to anyone who had difficulty in using the ladder to get out of the water. On the way back to Khasab we stopped to watch the dolphins for a final time and it became apparent that we had a mechanical problem with the boat. Although there gas 1981 was little communication from the 2 man crew (they were preoccupied with the problem) at no time did we feel in any danger. As there are some many boats in the area it was highly predictable that a sister boat from Dolphin Khasab Tours was available to stop and pick us up to return us to port. We organised everything over the internet and the communication from Dolphin Khasab Tours was excellent throughout. Overall we felt we received great value for money and this was well worth it as a day excursion from the UAE.

Our trip had both very good and very bad experiences at the same time, so we have encountered feelings about it. Pros: -The owner answered all of our emails and queries very fast and kindly -Even if we were just the two of us during the tour that day, the tour took place and we had a private big boat for us -Guys in the boat were really nice and even if they did not speak English, they did gas bubble disease their best to provide a great service, help us and search for dolphins all the time -Food and drinks were good both in amount and quantity -Towels, snorkel equipment etc. were provided on board -The landscape is amazing, not many tourist there, you can listen the silent, watch plenty of dolphins really close, and snorkel in really nice areas (we were surprised that marine life was rich and we saw plenty of fish, huge stingray, octopus and clownfishes nemo) -The tour is in Khasab when most of this type of tours happen in Dibba. This makes the place more natural and isolated, less touristic and increase the quality of the tour -I am sure this is a good trip operator compared to Khasab standards Cons: -We paid 1000 dirhams for private transfer from Dubai, which is very expensive, and we did not like at all the service we received at all (very below the Dubai standards we received in other tours). We change cars twice in each way without being advised of it. We would not have mind changing but we did not like the way of doing it, just trying us not to realise they were doing the same again. In our last transfer, we did not get a car but one of the buses they use for workforce transportation and it was not comfortable nor nice. In addition, drivers seems to be owner´s firends/relatives but not professional drivers and sometimes even not related to the company at all, and we were scared of how they drive sometimes. In total we had 3 different drivers and 4 different cars for one roundtrip. I was wondering who had been taking responsibility in case we had an accident gaslighting or similar… -Not any single word crossed with the drivers. They did not provide any information about the most basic things such as: the travelling time is X, we will change cars, you have to do this at customs etc. -During customs stop, we did not get a proper explanation of what we were paying for and we felt the driver was telling the officers to cheat us to pay for himself too. Again, we didn´t mind paying whatever it is, but we didn´t like the trick.Others tourists at the customs were paying by themselves and a different amount and we paid through the driver and I think this made it more expensive for us. -During our emails with the owner, we asked about if it was possible to do double kayak during the trip. However, we never confirmed we would take it because we though the price for it was expensive and we had to think about it. Probably the owner was confused, and this could be just a misunderstanding, not out fault, not his fault, and when we arrived he had prepared the double electricity experiments for 4th graders kayak. It is nice he made the effort to get it, but when we said we did not confirmed it we got angry and rude very straight forward, even when we said we would paid for it given the case. We had to pay for it. I did not complain about it but if it was a misunderstanding, no matter fault of whom, we should not pay additional 80 EUR for the kayaking. He charged us with it, and I assume if we had any fault, but it is something not nice to do with a customer when a misunderstainding happen, even less nice to do it so straight forward without even apologize for it. I did not like the tone I was treated at all, and my husband just stayed quiet because we were at a foreign country and we did not want to get in trouble. -We asked by email to pay in advance through paypal, and it was not possible. So the owner offered us to pay with visa or mastercard upon arrival. When we arrived he seemed mad when we said we were paying by card and first he tried to make us pay by cash (if he says in advance he only takes cash, we bring cash, but if he says he takes cards, we do not care about bringing enough cash for the trip, more than 500 EUR). When he tried the card machine it was not working and he offered to take us to ATM, which we refused gas 10 ethanol because we could not use credit card to withdraw money in a foreign country. He decided to bring us to the office after the trip to pay there, and the machine finally worked and it was not a problem related to our card. I just did not like the way of pushing us to pay with cash when he offered other options before, and I was worried during the trip of what would happen if the machine kept not working afterwards, and I tried to pay in advance just because I did not want these types of worries during the day of the trip. Other considerations not related to tour itself and that we previously knew but need to be taken into account when deciding if to go: -Distance is long for a daytrip if you are coming from Dubai, although for me it was worthy the trip -It is expensive for a daytrip electricity jokes puns when you consider Oman borders fees, the tour, transfer etc. We paid in total 100 EUR at the borders and 450 EUR for the tour and transfer. For me the trip was very worthy but propably I would not pay that money again just for one day. In case of bigger groups sharing transportation costs, it could be much worthier -It is very nice to have the chance to see much more local and authentic areas at both Oman and UAE when visiting Dubai, not crowed, surrounded by nature and very nice. I specially recommend it for families, friends, and couples. -However, this is not the kind of trip I would do as a woman solo-traveller. The tour itself is perfect, but during the trip, and although I am sure area is very safe, it was impressive to cross the border, stop at some of the gas stations etc. It is very local and isolated, with no phone service most f the times, and I felt many eyes on me as a woman every time I went down the car (although luckily I was travelling with my husband)

We were very disappointed in our cruise today. As a local dubai resident who has done many dhow cruises in Khasab before, this one did not live up to expectations or the reviews on TripAdvisor. The staff on the boat were not helpful. They did the minimum amount of work possible and spent most of the time laying down or smoking. Besides their lack of language skills, the didn’t even make an effort to try to communicate plans for the day, information about location, safety or otherwise. When other boats nearby were actively trying to engage the dolphins once spotted, ours didn’t make any attempts to call or chase after the dolphins. To finish the day, the boat we were taking had mechanical failure and we had to get picked up by another boat to go back. Throughout this experience, we were not told anything but rather had k electric bill statement to deduce there was a problem and that we had to transfer boats. This is a poor way to handle an emergency situation like that. It was an unfortunate experience for our guests and ourselves.