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JJ Sefton’s Morning Report: Good morning kids. And what an absolutely historic day it is. The US embassy in Israel has officially opened in that nation’s capital, Jerusalem, almost 51 years after the IDF liberated the city from Jordan during the Six Day War. The reaction from most of the Muslim world has been somewhat muted, that is if you discount the stabbing attack in Paris and the wave of Islami-kaze attacks perpetrated by an entire family (even the children) against churches in Indonesia. The real Joo-hate came from the alleged enlightened capitals of western civilization (/sarc) who wanted to condemn the move until several Eastern European capitals essentially killed the attempt. That said, there’s talk of a renewed effort in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Feh. The only thing acceptable to me in that regard is the unconditional surrender of the so-called Palestinians – they are a phony, invented people just like their alleged nation – and the moving of the majority of them to Jordan. If ever there was an actual Muslim/Arab land of Palestine, it’s located there.

Meanwhile, the Eurabians are in freak-out mode over the move to kill the phony Obama Iran Sellout and now the imposition of sanctions against the Farsis that will redound to them. National Security Advisor John Bolton (boy does that just not have a ring to it or what?!) is stating that the sanctions could have a significant impact on the regime’s hold on power in that captive nation. And what the hell does John Kerry think he’s doing? If we didn’t have Deep State stooges covering for each other, he’d be in irons the moment he set foot back on US soil.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Pompeo is laying out some of the parameters of the upcoming summit between PDT and Whoa, Fat! (the nickname sticks until real change happens) as well as predictions for what could happen if in fact the NorKs embrace and comply with denuclearization and normalization. Senator Inhofe’s assessment of the President’s foreign policy is accurate; miraculous. And I mean that mostly in the sense that we have an American President for the first time really since Ronald Reagan who fully understands and recognizes the importance of having strong and robust American leadership around the world.

On to the Mule-Whore Witch Hunt, turns out the aforementioned actually indicted a non-existent Russian company, good piece from the Spectator about how his charade of indicting a Russian company that wants to go to trial is going to bite him in the ass big-time, another good timeline on how the Obama embeds (many still there, sadly) sabotaged the transition and laid the groundwork for all this and Michael Caputo has a rather British-style understated analysis of McStains.

Meanwhile, on the political scene Dick Morris is emerging from wherever it is he emerges from and has evidently seen his shadow (or not), vis a vis the midterms. He’s poo-pooed the notion of a blue wave (as many of us have done weeks ago, Dick) and is in fact predicting a red wave. Won’t go out on a limb for that; let’s just be like Napoleon and not interrupt the Dems as they engage in a circular firing squad. Case in point, Fauxcahontas just can’t admit that being a bald-faced liar is a part of her DNA now to most people, unlike say her claims of Indian heritage. Meanwhile she and Cuck Schemer’s fat meat puppet have blocked over 90% of PDT’s nominees. That said, we have Mark Warner all but admitting there was no collusion, Max-Scene Waters having a friggin’ meltdown on the House floor, one of Obama’s speechwriters desperate for Tom Steyer to stop with the impeachment nonsense and even some of the late night propagandists grudgingly backing away from the PDT attacks. It’s all anecdotal, but taken together it portends well. Hopefully the GOP can just keep its cake-hole shut until after Election Day.

Speaking of GOP assholes, the governor of Oklahoma is a big one, Iowa has passed a law that could have national ramifications regarding Roe v Wade, a Green Beret live-streamed being waterboarded to support Gina Haspel, it’s time to liberate California or cut it loose and lastly, it looks like Bill Kristol Blue Persuasion and his Boat People are heading for the big screen!