Bob’s blog this is who they are gas constant for helium


The top of the line Democrats, Socialists, Progressives, Liberals, the Left, and Celebrities make a big deal about equality and tolerance and fairness and lots of other feel good buzz words or phrases. But, do not be fooled. This recent college bribery scandal is who they are! Who they really are. If you have doubts, just electricity and magnetism ppt look at their history. They have always been elitists or worked as fast as possible to become part of the elite class. Usually through b games unblocked additional forms of corruption. I mean, come on, you don’t actually think all those folks from regular backgrounds became almost millionaires without selling a wee bit of their soul along the way, do you???

Hollywood became outraged about the sexual abuse only after it became so public that they could not keep it covered up. Until then, they were going along with the status quo and allowing women and children to be coerced at will by the power players electricity and circuits of movie land. Same thing in Washington, DC. They only get huffy if a Democrat is outed or a Conservative has committed an erotic error. Otherwise they use the Congressional Hush Honey Slush Money and pay for the accusers to go away.

The same thing with this college bribery scandal. They do not believe in fair play static electricity in water. They do not believe in equal treatment for all. They fully expect to be treated special and given what they want. And, acts of outrage by the likes of Elizabeth Warren, who got her own preferential treatment through cheating, is just hypocrisy. And, the Obamas are now on their second-generation of preferential treatment, so don’t think they are not just as guilty as others.

People get all upset about the wealth of President Trump. But, the man came from wealth. I am more upset about the politicians like Bernie Sanders hp gas online booking hyderabad who came from nothing and is now a millionaire. How did a sitting politician who has never really held a job or owned a business get so much money??? Seems like that is deserving of more investigating than the fantasy of the Russian Trump “nothing to see here” that has come to light so far in Mueller’s investigation. And, let’s not forget the Clintons’ non-charitable charity. Millions here. Millions there. Millions, millions everywhere. But barely a cent to those in need!

If these people do not care enough to play fair about college admissions and personal protection, what makes anyone think they gas mask tattoo will play fair anywhere else in our society. They are just like Socialists, Communists, and Democratic Socialists have always been. Lots of common folk and poor people making do with what crumbs they are allowed while an elite ruling class takes the cream off the top to live like royalty. If anyone doubts this, just look mp electricity bill payment online indore at history books and Venezuela. Oh, and you might check into the “wonderful” socialized medicine programs all over Europe!!! Do you actually think the Euro-Rich are waiting months and years for their chance at treatment??? I think not!

We need to wake up and smell the corruption. In reality the corruption of Psuedo-Socialism being sold by the Left smells far worse than the horse manure used to fertilize roses. Nothing is free when you must steal from others to pay electricity water analogy for it. And, that is what excessive taxation becomes. Just grand theft on a national and “legal” level. But, it is immoral no matter what laws are passed. To tax hard-working people into poverty is criminal. The criminals just happen to own the printing press for “get out of jail free gas key bolt carrier cards” ‘cause they essentially own the corrupt government bureaucracies. Not to mention they are now working to undermine our nation by importing illegal immigrants and allowing non-citizens to vote.

Don’t be fooled by their claims of concern for the poor or the middle class or the children. Their only concern is for their continued power and wealth. Power is money and money is power. This is the law that rules their world. To keep this r gas constant kj law in their favor they will throw every single American citizen under the bus and fairness be damned.