Body by vi scam – liars! electricity flow direction


I’ve lost 30lbs on the BBV “Scam” and I usually don’t respond to post or videos like this, but I’m tired of all the negativity!! Yes BBV may not be for everybody…NOTHING is!! But don’t say everybody needs to learn to eat right & exercise to lose weight…that’s unrealistic. I;m married to a former pro athlete & hes preached that to me for years…..and I tried that for years unsuccessfully. and the fact that I’m hypo thyroid doesn’t help either. Ironically after losing weight & keeping it off on BBV not only do I make healthier food choices but I am no longer taking synthroid for my thyroid issues. What ever “ingredients” are in the shakes is providing me & my family with better nutrition then what I was putting in my body before BBV. My husband who’s a former NFL player and is very health conscience had the shakes cleared through the Strength & Conditioning coaches on the NFL level & UFL level before he would drink one & he dissected every ingredient. Turns out 1 shake a day has leveled his blood sugar and he’s no longer on insulin!! Finally on a pill after being on the needle for his diabetes since he was a teenager!! and he’ll be 30 this year!! So speak for yourself…everyone’s entitled to there opinion but don’t knock those who it’s working for or talk others out of what may be a Blessing to them as well. gas bubble disease I was already driving a BMW that’s was paid for when I started and did not jump on board looking to make money. I started as just a customer…After trying weight watchers, Atkins, HCG & prescription Phentermine all unsuccessfully to lose weight, it was my last hope before opting for surgery!!! I thank God for this company & the products..The BMWs and financial perks are just an added bonus but I would tell ppl about ViSalus for FREE!

I have been annoyed by the body by vi thing for some time now. I have several so called friends who have been converted and now I am constantly bombarded by requests to join their shake parties and their “vi life” propaganda. gas variables pogil packet answers I have gone from friend to dollar signs to these people. I have a great job that I enjoy, and it doesn’t require that I continually comb over my friends and family in order to make a profit. I love being able to help someone build a business by being a customer, but it usually goes for things I already need/use on a regular basis (car repair, computer help, handyman services, etc).

Regarding the BMW bonus. Those who qualify for this bonus must maintain their status in order to receive the monthly bonus designated to cover the monthly payment. The pressure is on – someone who signs a three year least on a car they couldn’t previously afford are now locked in to maintain that level or risk defaulting. When I get a raise or a new car, I don’t make a little sign and stand next to it “I told you so”. Pride cometh before the fall.

From listening to the endless “Stepford” community rhetoric, I could have swore it was Kool-aid, not a shake. Thank you for helping us break down the ‘Baited Manipulative Words’ … I’m sick of the BMW chat too, Dr. electricity quiz ks3 Haley! Sadly, both of my parents, a few siblings, and a peppering of extended family are on the BBV bandwagon. They’re ALL fb friends of mine as well. Probably a dozen of my 360 fb friends fill my wall with their new found religion and this strange god named Vi. My other 348 friends don’t post nearly as often … combined!! Brainwash much? I knew the multi-marketing (a new, fancy pyramid scheme) was dangerous but I assumed the product wasn’t harmful. It was near impossible to obtain information without going to one of their meetings or watching a video (red flag). I wasn’t going to do that. Apparently it turns once vibrant minds to mush. I do believe the accountability and Atkins based diet that goes along with the supplements result in weight loss but I can do that without “yummy, yummy shakes.” My husband got a free (not leased) family membership to the YMCA through his employer’s wellness program so I started my more active journey a few months ago and even though it’s still quite round and I have a distance to go, I’ll be content with my Body by Y!!

Of course I promote another company. I primarily promote Stockton Aloe 1 since I own it and believe in the products. electricity jeopardy game I also promote my Chiropractic Clinic since I own it and believe in the benefits of chiropractic. Regarding Beyond Organic… I wouldn’t doubt if to date I am their single biggest customer. With my large family we buy gobs of Beyond Organic food since we truly believe it is the best. And considering my profession, I am obligated to teach people. And since I am teaching it, I choose to profit from those things I teach.

I suppose that if I taught people to supplement their diets with soy protein, I would probably recommend a product similar to ViSalus. Although I don’t recommend many soy products… so ViSalus and other soy proteins are out of the question for me anyway. But if I did agree with soy protein, I couldn’t recommend ViSalus – since their promotional materials are faulty. I would always be questioning if what is on the package labels is also a lie. But I did not bash them. I just exposed the truth regarding a false claim. speedy q gas station As a teacher, that is one of the things I do.

My friend has been trying to get me to try Body by Vi for some time now & is bothered that I won’t buy it. Don’t get me wrong, it tastes great, but for me, I would just gain the weight back without the product, so I don’t bother with weight loss supplements. I also don’t believe it drinking shakes or taking supplements for nutritional benefits. Another friend had forwarded me an article from a nutritionist regarding the dangers of soy in products like Body by Vi, Herbalife, etc. In that article, it mentioned a client who was taking Body by Vi & his thyroid stopped working properly. gas variables pogil The very next day, my friend who sells the Body by Vi told me she had to go to the doctor because she stopped losing weight on Body by Vi & PX90 & after bloodwork, discovered her thyroid had stopped & she is now on thyroid medicine. I then forwarded her that article, which she then forwarded to Body By Vi & of course they told her that it cannot be from the shakes & if she’s worried about soy, to not use soy milk, which she didn’t use anyway. Of course, she believed them because they are the “experts”. I’m happy that she’s making lots of money & earned her BMW, but at what cost to her health & those she’s selling to? Now she is signing up pregnant women & promoting giving it to children because of the wonderful health benefits. I just don’t understand why prescriptions require warning labels but supplements do not. Now she’s saying that Body By Vi has teamed up with The Biggest Loser (NBC) & they will be promoting the Body By Vi Challenge. How many more people are going to harm their bodies now?

I would also like to point out a deception. The deception of taking the time to make a video about a shake that has more benefit to a normal person than most fast food meals and TV dinners which is for the most part what Visalus shake replaces along with GMO foods and TV dinners. Yes I agree that looking at the video the presentation is deceptive but what the Visalus company has successfully done is move people away from a much more un healthy lifestyle. Most people who are replacing meals with the shake and followed the program also start eating better as a result and in the end maybe stays on shake a day as a supplement for good protein and fiber. So the real deception is maybe they are deceiving people to be more healthy by starting small. gas constant for nitrogen Over 11 million pounds lost so far can’t deserve all that energy when you could make a video about McDonalds and TV dinners not to mention Monsanto, GMO, vaccinations, smoking, and Fluoride in our water. People also forget that in todays world the average budget for food per day is $5-$9 try to do the all organic natural meal on that budget. Do some research on GMO and how people have no idea when they are eating Genetically modified corn and soy etc. The list goes on but please spend some time and do some videos on what the real problem is Obesity! Not a simple $2 shake that has helped people all over USA and Canada

we live in a society today that feeds off social media.I wont say if these shakes are nutritious or bad for you but i do agree with haley thats this is more business than helping with nutrition.Yes i think most people will lose weight by drinking two shakes a day from body by vi for a large fee per month,but i also believe anybody can do this by themselves at home with protien shakes and fruits and vegtables fresh from the store.We are a lazy society and just want that magic pill to loss weight and when you mix social media into that then people start to believe there is a magic pill and do not want to cook or prepare fresh foods, they just want it to be easy and will believe all the hype.Believe me i have been caught up in it a time or two.this body by vi is sort of new so thats what people want,you tell them to excercise and eat fresh fruits and vegtables well thats just how its been for a long time and people dont want to do it…they want magic and something new.I have wanted that too but have come to realize that its not there and and you have to work at it to lose weight and be healthier about the things we eat