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People, get ahold of some good sedatives to take care of this. My experience is kava and benadryl combined put me out and keep me asleep. I make Kava with dry kava root but you can also buy instant kava where you simply add it to water stir and drink (I consume the kava slowly because kava can cause nausea if consumed all at once). Benadryl is also considered a sleep aid and I can vouch for that, kava and benadryl together are very potent and seemingly safe I don’t believe I have suffered any health issues as a result of using them together for the past year or so but it can’t hurt of course to consult a doctor for their opinion if you wish to use them. And I usually eat a small amount of spaghetti or another high carb source a few minutes after finishing the kava and benedryl as this potentiates the effect of these sedatives.

A great place to learn about where to purchase kava and kava preparation is the Kava Lounge at Yuku this is where I learned about the best kava varieties for sleep/sedation and a lot more. Keep in mind that it can take up to 2 weeks for kava to build what is known as a reverse tolerance meaning this is how long it can take before the body begins to respond to the kava. One last thing: It’s VERY important to never consume alcohol and kava together, this can be extremely damaging to the liver. Best wishes to all and to all a good night’s sleep

Really! I have had vibrations in the past just after waking up. It’s an odd, very rapid vibration that seems to come from my core, my chest & it flows out into every limb. The first time this happened was in 89. I was having one of those very intense dreams that I could swear was reality. I was dreaming there was an earth quake going on & then woke up vibrating when my Mom said it was dinner time. I immediately looked up to see if the c-fan was moving & it was not. The vibrating stopped after about a min. or so, I sat down at the table, feeling quite light headed, I said to my family that there was going to be a big earth quake. The next day, SF, CA was nailed. After that, many random premonitions started to occur. This went on for many years but in the last 10 yrs., much less. The vibrations probably happen about 3-10 times per year. The last one was during the course of an extremely odd dream that I can remember like yesterday. I also have always had the ability to control certain dreams such as stop, rew, ffd, alter the path of, etc… Hope this doesn’t just sound like a bunch of crap to everyone. I wouldn’t make this stuff up. Anyone else have something similar going on?

I have experienced these vibrations as well and I don’t think it is so abnormal and I doubt it is pathological. I just think that a lot of people don’t experience it because they are sleeping through it. Our bodies go through four stages of non-rem sleep before we achieve REM sleep (rapid eye movement). If we happen to wake up during one of those stages or even during REM sleep, we are bound to discover things about ourselves that we weren’t aware of. Has anyone ever remembered a dream?

I suspect that this sensation of vibrating, at least while in deep meditative or REM sleep states may be a result of inaccurate information coming from our vestibular system in combination with this unconcious rapid eye movement. Our vestibular system is a portion of our balance system that sends our brains information on our head movements and our position in space. There are tiny structures in our ears that have our sensory neurons that respond when we move our heads. As a professional who has studied and observed vestibular pathologies, I have often wondered the role of the vestibular system in our sleep. There are few studies on the subject.

Does anyone ever notice that this generally happens when sleeping on your side? I’ve had sleep paralysis while sleeping on my back but never on my side. I have had head and chest vibrations only while sleeping on my side. I think that sleeping in the side position has something to do with these strange sensations in our sleep due to the orientation of the vestibular canals in our ears. Perhaps our brains are receiving confusing signals from our vestibular system or vestibular neuron activity in the brainstem. If anyone has read any studies on this, please share them. I haven’t found much basis for my shallow theory, but it just makes sense to me that our balance system is the culprit.

About 4 weeks ago, I was so tired I fell asleep at my kitchen table (in itself a rarity as I never sleep in the daytime), feeling like all the energy had literally been syringed out of me in the space of 5 minutes flat. I managed to drag myself up to bed. A while later, I woke up after what felt like a battle of wills to return my seemingly levitating bed back to terra firma! I’d also experienced 3 separate vibrating instances that afternoon, my first ever.

A couple of weeks ago, I was asleep at night when again I was awakened by my body vibrating. I thought nothing of it. The following morning, totally out of the blue, my nine-year old daughter told me that she hadn’t slept well the previous night because she’d been vibrating. In order not to alarm her, I made light of it and said she must have sensed an earthquake far off. I didn’t tell her I’d felt the same.

The vibrations occurred while sleeping on my side. I’ve frequently also experienced sleep paralysis but always while on my back or front. Your tips have been very welcome, and I’ll be putting them to practise pronto. This is the first time EVER I’ve acknowledged to anyone that this has happened to me, so it truly is a relief to find I am not alone and there’s a logical sciengtific explanation for this weirdness. Still researching, but in the meantime, my thanks for your tips and advice.

I started going through that very same feeling, & vibrating through out my body reminds me what I thought a cat may feel when it purr’s…. It started w/ me the end of 2006 when I moved into my condo. I too feel a heavy feeling like someone un seen is standing right over me. I thought my house was haunted & I still do a little bit because my cat tip toes around the front of my bed as if he knows there’s something there he needs to respect. It’s annoying. I will be sleeping & it will feel as if someone or something sat down next to me & wakes me up & I just tell it to stop being disrespectful & let me sleep. It wakes me up a lot. Beleive me when I say, I thought I was ‘losing it’ but when I would see my cat watch whatever it is, he sees something. I pray to Jesus to make it stop but when I went to another forum & saw that there were "many" of us, I don’t think I am going nuts anymore. I feel we are in the "end times" & that maybe we need to pay attention to all of this…… Just an opinion.