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I have an old Baxi Bermuda 552 Back Boiler and (I believe) the gas fire that went with it. (I’ll add a photo of the fire as that might help you once I start wittering away ) I think they’re approx 27 years old and, until now, have been very reliable and we’ve never had any problems. However, on Sunday the pilot light went out. I wriggled about on the floor and discovered how to light it again but the next day it went out again and, since then, it won’t stay alight. I’m pressing the grey button and the ignition button, then holding in the grey button for AGES but, as soon as I release the grey button, the pilot light goes out again. The gas fire works fine so I’m able to use that (I hope that’s safe) but the boiler is dead …… kaput ….. conked out ….. is a boiler no more. I rummaged about in the airing cupboard and found a switch for the immersion heater (which I didn’t even know we had ) but that doesn’t work. The switch lights up but seems to think that’s all it needs to do; "Heating the water must be someone else’s job coz it ain’t mine". I’ve now left it switched on for 24 hours and the water is still cold. I’m just glad we had an immersion heater to fall back on!! So I have no hot water in the house apart from boiling a kettle.

I appreciate the boiler is very old and I don’t know if it’s worth fixing (if that’s possible) Perhaps it’s time to buy a new boiler and gas fire but, ideally, I’d like to have some hot water whilst I’m deciding what to buy and where to put it. I know I can’t have another back boiler and any new boiler needs to be placed elsewhere in the house but I’d prefer to have some time to think it through properly rather than do it in a rush and maybe regret it later.

Apologies if I’m asking you questions which you can’t answer without seeing the boiler. Also, I’m sorry if I sound like a complete dead loss; ……… it’s probably because I am I’ve never really had to sort out these things before but now, sadly, I do. I have a house which is falling to pieces around me and I’m learning as I go along. Actually, I don’t mind that but it’s sometimes a steep learning curve and it means I ask loads of really daft questions ………… So I’ll just apologize in advance

Click to expand…Oh blimey, that’s thrown the cat amongst the pigeons, hasn’t it? Now I don’t know what to do I was veering over to the "Buy a new boiler" camp and now you say "Give it a clean and it might be as good as gold." Seriously though, thank you Isitreally for your help, I am very grateful .

I’m a pain in the whatsit because I tend to stick with the "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it" theory and I’ll keep things for as long as possible. (Obviously, that theory isn’t working too well at the moment coz the boiler IS broke and I AIN’T got any hot water ) Until now the boiler has been perfect but everything has its life span and I have been wondering (and dithering ) for quite some time as to when it would finally give up the ghost. I’ve also held off getting a new boiler for so long because I’m limited with wall space and, put bluntly, I don’t know where to shove it where it won’t be taking up room I use. Anyway, I think perhaps my best plan is to ask a gas engineer to look at it and hopefully fix it for now, then take his advice as to whether it’s worth keeping any longer or to sing it a chorus of, "So long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, goodbye".

Click to expand…Hello Dobbie, thank you for your help. Finding a good, honest engineer sounds very good advice and I’d be happy to go with his recommendations as to whether to keep or change the boiler. As you say, a new boiler is unlikely to last as long as this trusty old work horse but, to be honest, I’m not completely against buying a new boiler if that’s the best option. It’s a subject about which I know very little so I welcome all suggestions and I am most grateful for any help you chaps offer

I seem to always have something which has either conked out, seized up or dropped off (and the house isn’t much better ) I don’t like to pester you too much so, rather than ask numerous questions which you’ve all answered before, I’m often on here going through old posts. Many of you have helped me without even knowing it. I sit here silently and furtively picking your collective brains to find out what I need to do to fix "the problem of the day". Many, many thanks to you all for your help