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It’s not my job to monitor all stocks and come and report here whenever I see any event. I observe things at my leisure.Come on James, you really believe "at your leisure". I see how you only comment to kick BBD when it is down, same as you do with GE. How many times have you come in here "look at GE 10 or 15 year history, $8, to $8". electricity production in the us And I come in, ya but buy at $8 and sell most of it at $28 to $30 before it travels back down to $8, and one can, as in I did, make some serious money. Two, three times?

You have a point that I don’t post my trades, but you don’t really either. No price paid, or dollar figures, or number of shares owned that I could find, but maybe I missed them . Percentage gain/loss on 1 share or 100,000, $1000, or $100,000, who knows. Having said that, the reason I don’t post trades is it isn’t a useful exercise. Again, how you harp on and preach how stocks are only reliable over 10, 30 years, yet you are reporting in on a part of your portfolio second by second as if it has any long term value to you or anyone else. It does not. Do you really not see this, and the hypocrisy?

In dollars, the above table represents a loss of over a half million dollars on about 1.3M dollars ACB. But if instead you count barrels of oil; tons of coal, copper, zinc; production capacity of facilities; desks, chairs, computers and pencils, intelligence of the people involved in the particular enterprises, I am way, way up. hp gas online refill booking status Maybe, just maybe one day, the valuation in dollars will rise to reflect something closer to past valuations.

Also the above was paid for in part with capital gains of other entities sold with an aggregate gain of about 1/4M, a fair bit of which was purchased circa 2008/2009 at low prices. All in all if every position above went to zero, it would wind the family net worth back to about double what it was in early 2009 when many thousands of people would have sold their losing positions and sat in GICs ever since. I would suggest that if every position above went to zero, I’d be on my backhoe in the back 40 digging a bunker and booby trapping the perimeter of the property, because society has failed.

I am being greedy when others are fearful. I might have to report down the road to the undoubtedly great delight of james4beach that I have lost it all … but I might not too. In the short term, of key interest is whether LRE is worth zero or I manage to get out with $144,300 (@0.52/sh buy out). Anyhow, I cannot be accused of being an armchair investor, always researching, formulating theories, making predictions, telling others what they should do, preaching that stocks are bad, in general talking up and down all about investing … without ever actually doing much of it.

Notice how I have been calling you an armchair investor for a very long time. Granted I will concede that you do actually have some skin in the game now. I still consider you armchair relative to all the talking and back testing, and this and that portfolio, and historical this and that … gas density Honestly, you do more "research" in a month than I’ve done in 35 years, yet my lifetime results blow yours out of the water. It could be that I am merely lucky going on 35 years now, but maybe, just maybe I have some insights to this game that you lack.

So what happened the rest of 2016? Quite a bit in fact. 2016 was my best calendar year ever, but I never reported back. I had decided that I would no longer report in the annual year end beauty contest on account, as mentioned already in this post, short term results are meaningless. For the record, and I expect that few will believe this, but my calendar 2016 was +104%.

So James, I have very much discussed what I do and why I do it. I have told of huge volatility. I have on numerous occasions mentioned my 6 bankruptcies. I talk of expected value. gas jewelry I talk of it being acceptable to have a transaction lose money, have a stock lose money, have a stock go bankrupt, have a negative year, why I don’t own FI, why I leverage. All these things are acceptable if the forest on average returns a nice big fat number like 11% PA up until 3 months ago (likely 10% PA now as we have swung from +15% YTD to -15% YTD). Yet, again and again I get to hear from you "nobody reports their stock misses and failures", "survivorship bias", "30 year bull market", Bombardier is crap, GE is crap … all the reasons I cannot achieve what I have actually achieved. Did I mention my 6 bankruptcies?

I don’t much record what I do any more because I know there is nobody out there who can do what I do, who can understand why I do it, whose brain is wired like mine to think about risk and fear differently, and why it works. Am I wrong? Who more than doubled their BBD.B last week? OK, let’s make the test easier, who purchased some BBD.B last week? Just like I thought, crickets.

Why did I pounce on BBD.B last week you ask? (I will assume that maybe, just maybe one person out there is curious how I could be so reckless and crazy). I’ll start with what I didn’t do. I didn’t review the financials or the balance sheet or the quarterly report. Everyone has this, there is no unique insight there. I did not chart it and do whatever you do with charts James. My thinking is no more or no less than thus: What is different with the company between July $5.50 and last week ~$2? July, no C series orders, last week no C series orders. la t gastrobar opiniones Last week, sale of divisions with annual sales about $2B out of total annual sales $18B, with offsetting cash to be received. July, rail deliveries late and defective, last week same. Last quarter profit $0.04, previous quarter, I don’t even remember $0.03 maybe. The business of $600M FCF gone MIA. In total, approximately nothing is different for a 2.5 scale change in stock price. The bottom line is that the expected value increased by a factor of 2.5. I cannot tell you an actual expected value, but at $5 SP, upon sticking my finger in the air, would have been closer to unity than two. At SP $2, the expected value is likely between 3 and 4, a nice factor over the minimum 2 I like to see.

If anyone wants to learn one thing about what I do it is that I primarily buy expected value. Everyone is right. Bombardier has been a multi decade disaster for shareholders and taxpayers. What does that have to do with the opportunity last week? Everyone can tell me that past good performance is not indicative of future good performance, yet the logical equivalent, past bad performance is not indicative of future bad performance somehow does not apply for most investors. Maybe Bellmaire is taking this turd, and leaving it in the sun to dry and have the UV sterilize away the pathogens, such that one day it will fertilize some financial gardens. Bomber may go bankrupt in the end, but I see some improvements these past few years and I think a pretty good expected value lies here. My money is on it. 3 gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect What say your chart James?