Books, baking, and cowgirl boots november flew by, that’s all i can say. la gas prices average


We went to another judging contest in Oklahoma City, Quarter Horse World Show. The same level of bigness and importance as the Quarter Horse Congress, about. While we were there we actually saw one of our other professors watching. electricity sources usa But they organized the actual contest much more efficiently, especially in terms of giving reasons. I only had to give two sets this time.

I didn’t like how I delivered my first set because I accidentally worked myself into a nervous frenzy right as I was walking up and I started giving them on an exhale, so I was frantically trying to get a decent breath while plowing through what I had rehearsed- it just wasn’t very smooth. I was kind of kicking myself back at the table when the lady with her therapy dog that hangs out with us, because we are poor stressed human beings just trying to do the best we can, walked by and let me cuddle the dog for a minute. It helped a bunch! I liked my second set much better though. gas out game instructions I thought it was very well put together and enough big words and terms to be decently impressive sounding, and I delivered it so much better than my first set. 6 gases HOWEVER they liked my first set better and gave me the lowest score I’ve ever gotten on my second set. Kinda wish the reasons takers would take notes and give at least a small amount of feedback, because I really want to know where I messed up on that second set.

The limited division finished a while before the collegiate, so the three of us in limited got to go and walk around some and see what there was to see before going back to hear the awards at six. Of course, there had to be something go wrong. The collegiate finished way ahead of schedule. So instead of letting all the coaches know to bring back their kids, they just up and started the awards. electricity generation in california So lots of us only made it for part of the awards. electricity recruitment 2015 We made it to the building for the last five minutes, but didn’t go into the room because they were almost done. So we didn’t even get the whole contest experience because we missed the awards (though I’m kind of ok with that because honestly, the awards are as stressful or more so than the actual contest).

We had family out for Thanksgiving, which was a blast. We spent it with Mom’s side this year, so we didn’t have to drive anywhere. But we didn’t really get to watch the parade this year because somebody *sideeyes the tv* didn’t dvr the channel we like even though we had it set to, so we had to watch on a different channel that we didn’t like as much.

We were going to have another judging contest at the Reining Futurity (big deal show) at Oklahoma City, but not enough people wanted to go. electricity deregulation When I told my boss that I actually wouldn’t be needing that time off, I think he was more disappointed than I was, so his wife took me up to go watch on Black Friday. It was pretty cool!! We even bumped in to one of my past professors there and sat with him for awhile.

We finished with the yearlings for our behaviour and training class. I was so proud of mine! At the start, she would just run circles around whoever was trying to catch her- she did not want to be touched. At the end, I had her longeing with the bit in her mouth, both directions, on the long line, with a surcingle, was able to saddle her, pick up all four feet, lead her around in the arena over poles, around cones, over a bridge, and groom her.

I got Bonnie’s oil changed. electricity per kwh calculator When I pulled in and got out, I brought out a bit of my southern accent and nicely asked for an oil change and if they could please check the tire pressure I’d appreciate it. The guy I was asking said that was probably the nicest anyone’s ever asked him for an oil change, to which I replied; "you said that the last time I was here." Stuff like that happens when you go to the same small-town mechanic shop almost every time.

We had another contest in Fort Worth for the Cutting Horse Futurity. We did not have to give reasons on anything. Ms. gas stoichiometry worksheet Becky somehow managed to get ten of us to go (since this was a show where you didn’t need to be on a judging team, just needed to be a full time student), and one of us won high individual and got to judge two rounds of finals with the other judges! I did not do very well. It was a learning experience, and I still enjoyed it though!