Boom and betrayal retired coal miners losing health benefits as companies file bankruptcy local news gas up shawty


Mr. REALITY needs a reality check as far as global warming goes. Ever heard of the Glacial and Interglacial periods? Does he realize that the South Pole is expanding by hundreds of miles a year? Has he ever heard of Ying and Yang that Mother Earth employs to keep harmony within itself and the wonders it provides? Does he know just what this evil "carbon emission" is? Does he realize every time he exhales he is releasing it? Does he realize global warming and cooling have been going on for thousands upon thousands of years WITHOUT the help of humans? Does he realize half of North America will be covered in over 2 miles of ice once again regardless of the hysteria of humans?

I’m all for a clean earth but these fanatics are beyond reason. When I was a student at Southern in the very early 70’s, I took an elective course titled, "Climate and Weather." It was one of the most interesting and informative courses in my studies. Now one has to realize this was before the liberal bias and twisting of historical facts were "chic". During this course, I was taught that Mother Nature has been heating and cooling itself for thousands upon thousands upon thousands of years. Mother Nature abhors a vacuum and will create an opposite to counterbalance its affect.

Now, as for the subject of the article. I truly feel sorry for all these families affected by the closing of every mine. There was, and is, still no need for it. It’s all based on politics and control. Does it cost money to develop scrubbers to purify the output? Sure. Is is costly? Yes. Should the private industry be required to pay 100% of the research, development, and implementation? No. Let the federal government pay its fair share as well.

I do believe the subject of this article is most likely eligible for Medicare. As for unions? In the end, the leadership is only interested in its members contributions to sustain their lifestyle. Have any union members actually taken the time to verify for themselves?

Saluki1973 – this is the kind of logic I expect from comment trolls like you and Governor. Let me get this straight: you took a course at SIU in the 1970’s and so now you are an expert on Global Warming. This is the problem with this Country: people like you think they are experts on a subject because of one class you took 40 years ago. I guess since I took a health course in college I can give expert advice on open heart surgery. Ninety-seven percent of scientists, people with phD’s in physics and numerical calculations, say is real. Scientists are not environmental fanatics. You are a right wing fanatic. On top of that you think maybe computer technology which runs numerical calculations has advanced a little since you got your expert in climate certificate from SIU 40 years ago. How could anyone with any brains even suggest they are an expert. But that is the closed minded attitude scientists run up against. Hey the next time you don’t feel good give me a call. I’ll grab my kids doctor kit and fix you up for only $500 – the fee you will pay once Trump winds and Obama care is gone. And why should the government pay anything for the cost of scrubbers? Does the government have to pay for air bags, stability control, etc. in cars? These are all mandated by the government. And keep heating your home with that wood burner, which according to the EPA is one of the most polluting sources of heat there are. When your grandkids are urinating on your grave for your lung cancer, you can smile up at them.

I am sure anyone who reacts to my comments will not post independent facts but half-truths. You cant deny facts…..unless you are Donald Trump. But here goes: THIS IS ALL ABOUT COMPANY GREED! This has NOTHING to do with the Democrats, Unions, or environmentalists. Peabody has done the same thing. They could give a rats rear about the employees who created billions for them. It’s a game. Make billions off coal mine, promise the workers benefits in exchange for a reduced salary (can you imagine how much coal miner salaries would increase if they told them they would get NO benefits), move the mine into a subsidiary when the coal is mined out, and then declare bankruptcy so you do not have to pay benefits. Its capitalism in it’s purist form. If people like Bob Murray have coal miners backs why did he fly into his mines once a month, make employees attend a meeting, and berate them telling them how awful they are? Now Clinton did say, due to global warming, she will shut down coal. Now she is now saying the government will retrain the coal mine workers. As far as Obama, I saw the clip going around saying he would close a new coal fired power plant. When you watch the ENTIRE clip he said if the new plant didn’t install new pollution control equipment it wouldn’t be allowed. Of course coal fired power plants don’t want pollution controls because it cuts into profits. And what about Global Warming? A liberal plot like cigarettes cause cancer? I would be happy to post a link showing how when independent scientists who first detected cancer from smoking cigarettes were attacked just like global warming scientists are on credibility (but most internet trolls don’t like facts). Tobacco companies ever hired the best PR firm there was to attack the scientists and deny smoking caused cancer, even though the tobacco companies knew it. 97 percent of world scientists say man made global warming is real. The other 3 percent are funded by the fossil fuel industry. If you don’t believe scientist why do you believe Doctors? You can stick to faith healing. Look the rest of the world believes in man made global warming. Even the US military is planning for rising sea levels. So if you have a beach front condo in Florida sell it now. Yes, even if it isn’t true, the rest of the world believes it is, and they wont be buying coal. Belgium just said they will never buy coal again. Southern Illinois has cheap land, hard working people, major highways, two of the largest rivers in the world, and a major University. Why aren’t our politicians attracting car factories or and large manufacturing jobs outside of coal? You don’t put all your eggs in one basket ever. And as far as Jesus coming, the Bible says NOONE will know when that will occur. It could happen tomorrow, it could happen in one billion years.

Governor Number 40892-424. Again, you love to post accusations with no proof. And you sure do post a lot are you on welfare sitting at home on a Government Cell phone (Bush started that). Facts: Obama did not put coal where it is today (if he did show me a link from an independent organization saying that). Fracking did. Fracking has released so much natural gas the price has crashed and is cheaper than coal. Even Bob Murray said that in a press release. Like I said – and you apparently did not understand – Coal companies are declaring bankruptcy to get out of paying benefits. The main company has billions. They are fine. As Donald Trump brags, companies use bankruptcy as a business tactic to reduce debt. Trump said he was financially fine, but by declaring bankruptcy he was able to renegotiate the amount of debt drastically. Basically he save 75 cents on every dollar he owed by declaring bankruptcy. That is the reason he and the coal companies do it. It’s a business move. I own my own business I know. Apparently you don’t. Try educating yourself. The stock market has over doubled since Obama has been in Office. If you had any basic fund your retirement would be in great shape. If you are stupid enough to invest in one company you get what you deserve. Now, why don’t you get a job? Because you cant have one with all the posts you do.