Borla mustang stinger s-type cat-back exhaust 140587 (15-17 v6 fastback) – free shipping chapter 7 electricity note taking worksheet


Aggressive Throaty Sound. Add an aggressive throaty exhaust note to your V6 powered 2015 S550 Mustang with a Borla Cat-Back Exhaust System that features a pair of Stinger S-Type mufflers and 4" embossed chrome exhaust tips. This catback not only sounds great, but also improves exhaust flow with the included Mid Pipe resonator for an increase in horsepower and torque. High Quality Construction. Manufactured from ultra smooth mandrel bent 2.25" diameter stainless steel tubing to improve exhaust flow, this Borla catback exhaust system includes a Mid Pipe resonator and features two straight-through "Stinger" mufflers with 4" chromed stainless steel tips that are embossed with the Borla logo for both aggressive sound and impressive looks. Application. This Borla Stinger S-Type Cat-Back exhaust system is designed as a direct bolt on replacement for the 2015-2017 Fastback Mustangs equipped with the 3.7L V6 engine. Not compatible on convertible models. Technical Note. The included mufflers are 49 state drive-by noise legal, not intended for use in the state of California.

This is my second go round with aftermarket exhaust systems on my car. The first one was the Flowmaster Outlaw axle-back, which I’ve previously reviewed. I did a lot of research before deciding to replace the Flowmasters with these Borlas, and I can’t believe how much better I like the Borlas. These give a nice deep, throaty growl to my car. Unobtrusive, but definitely noticeable. You’re never going to get V8 sound from a V6, but in my opinion, this is as good as it gets. Lots of energetic pops and burbles on decel with the manual trans, and acceleration gives you snarls, growls, and good hearty bellows, like Vikings decimating their latest bounty in Valhalla. However, even with the abundance of auditory pleasings when she’s going wide open, at highway speeds there is nary a whisper. I dare say they are even quieter than the stock. This is an excellent cruising system that isn’t fatiguing in the least on those long road trips. Overall I am very, very pleased with the performance and sound from this package. Highly recommended.

I have had these on my S550 for 1 year now (40,000 miles, yes I drive alot) and I will say this, if you have the 3.7 V6 you absolutely must get a set of the Borla cat-backs (touring/s-type/atak). They are worth every single dollar. For those on a budget, if I had to choose between getting the s-type or $1300 of other mods I would choose these every time.

The completely change the sound and feel of your V6. They sound amazing and high performance, not at all raspy like some old sedan with a rusty muffler. They give a deep throaty roar with just the right amount of bubble and crackle when you shift. When driving around town I noticed that when you take your foot off the gas around 2-3k rpm they make a pleasing and mean gurgling and crackling (manual transmission, don’t know if they do this for auto).

I’ve heard all 3 in person and I chose the S-type because I think it has the best note. They are just loud enough to stand out and be heard in traffic but not enrage your neighbors at night. The Touring are a lot softer and the ATAK are more loud and raspy.

The finish is great (made it through 1 salty snowy winter just fine) but I felt the fit leaves something to be desired. They are simple to install, but out of the box they fit flush with the rear bumper, which is not really my style. So i spent an afternoon bending the hangers so the tips stick out just far enough that you can read the word "BORLA" on them.

On the performance side of things I was completely surprised at the difference they made. These were the first performance affecting part I put on my V6 and I immediately noticed the car pulls harder, even more than that the engine was really responsive, perky, and more fun to drive. The stock exhaust must really choke the engine.

I’ve been running these cat-backs for about a month and a half and so simply put it these should have been a factory choice by Ford. It’s sound matches the exterior styling of the S550, and the visual sight of the exhaust tips fills out the back silhouette rather nicely. It took my local exhaust shop 20 minutes to install. The MPG gains will make the exhaust pay for itself in coming years(less trips to the gas station). The Stingers are not overly loud by any stretch. This is a good baseline note with my build and wanted to leave some room for louder volume with either long tube or shorty headers down the line without having a high pitch scream. No drone and they are quiet at cruising RPMs. I can feel increased torque accelerating from stand still and getting on the on ramps of interstates. This is a great buy if you want better MPG and have plans to get aftermarket headers. I will post a fellow up if I go the route of shorty headers/resonator delete h-pipe or long tube headers with catted h-pipe(mid pipe). Both should give a better low frequency rumble.