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We should ban combustion engines. A know a lot more guys running around with no catalytic converters, EGRs, air pumps, etc. And all of this is on gasoline engines from 2005+.IF you have no cat you don’t need an airpump.. It’s job is to supply air post combustion pre cat to burn the excess cold start fuel in the exhaust and warm the cat up faster… There are also weird years where only CARB adopted states had models with an air pump and the rest of the countries vehicles didn’t. Not saying it is ok to remove (it isn’t) in those cases but they aren’t necessarily required to meet federal standards in many cases.

EGR on many modern cars is done via cams and what people think they are removing as EGR is actually just the inlet valve for air pump that isn’t needed since they removed the cat… I always chuckle when a company sells an EGR delete kit for a car with no external EGR, if you don’t know what it is you shouldn’t be selling parts to remove it

I’m not saying ripping them all out is ok.. but again it is not actually as common as people think. Knowing a lot of people who rip something out of a car that sold 20k examples of in a year doesn’t mean that the other 19,995 owned by the people you don’t know aren’t stock.

If you are going by black bumpers and exahust then 100% bone stock gasoline direct injection cars need to be removed from the road.. My A3 with a GDI engine has more visible particulate than either my 2012 or 2015 TDIs did.. They need to stop selling the Optima in white its so bad on those things.

The truck market it still absolutely tiny in comparison to the number of vehicles on the road which are unmodified. Also something you may not be thinking of as far as vehicles you see in your area but trucks did not have particulate filters and related emissions equipment until about 10 years ago.. See black smoke coming from a 2001 powerstroke? that doesn’t mean anyone modified a thing it may be 100% stock as it had no equipment for the owner to remove.

The point stand in comparison to cars sold the ratio of modified passenger diesels to stock is tiny, especially when you look at certain petrol tuning markets and trucks. Still the actual total number with emissions equipment removed is small overall, bigger than it should be but small.Not sure if you noticed but I said black bumpers and black exhaust not or. Also my Dad has a white Optima that is probably cleaned once a year and has not black bumper. My argument was stating either a lot of people are modifying or really few are as you say but the exhaust is dirty even with the equipment working properly.

As a consumer that’s pretty plugged into the car scene, I am f***ing done with diesel. I am tired of people thinking it’s awesome, too. I was willing to give it a chance before the emissions cheating scandal, but now from my standpoint, it’s dead tech. I think the current crop of diesels is the car market’s last gasp of the technology before it is replaced with superior EV tech.

And I think this attitude – which is shared by a lot of other people in the market, given diesel’s headwinds they were facing – will ultimately sink diesel. I don’t see the appeal outside of the truck markets. Diesels are slower than equivalent gas engines, and while they get superior fuel economy, they do so at the expense of other aspects of usability that still has yet to be overcome. And then you add cost on top of it. In the truck markets they make a ton of sense – long life, superior torque, superior fuel economy, and the cost can be justified by all of these.

SO here’s the bottom line: Passenger car diesel needs to die, and with it, the leg humpers who see diesel as the God Alt-fuel. It was looking promising for a few years, but VW should rightly get the blame for ultimately killing the market viability of diesel here in the US.If diesel can become as clean as the article suggests then no, it doesn’t need to die. It needs to be a part of the move towards a greener planet. The ideology needs to be removed from the climate change debate, we need solutions that work both economically and environmentally. See US wood pellets used for European biomass electricity generation. Much worse for the environment than coal. EV tech is getting there but we’re still several decades off from widescale adoption for a variety of reasons. The leftists need to stop blowing their loads too soon. Too soon junior.