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and upkeep of the Ärestua Hut. The Boulder Group built the Ärestua Hut (aka Guinn Mt. hut) in 1969 (for documentation see here), a cozy and secluded relative of the better-known Brainard Lake Cabin. This hut is located at 11,000 feet on the north side of Guinn Mountain, and provides a winter shelter for nordic & backcountry skiers, snowshoers, and shelter for summer hikers from afternoon rainshowers. The Ärestua Hut has breathtaking views of the Front Range and the high plains.

During the resort ski season (traditionally late November through mid April), the hut is readily accessed from the Jenny Creek trail that starts near the Eldora Nordic center, located between the downhill and cross country trail areas at Eldora Mountain ski resort. Overnight parking should be performed east of the stone wall entrance to the resort. electricity year 4 Access through Eldora Mountain makes use of private land owned by the resort and its neighbors, so it is requested that users pass through during the ski resort’s hours of operation. The Jenny Creek route is usually well tracked and passes through a minimal amount of avalanche terrain, making it the preferred winter route, especially during/after a big storm. Take the right fork in the trail up from Jenny creek as you approach Guinn Mountain, where there is a trail sign. The Jenny Creek route is marked with reflective blue diamonds nailed to trees, but has a few short steep and narrow sections near Guinn Mountain. The approach for the winter season route is about 4.5 miles distance and 2000 feet of elevation gain. Eldora Mountain resort has recently also been allowing summer foot-traffic access for hut visitors.

The hut may also be accessed via the Lost Lake-Pipeline route in the Indian Peaks wilderness area. The Lost Lake-Pipeline route is 4 miles in distance and 2000 feet in elevation gain, but with 1 mile added when the road between Eldora township and the Hessie trailhead is closed in the winter season. Users should be aware that the area at and above Lost lake is known avalanche terrain during the winter season. The road is not plowed in winter. Because web camera or online information is not available for the road, we suggest visitors assume the road is closed when Eldora ski area opens for winter use. i have electricity in my body Users should be aware that the area at and above Lost Lake is known avalanche terrain during the winter season. To access Bryan Mountain, follow the old mining trail above the southeast corner of Lost Lake. Expect some bushwhacking through the forest in the middle part of the route. The latter part of the route is relatively level and follows the cutout through the forest above the natural gas pipeline.

The Årestua Hut is not day-hosted, but is open to day visitors dropping by to snack, recover, or warm up. Following the customs of the huts in Norway, the hut is available for overnight use on a first-come, first-served basis. r gasquet tennis The hut nominally accommodates up to seven people (five in the main level plus two in the loft) and gear overnight. There are sleeping mats at the hut, on the built-in bunks and in the loft. Larger groups should remember to bring additional sleeping mats for the floor. It is a crowded night or a long trip out when too many visitors show up to stay at the hut. To avoid being the person who sleeps on the floor, please look at the Notifications Calendar to coordinate overnight use. The calendar indicates the number and size of the groups intending to stay at the hut the night of each day, e.g., the day of January 1 up to 11:59 pm is used to indicate the night of January 1. The email for the trip leader is also given so that groups may coordinate visits, e.g., in the event of a change in the group size. Groups staying overnight at the hut should expect other visitors during the day or in the event of an emergency.

The hut has a wood-fired stove, proven to warm the hut on the coldest winter nights (where the outside temperature on windy Guinn Mountain can get below -20 F). A supply of wood is prepared each autumn for the winter season. Overnight visitors are advised to bring fire-starting essentials for the stove. It helps to keep the door open when lighting the stove. The door should be shut soon after a fire is burning, so that the stove will run more efficiently. Once the door is shut, the slider on the bottom of the door may be adjusted to control the burn rate

During the winter season, water is obtained by melting the snow around the hut. Snow melting does not require additional treating of the water, if brought to a rolling boil for 3 minutes. Some visitors may prefer to bring a water filter to remove contamination (e.g., pine needles from the forest or soot deposited from the wood stove). gas near me cheap During the summer season, the closest water source is roughly one half-mile east along the Guinn Mountain trail at the springs near the base of the steep hill on to Guinn Mountain (look near N39.93955 W105.63489 at 10,665 ft elevation). Visitors are advised raw water in the vicinity of the hut is unsuitable for human consumption without adequate treatment. Visitors should either boil or filter water obtained from the springs or other sources (e.g., lakes) near the hut with commercially available backpacking water filters, prior to human consumption. For additional information on water and its treatment in the Rocky Mountain backcountry, can be accessed by clicking: CDC). Visitors often find the trek to obtain water in the summer does limit summer visits to the hut.

The hut door features a weighted self-closing mechanism. The door also features a freeze resistant traditional latch in the style of other Nordic huts. The mechanical nature of the latch mechanism can malfunction in cold weather, potentially locking you out. In such a situation, in order to discourage breaking the door, access the hut via the window as alternate entrance (the window lock has been removed for just this situation). Please email the Hutmeister, arestuahut [at] yahoo [dot] com, if you encounter any problems with the door.

In the winter, the hut is often used as a day destination for skiers using the Jenny Creek route. The trails are marked (blue diamonds and signs) and you will typically find the trail broken in by hut visitors. Recent snowstorms or snow drifting from the wind may, however, require trail breaking along any section of the approach. electricity billy elliot instrumental Even a day visit can be a worthy and rewarding trip. Day users should keep an eye out for highlights along the trail, including views of the mountains ahead along the downhill section from Eldora, the icy (in winter) section along Jenny creek, the natural tunnel of trees at the end of one the biggest uphill sections, and the ruins of the miner’s hut near the crux uphill onto Guinn Mountain.

It is well worth starting your trip early enough in the day to venture above the hut. Landmarks including James Peak, Needles Eye tunnel, Yankee Doodle lake, and South Arapaho peak can be seen from the summit of Guinn Mountain or the ridge to Hell Hill. gas water heater reviews 2012 The view of the sunset on James peak is memorable from Guinn Mountain, but don’t forget that the shadow of the Continental Divide is cast early in the winter. Yankee Doodle Lake, Jenny Lake, and Forest Lakes off of Rollins Pass road are good day destinations for those making an extended stay at the hut. Visitors should expect the infamous winds of Indian Peaks wilderness to prove a true equalizer relative to the coldest US winter locations, and are reminded to bring plenty of clothing to stay warm and prevent frostbite.

Backcountry skiing may be found near the hut, e.g., the southeast side of Guinn Mountain. The south-facing gully between Guinn and Bryan mountains offers a ~1000’ descent from the Pipeline trail to Jenny Creek. Bryan Mountain has recently become a popular backcountry destination. Extended visits may facilitate access to the slopes above the Forest Lakes. Skiers are reminded that the high-altitude area near the hut contains dangerous avalanche terrain. Beacon Hill is known to slide in winter. One example: on November 28, 2001 one of two skiers was drowned after being swept under the ice by an avalanche while descending the steep slopes above Yankee Doodle Lake. A report on that incident may be accessed at (Select the 2001-2002 filter.)

The hut may be used as a base camp or as a resting point for those touring between Eldora and Winter Park. Information on the long ski touring routes crossing the Continental Divide may be obtained by clicking: Touring Information. static electricity examples Visitors should expect to find the infamous winds of Indian Peaks wilderness are a true equalizer relative to the coldest US winter locations, and are reminded to bring plenty of clothing to stay warm and prevent frostbite.

The suggested donation to cover maintenance costs and the supplies related to operation of the hut is: Day Use $1, Overnight $5 per person. No cash? Donate on PayPal via email to brainardcabin [at] gmail [dot] com. Please note ‘To Arestua hut’ in your PayPal donation to make it easier to recognize, and to put your donation towards the hut.

PLEASE attend the fall work party to prepare firewood and ready the hut for use through the following year. Contact the Hutmeister (arestuahut [at] yahoo [dot] com) for an invitation, take an information card (available near the donations box at the hut), or add your own email to a card and leave it in the donations box. Each year there are typically a few separate days in the summer or early autumn related to specific projects at the hut. Check below in early summer, especially if you cannot attend the fall work party.

The generosity of hut guests, including cleaning of the hut and maintenance during visits as well as help with the autumn work party ensure that Årestua will be available to enjoy next year and the year after that. Donations help to cover a portion of the maintenance costs, but as the popularity of staying at Årestua has increased, so have the costs to maintain the hut.

T-shirts are available as a means to help raise funds for Årestua and to let people know that YOU enjoy and support the hut. T-shirts include both short sleeve and long sleeve versions, in two different designs. The artwork on the shirts was designed by Alison Richards and Laura Anglin, respectively. A donation is requested to cover the cost of manufacture, with all proceeds being donated towards the hut.