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My 21 year old son had an appendectomy two months ago. He has had bowel problems since the day following surgery. The first couple of weeks his surgeon thought it was due to the antibiotics in the hospital. However, it has continued since then. He has had a constant urge to defecate and has had bowel movements three – four times a day. Prior to appendectomy, he didn’t have this problem. The surgeon, who is older and experienced, and said he has done appendectomies about a thousand times, referred him to a gastroenterologist. The gastroenterologist couldn’t pinpoint it, but thought it might be irritable bowel syndrome, triggered by stress. He recommended books about reducing stress… He is prone to nervousness, and a nervous stomach, but this bowel problem surfaced only after surgery. It has become a nuisance, as well as an embarrassment for him and he’s becoming somewhat depressed over it. He is a college student and this problem gets in the way of school and his social life. Does anyone know if an appendectomy can trigger irritable bowel syndrome, or a bowel problem? If so, is there anything he can do to overcome this situation? Will it ever go away?

But now my digestion has completely changed. If I do not drink 2 liters of water a day, I will not be able to go "number2" the next day or little will come out in several tries and it will indeed feel just like you described: as if I "have to go" all the time. (if I do drink 2l/water/day the next day "to compensate" the annoying "having to go feeling", the day after, I will have to go more than once in the morning, and it will come on very sudden and will be extremely urgent…)

When I do stick to this regime of drinking the water DAILY however, my bowels react the same way as Piercec2’s: I have to go once after I get up and it really does feel like it empties your bowels completely. Again it’s the same deal: once the urge is there in the morning, I really do HAVE to go and it will be very, very urgent. If there’s no toilet in the imediate fecinity, I will get serious cramps and will break out sweating and such, not enjoyable at all. I’ve remedied this by starting my morning by eating a little yoghurt, that tends to "activate" it all so I can go when I’m still at home.

The only "reason" for this that I can come up with is the following: food remains in the appendix and "rests" there for a while, this will create certain bacteria that help the bowels digest their food better (they are the same bacteria that make the food "rot" and inflame your appendix when food get’s stuck there too long…), when the appendix is gone, less of these bacteria will be created in your bowels and hence your digestion will not go "as smoothly" any more.

I’ve also noticed that I have an urge to eat "more" than I did before and a slight tendency to "over eat" myself, perhaps less nutrients get absorbed in the system of a person that has had an appendectomy as well. This would also explain the "looser" bowel movements that piercec2 described and that I also have since the operation. When faeces look like that, it usually means not all the nutrients have been taken out yet and they were passed out of the system too quickly.

This is why I also started drinking "sports" drinks in between and take extra vitamins (water solvable ones) now. I’ve just started this, so I can’t say a lot about it yet, it does help somewhat, but I hope it will keep on improving and the cravings and over eating end.

1. drink at least 2 liters of water spread out through the day on a DAILY basis (buy yourself a convenient bottle you can take a long and refill. I use 1 liter bottles and I also use the "brita" filters so I can filter the water from the tap, coz drinking store-bought bottled water all the time can get really expensive when you drink 2l a day

I also use jin shin jyutsu hand holds on my body when I get cramps (have also been very disapointed by medical world, hence I’ve been looking for alternatives for over 3 years now, some work, some don’t JinShin defenately does for me.) Putting both your hands in your loins calms down your stomac (easely done by putting hands in pockets ).

Mary Burmeister is the "source" to go to when it comes to english books, I don’t own any of her books, but have looked into quite a few of them at a friends house and they looked very good as well (I only picked the german one coz it’s so tiny and I can take it along) :

All the links I added in the previous post to make your life a bit easier, were removed, because they were seen as "advertising". I’ll try to give you the info needed here without linking to any commercial sites. Hopefully doing it this way is not seen as an infringement upon the rules, because it’s certainly not my intention to "advertise", I just wanted to be helpful and I can only do that by telling you what I use myself…

1. If you want to know about the Brita Filters, just type "brita filter" into google, the first link is most likely the right one. There’s probably other waterfiltering systems out there, I just give you this brand, coz it’s the only one I know and I wanted to give you a general idea about what kind of "waterfilter" I was talking about. (the compact kind that you just fill under the tap, easy for taking to college and having in your dorm room…) By no means do I mean that you should go out and buy one of these specific filters, it’s just that I live in Europe and they’re easiest to get here. Maybe you could look around to find other brands where you live.

2. The books about JinShinJyutsu I’d recommend have the following titles (again, I give you these two because I KNOW these two, they were interesting to me coz they’re both quite cheap and have a lot of info on the subject – I’m sure you can find them in several online bookstores – as I am sure you’ll probably find other books by other authors as well that you might find more interesting, so I do suggest doing some research yourself, but I’ll give you these two nonetheless):