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I dont get it here at WRSA sometimes in that there seems to be this penchant for eating our own. Perhaps I am not enlightened to t-putz’s standard – thank God (watta wanker – t-putz, not God). I have seen WRSA commentors marginalize MB as some dystopian fantasy electricity invented what year novel hack only looking to make a buck. Has he written dystopian novels? Yes, very good ones with historical and pragmatic realism that should be part of all of our collective preparedness and planning. Is he a hack and snake oil salesman, IMHO – nope. MB was instrumental in helping me dissuade my son from joining (as he appropriately described it the Homofascist experiment known as today’s) .mil service. I know he doesn’t need me to defend him but has anyone actually reached out to him on a personal basis? He is a paragon of the liberty community for years, incredibly accessible and a general good guy who has found memories of my Tidewater homeland.

A lot of you guys are former .mil – I am not even though I wager my firearm skills are on par with most of you. Do you have an indispensible skillset for the coming festivities – perhaps. What use are the trigger pullers after? I asked the same question of DANMORGAN76 and he seemed to think that people who can actually dream, design, build and test things are worth 100x more. So why dont we concentrate on that (the after) instead – a glaring omission in WRSA land.

Study the foundational documents of Islam – the Koran, the Hadiths, the Sira – it is all there in black-and-white. Muslims are commanded to wage eternal jihad (holy war 9gag instagram) against the unbelievers and kafirs until the whole of the world falls within the House of Islam -or Dar al-Islam. Only then will there be peace (submission to Allah, which is how Muslims define peace). Until then, all non-Muslim places and those who inhabit them are considered to be part of Dar al-Harb, which means “The House of War.”

Nor are such mass acts of blood-letting confined to the distant past. History’s first “modern” genocide, according to many scholars, was the Armenian genocide in which the Turkish Ottoman Empire (who were Muslims) killed an estimated 1.5 million Armenian, Greek and other Christians between 1916 and 1921. It is a crime in modern Turkey even to mention this event electricity grid uk, but their denial does not change the facts of history.

As recently as the early 2000s, fierce Janjaweed Islamic tribesmen have raided into the South Sudan, seeking slaves and loot to plunder. More than a half-million non-Muslims were slain in the violence in the Sudan during he 1990s and early 2000s. The persecution of Christians got so bad that they and other non-Muslims fled south to establish their own nation, the South Sudan, in order to gain at least a measure of safety from the Islamic marauders.

The soldiers of Allah have put an estimated 280 million victims – almost all non-Muslims – to the sword over the last 1,400 years. A toll which makes them history’s most-prolific mass killers, surpassing even the communists and national socialists who killed so many in the 20th century. The believers are also history’s greatest and most-prolific takers, buyers and sellers of slavers. In addition to the millions of black Africans taken as slaves by the mujahedeen – Allah’s fighters – millions more Europeans were enslaved. Islamic slave raids ventured as far north as Iceland and Ireland.

Although none of the major Muslim nations now practices slavery us electricity hertz openly – they don’t want the unfavorable publicity which would result – human chattel slavery and bondage is still extremely common throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and other parts of the Islamic world. Mauritania only outlawed it in the early 2000s! Human trafficking is extremely profitable for groups like Boko Haram, which is why they continue to raid for slaves, capturing young women and girls which can then be sold or kept as de facto sex slaves.

It is the commies and that is how they roll. I saw this on a WW2 discussion board and posted it to “Knuckledraggin”. I put in the subject line to Ken, “this is how they do it” i think that is the first time I ever posted to a blog. That has been several years ago. I am glad it is still around for all to see. I wish more would heed. When one watches this and contemplates the deaths of approximately 20,000 Polish officers it is sobering. Now factor in all of Stalin’s purges within the Red Army, the systematic slaughter of every teacher, preacher, person of wealth or means in every village across Mother Russia whose loyalty was in question along with the millions who were starved to manipulate food stores, crops, and control the lands. After all of that think gas 87 89 93 about the killing fields of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Angola, El Salvador, Cuba, and on and on where the same types of people were exterminated because they either opposed or they might oppose Communism. Today we have “useful idiots” touting the benefits of Socialism (Communism without guns and bayonets, yet) who do not have a clue. They know nothing of history, but only how cool a Che Guevera shirt looks when worn at an ANTIFA rally. Why worry? It so easy to believe in Santa Claus. Harden your hearts and bodies. Prepare for what is coming to the best of your ability.

You excuse bench made because you are a cop. You chose a side. You choose to point guns at American citizens to enforce words printed on paper. Those words were put there by mostly , corrupt politician types. Those words in many,many cases put a boot on us slobbering, helpless , ignorant and defenseless citizens. Re: bench made, the donations speak volumes as to the side they as a company, and him as a president of that company choose. That’s pretty simple logic dirk. Don’t try to muddy the waters with flags and shit. I earned my flag, my ribbons and my cord. I too chose a side, unfortunately, modern policing isn’t on that side. I’m not going no electricity jokes to call you names, or attack you, you strike me as an intelligent person. But you better, yes better, realize lines are being drawn every day in this country. These communists are quite serious. Hopefully you step into the right side when it’s time. It doesn’t appear that many of your brothers and sisters will. Maybe I’m wrong, we will see. Take a break, you are a good fit here, stick around,please.