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Monkey5150, I feel for you. I’m 43 and I have been getting these "brain zaps" for quite a few years now. As a matter of fact, I have gotten them all over my body, but the ones in my ear are the worst. I was diagnosed as hypothyroid years ago and put on medication. Never did feel better and I was getting these "zaps" even long after all of my bloodwork showed normal results. I remember once I was sitting on my couch watching TV when all of a sudden I got this "zap" in my gut area which I even HEARD!. It sounded just like the crackling sound that arc welding makes, so maybe you can relate.

My GP had been treating my Hypo and I had been telling her that something wasn’t right. Just ignored me and kept telling me to take my medication. I finally made an appointment with an Endocrinologist, explained my symptoms to him, and he knew right away. He told me that I was having a reaction to the dye in the pills I had been taking and he had seen it before with others. He switched me over to the "pure white" pills with no dye and had me cut them up to make the required dose I needed. Well, after a short time, the zapping shocks subsided.

Then my ear starting hurting in occasion. Pretty bad pain. Sometimes now, when I’m going to sleep, just on the verge of sleep, I get these "shocks" in my ear. My right ear only (at least so far). I do not get them when I am awake. I only get them after I close my eyes and start going to sleep. It seems, at least to me, that certain foods I eat trigger the episodes. I stay away from foods with dyes in them, especially the red dyes. It’s hard to do. I mess up once in a while. I don’t know how I developed this "condition", just sort of came on. And it’s worse in the Spring and Fall which suggests to me it has some kind of an allergy basis as well. And what is also remarkable is that my right ear is where I had a severe infection some years back. I never had ear problems as a kid. I picked up an infection after going swimming in a friend’s pool. So, I imagine, there is some damage in the form of scar tissue in the ear canal. I don’t know the connection with that.

Read the labels on the foods. Stay away from ones with multiple artificial ingredients. MSG really sets it off for me so I completely avoid any foods with that in it. Look up MSG on the Net and find out the other names for it so you can recognize it on labels. There are derivatives for it and they are just as bad.

Fluorquines (not sure about spelling) may have played a role. They call it being "floxed". Think back a few years about the medications you have taken. Cipro is one. Avelox is another. There are many others. I was on Avelox before all this crap started. There are a few good sites about this where you can read up on this and compare the symptoms you are having. Maybe you’re having other symptoms that you don’t realize or just haven’t connected.

Whoever above said it is not the dyes is wrong. I’ve eliminated the dyes from my diet, along with MSG, and I’ve eliminated the head and ear zaps. Those artificial dyes(red, yellow,blue) are in just about everything you buy in a grocery store. They’re even in pickles! You need to read the labels. MSG is in just about everything, too. It’s hard to eliminate the crap, and you will have to give up a lot of food you may like, but it’s worth it. Every so often I will buy something and forget to read the label and then get a ear zap that night. When I look at the label of the "new" food I ate the day before, it ALWAYS has a dye or MSG in it. Before I started reading labels and eliminating dyes and MSG, I was getting these "ear zaps" just about every night. As soon as I modified my diet and eliminated all foods with the dyes and MSG, my ear zaps stopped. The dyes and MSG are probably not the cause of the shocks, but they are the triggers. At least a couple of the triggers. I have no idea what "damaged" our systems to where we can’t tolerate these substances anymore. There may be other triggers. I just went the past 6 months without a shock up until last night. I ate one cookie last night of a brand I never bought before and sure enough when I looked at the ingredient list today, it had "hydrolyzed" something or another, which is just another form of MSG, if you do your homework. Hydrolyzed anything is MSG. It has the same attributes as MSG. Do your homework. You are what you eat. Get back to decent, whole, nourishing foods without all the additives. Also, you need to be suspect of the pesticides (that get into the food you eat) used to grow the vegetables, grains, and fruits you eat and, also, the hormones given to the cows, chickens, and pigs where the meat you eat comes from. Any of this crap consumed over a long sustained period of time could have screwed up our systems. Be suspicious.