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Malood posts the activity lists, proposes (correctly) that Music is clear and that he will vote toward one of the active (online today) players. If i havent already explained it well enough, i view this is as a clear human signifier. Exploring the active list is a purely human move. A wolf has no genuine motivation to do it, though if they are very savvy, they may do it to fool (people like me). Given Malood is unfamiliar with our view on log in times, and her lack of experience (at least here). I cant envision her as being a wolf due to this post alone. I have to shift her way to the back of the suspects pile, even to the point of being off the table this round for me.

Smith makes, imo at least, a fairly reasoned and moderate post about the login times and Deb’s Hopo vote (and how there is no reason it should be viewed as particularly suspect). He notes that those online yesterday are still viable votes (certainly true and fair to say, but there is a potential wolf motivation for this comment, keep every suspect around as possible)…not a strong point, just a note.

Stewie presents his list. Again, I think from his list (and earlier commentary) it’s pretty clear Stewie had divined Celt. So if he had two wolves divined (Celt and Smithy) would he really keep one vague and hidden. Seers can be far to clever for their own good, and need to know when the team needs what they know. Was Stewie just stubbornly trying to get away with a murky reveal of two wolves, or did he simply not have Smithy’s ID? I lean toward the idea, that if Stewie had 2 wolves he would have simply said so, but I dont know. His comment about Smithy, in and of itself, is hard to really make heads or tails on. Its vague and strange ‘pull the wool over our eyes’ from anyone else it is a clear seer signal, but from Stewie it’s kind of par for the course. Probably the most important, yet unclear piece of evidence from the entire game.

The next post is from Smithy, who backs out of a Harry vote and toward a cat vote (though his explanation is certainly reasonable). This puts Harry in considerably less danger, Celt in considerably more, and also opens up Cat as a potential shot (now known human). If Celt/Harry are wolves, it could be viewed as a roll of the dice to try to see both of his partners through, but i find that unlikely…i think

he does exactly what i feared he might do, after a promise of more and a long hiatus he ‘votes to save himself’ (i stated why i actually find this non suspicious) and offers NOTHING else. More annoying and worth being mentioned than suspect.

Good spot on the hidden messages Malood! On the face of it this makes the choice simple for me, Spid cleared and Malood looking very human leaving putter and whovian, but the must lynch heebie jeebies are setting in and I’m starting to consider that it would be worth it for a wolf to clear a human in making themselves look clear, and maybe spotting those messages is what got Stew eaten… But it would be a hell of a play. In all likelihood I will take the obvious route and go putter or whovian but as always I will wait to see if putter would finally like to share some thoughts so that I can overthink it some more.

EDIT: Though I don’t really have anything specific to defend myself against obviously I still need to show I’m human, best point to make is that in round 4 when I switched my vote from putter to cat which left celt in danger, if I was a wolf the obvious thing to do would have been to join the celt vote for some brownie points. Also last round I could have ended the round with a vote for Cat but chose not to. Looking at the post times I think it was four hours from the end so I could have done so without attracting attention and saved the bother of being put in a majority.