Branch driver job at platt electric supply, santa rosa, ca 95401 – posted mon, 25 mar 2019 16 12 33 gmt gas national average


Being in IT I ve floated around various positions in the field that usually last 1 5 years of employment Some have been rather horrible experiences Platt however is a serious exception If there is such a thing gas vs diesel cars of hitting the job jackpot I feel like I have done it All of the employees I work with both in my department and elsewhere at branches are generally friendly helpful and focused Especially since you consider you are dealing with a majority of staff that are not usually real tech savvy I feel like overall most here do quite well and I ve personally talked with most all staff at every branch several times since being here The job itself is enjoyable to me There is a perfect mix of hard work organization innovation freedom and rewards for a job well done baked into our positions My managers I consider as friends and I trust fully in helping me advance my career here as well as having n gas in paris lyrics my back if I have any sorts of problems at work A seriously rare thing to find Even the C level execs in the company care Frequent company provided lunches a grocery gift card for a hard nights worth of work or going beyond are common Staff input is welcomed and is taken action on when submitted Such a pleasant change from some of the you re expendable attitudes I ve seen elsewhere The IT infrastructure built here is extremely good and we have it dialed in to a level many companies could only hope to obtain Making sure people can perform their job is top i feel electricity in my body priority even if there s extra cost involved You will have a nearly impossible time finding someone here that says they don t have the tools or technology to do their job Turnaround times for tech issues are counted in minutes and hours rather than days or weeks Something only an efficiently built team of people could provide and definitely not something you will find gas station in spanish in most companies today This in turn trickles its way down to customers because if issues are addressed quickly then thats that much more time staff can devote towards customer service and doing their job duties The company itself is also very healthy They are constantly adding new branches and growing The main focus is making sure customers of ours are happy and between the free items sitting in will call to going the extra mile to make sure contractors and the a level physics electricity notes like get what they need I have no doubt we will continue to expand Salary is also good and definitely keeps up with industry standards at least in my department MANY employees have been here for years and years another indicator of a healthy company Something I plan on being involved in as well There is lots of room for advancement regardless of position and training tracks to get there are taken seriously and extensively developed by HR Flexibility is also a major plus With how many branches there are moving won t be a problem for most employees Another huge benefit Even the physical locations of the branches and BSC HQ are usually right off major freeways so commuting is quick and painless There are many other perks you get with this company and I couldn t recommend them more to someone looking for a good position for life I ve worked at larger global companies small mom and pop IT shops startups and MSPs doing my field of work since c gastronomie traiteur avis graduating college A wide variety of experiences to draw on and can honestly say I ve finally found a perfect fit for my skills education and most importantly complete job satisfaction