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A brand is not just a logo or a name, because for a consumer a brand reflects a certain emotion or association. This added value of a brand is called la gasolina Brand Equity. Brand Equity is a broad concept, however. It is the value of a brand that is expressed in financial, strategic and management advantages and benefits for the firm that owns the brand. In 1993, the American Professor of Marketing, Kevin Lane Keller, developed the Brand Equity Model, which is also known as the Customer Based Brand Equity model of CBBE gas 76 model. Two dimensions

When the Brand Equity of Apple is high, the consumer will choose this brand. When there are more products under this brand name, the consumer will power outage houston today have a strong preference for all of these products. When the customer does not know anything about a brand, the preference for this product will be low and as a result the chances decrease that the consumer will buy this product. High Brand Equity will make a brand less vulnerable to competitive marketing actions. Advertising

A positive electricity outage houston image will help a certain brand sell more. Also, customers are more willing to pay more money for this brand. The unknown or lesser known computer brand advertises a lot, whereas Apple only needs one advertisement. This has to do with the consumer’s awareness electricity magnetism and electromagnetic theory pdf. The Apple logo alone creates an image and evokes positive associations. This is the reason why Apple does not invest in expensive TV commercials any more. High gas news in hindi Brand Equity makes the customer feel good, and this results in an automatic acceptance of other products of this brand. Brand loyalty

In Brand Equity, the measure of how loyal consumers are to the brand is taken into consideration. The more loyal customers the better. Customer retention efforts are cheaper for an organization than gas relief while pregnant acquiring new customers. After all, loyal customers ensure a stable source of income. Loyal customers remain loyal to ‘their brand’ and they help spread this brand affection to others. Brand awareness

Secondly, brand awareness is important in brand equity. Are there plenty of associations with a brand, is there consumer brand electricity reading comprehension preference, does the consumer know what the brand represents and what products are sold under this brand? When the consumer actively thinks of the brand during the purchasing process, then there is a high brand equity level. Quality

In specific magazines and glossies, editorials pieces can be bought, the so-called advertorials, in which the product is explained. This provides the reader with insight and understanding and they will have a favourable view of the product electricity quiz ks3. Their behaviour will change, they will recognize the brand and eventually electricity cost per kwh south africa they will buy the product. A sample may be inserted in the magazine. Touch, smell and experience are the best way to trigger association and make the consumer remember the product. Successful

Brands with high brand equity are usually listed and spend a lot of money on all kinds of advertising. A brand does not obtain brand equity without making an effort. They have to build up brand awareness that triggers positive associations with consumers. When consumers can name the product or service wd gaster cosplay of a brand by hearing its name, there is high a high level of Brand Equity. It’s Your Turn